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Yordi Feb 27
Can I please forget
It’s as if you caught me in your net
I wish to leave and also believe
That you’ll notice me
But I’m in the back of the line
There’s still three in front of me
Before you can see
What I actually feel
Isn’t a lie it’s pure and it’s real
No luck
Yordi Feb 2
Rainy nights
Dark and cold
Alone on the road
Tires swerve
out my lane onto the curve
Goodbye to my only friend
The end
Yordi Feb 2
My head is full of thoughts
My heart will stay waiting till it rots
It beats for you
Slowly but surely
I wonder how your love would be
Patently I wait holding myself back
I just hope it’s not too late
He broke your heart
Now it’s locked with a gate
How ****** he was
To lose your heart for quick ****
You’re a queen
A beautiful girl that just can’t be unseen
Will I have a chance
Or Shall I forever stay in this love trance
Idk if I should ever show this girl my poems
Yordi Jan 31
I can’t keep still
Sitting down makes me ill
My sane is gone
My minds on the run
On an endless path
full of pain sorrow and wrath
My sun is gone covered by clouds
A dark journey I take
With a smile on my face
Look closer
You’ll realize it’s fake.
Stuck in my head
Yordi Jan 30
Am I going to be protected today
Is this my last night
Goodbye to this body goodbye to this reality
This still doesn’t make sense to me
Will I finally be free?
And if so what really is free
Yordi Jan 30
I sleep early to see you the next day
I really don’t care what my friends say
The time we spent Is amazing
Having laughs, sharing jokes
***** I only see you ones a week
Why did you have to be so unique
How can someone like you have me so weak.
Yordi Jan 30
I think I love you
I feel it when I see you
A love song reminds me of you
Seeing a couple makes me want you
If I have no chance
I’ll lose hope of love
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