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Tiana Marie May 2018
You are the single spark
that lights my fire
and sends it into an
endless blaze.
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I don't know you at all–
not even the faintest bit.
All I know is what I've seen.
But even worse than that,
You know me even less.

I am but a watcher.
I've seen the way you do.
But despite all of the things
I have observed of you,
you know me even less.

When you leave you're gone
and I don't know off to where.
But thing is, it doesn't really matter
because I don't know you
and you know me even less.

Perhaps someday we'll meet
and you'll know a little of me.
My dream of you will fade
and I'll realize that this whole time
I've known you even less.
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
But if a bird can sing
to the tune of the rain,
then surely I can learn
to overcome the pain.
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I'm crazy about you.
I love everything little
and section.
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
If my heart could beat
up to a thousand beats per second
it would still only ever beat
that fast for you.

If my mouth could sing
as good as Whitney Houston
it would still only ever sing
love songs to you.

If my arms could stretch
from New York to China
they would still only ever wrap
tight around you.
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
They say love is hard
and I used to believe it
until I loved you.
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I wish I could fall for you.
I honestly wish I could.
I love everything about you
but I don't think I should.

You see, you have one little problem.
I big one, actually.
You flirt with every single girl
and not just with me.

I love the way you smile
and the way you say 'Hello.'
But many girls do as well.
I'm not the only one I suppose.

You say I brighten your day,
and you promise that it's true.
But how many other girls
have heard the exact same thing from you?

You always are supportive
of every little thing I do.
When the next girl walks on in
you'll be supportive of her too.

Now, it's good to do that.
Supporting people is very kind.
But the way you show your support
is a little out of line.

I want to run to you right now,
but would you quit your other attractions?
If we were to start a relationship
would you continue your flirtatious actions?

How can I be sure
you'll be faithful to only me
when every time I look
there's another girl with you I see?
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