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Madhav Mehra Dec 2017
I'd Dance for you
As the Moon dances
To the melody of your Breaths
Dropped from the Sky
For Caressing your hair
It dances for you all Night,
So would I.
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
"what's the bravest thing you've ever done"

I've gulped down the stars seasoned with pain
Drank an ocean with my eyes
Inhaled the aroma of a poisonous Flower
Lived in the morning and Died at night

"what do you mean ?? "
I've Loved someone who did not Love me back.
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
And Love is like sand
You can never hold it
But once you've been to the beach
You'll always find it somewhere,
Glittering in your sweaters.
Once you've loved someone there's no going back from it <3
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
love is like that water flowing down in a river of this life
and I'm just another leaf fallen in it
In a believe it'll carry Me
to where it meets You.
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
I woke up in the middle of the Night
Stars were kissing your Lips
And Moonlight spilling over your Eyes,
It made me wonder
if the World was going to End soon
Or it was the beginning of Time.
I wish.
Madhav Mehra Nov 2017
And like someone took millions of years to create you;
Those eyes,
Hiding secrets somewhere under those eyelashes
and rest,
in a split of a second
spilling all the kindness left for the human kind.

— The End —