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Sep 2020 · 442
Gun shots
Tiana Marie Sep 2020
The gun shots are heard
one two three four
at first until people realize
what is happening
and start to run
while toppling over themselves
as they try to find a safe spot
but the gun shots keep coming
five six seven eight shots
and the space is
too wide
too open
too empty
only full of bodies running
or bodies already down
nine ten eleven twelve shots
the music from the stage stops
and the festival is turned upside down
and vision blurs
senses dissipate
except for one
the sense of hearing
thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen shots
in the ears
of those watering the grass with their blood
and those still trying to find a way
to avoid being shot
seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty shots
accompanied by screams
loud screeching screams
that will haunt the survivors in their dreams
and in their time awake
but yet still the overwhelming
amount of screams cannot overpower
the sound of bullets
cutting through the air
and piercing into flesh
twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four shots
there is nowhere to go
there is nowhere to run
just massive amounts of people
all huddled in one large chaotic group
enjoying music one minute
and knocking people over
to get as far away
from the shooter the next
through the tripping
and the running
and the panting
and the screaming
are the arrival of two colors
red and blue red and blue red and blue
and sirens sirens sirens
twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight shots
and then none
Nov 2018 · 996
Justice is a Lady
Tiana Marie Nov 2018
Justice is a Lady
standing confident and tall.
Justice is a Lady
breaking down all the walls.

Justice is a friend
staying honest and true.
Justice is a friend
showing you just what to do.

Justice is an enemy
catching you in all your lies.
Justice is an enemy
loosening up your closed ties.

Justice is a rebel
being nice to very few.
Justice is a rebel
and she don't like me and you.
Oct 2018 · 568
What is your inspiration?
Tiana Marie Oct 2018
What is your inspiration?
Well, you see, there is no easy answer.
My poetry is not one thing
but everything put together.

When I befriend the darkness,
sad poetry occurs.
but when I am happy,
my poems have no trace of hurt.

When I am confused,
My problems are solved in verse.
It helps me stop and think
and not make the situation worse.

A tree can even inspire me,
for just look how each branch forms.
Each perfect little-crooked edge
and leaf falling to the floor.

Sometimes when in love
I'll write out all my feelings,
and then I'll just move on
and give someone else all the meanings.

Sometimes I just sit and write
and see what comes out.
Sometimes my poetry is a lie,
full of reasons and doubt.

I write of how I wish my life would be
or about a love I do not have,
and most of my inspiration comes
from what I want not what I have.
Oct 2018 · 738
Blood, Blood, Blood.
Tiana Marie Oct 2018
I had never seen so much blood.
Just blood, blood, blood.
It was so red and so dark
and so pure that I feared
one simple touch from my unclean
hands would contaminate it.

I had never seen so much blood.
Just blood, blood, blood.
It was the richest thing I had
ever seen and if I could've
I would've ****** it up
and kept in a locket.

I had never seen so much blood.
Just blood, blood, blood.
It ran from your bald head
out onto the cement floor
and I cried over your body
laying there cold and dead.

I had never seen so much blood.
Just blood, blood, blood.
I cried over you while I
watched you die but my
tears were not from your loss
of life but from the fact that I was
not the one to cause it.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
I want to touch you
Tiana Marie Oct 2018
I want to touch you–
just one innocent touch,
dripping with desire
and coated with love.

I want to touch you–
my lips onto yours,
glazed with a passion
that can't be unhooked.

I want to touch you–
just my hand in yours,
enveloped so softly
we forget we've been hurt.
Oct 2018 · 564
I am no stranger
Tiana Marie Oct 2018
darkness is my friend
for he'll always hold me tight
and he never gives up
on me after a hard night.

darkness is my friend
after a long stressful day
and i'm tired of being tired
and I have nothing to say.

darkness is my friend
and together we dance
for he'll hold my hand
and put me in a trance.

darkness is my friend
when no one else cares
and all I can see are the streaks
of mascara from my tears.

darkness is my friend
when I'm alone in my room
and my thoughts just keep coming
whispering "it could be over soon"

darkness is my friend
and I feel so alone
anytime I'm without him
for he's all I've ever known.

darkness is my friend
he isn't any stranger
but he ***** the life out of me
and puts me in danger.

darkness is my friend
because there is nobody else
all I have is him
and then I have myself.
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
I crave love
Tiana Marie Sep 2018
From the time I was a little girl,
I feared love.
I had seen my parents fight
and I thought to myself that
no man was worth it.
No man was worth being
slammed to the ground.

As I grew older,
boys tried to pursue me
and I put up my guard,
thinking that if love is
having bruises all over your body,
then I do not want it–
not even a little bit.

However, when you came around
you showed me something new.
Not every man is my daddy.
In fact, you are the man that my
daddy wishes he could be.
All my dad wanted was to show love,
but he never knew how.  

You radiate the sun
and make me feel loved.
You make me feel beautiful
and special and happy.
You are the reason I love
love and I do not fear it.
I crave it.
Sep 2018 · 509
a letter to you
Tiana Marie Sep 2018
Dear little girl with stardust in her eyes,
never stop dreaming.
Dear tired mommy with wrinkles of stress,
never stop caring.
Dear over-worked daddy with alcohol breath,
never stop trying.
Dear little baby giggling and so blessed,
never stop smiling.

For each day it gets harder,
each second gets tougher,
but if you just hold on,
I promise you'll get stronger.
Jun 2018 · 852
The opposite of creativity
Tiana Marie Jun 2018
The opposite of creativity:
Staring at a blank sheet of
Notebook paper and thinking
The simplicity of the neatly
Placed blue lines is
Good enough.
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May 2018 · 783
Art is just art.
Tiana Marie May 2018
Art is just art unless you start feeling.
Words are just words unless you give them some meaning.
Love is just love unless you do actions.
Hate is just hate unless you give it some traction.
May 2018 · 584
I have... will you?
Tiana Marie May 2018
I've taken the leap
I've tackled the climb
I've asked you the question
do you want to stay by my side?
May 2018 · 581
To be woken from a dream
Tiana Marie May 2018
Oh, what a sad fate it is
to be woken from a dream.

After years of fantasizing,
you realize it's all a scheme.

This picture you've created and the
scenes you play out in your sleep
are not as perfect in the real life
as they are when you're asleep.
May 2018 · 676
My Guide
Tiana Marie May 2018
I'm ready to surrender
and let you captain the boat.
I'm tired of all the struggles
and barely staying afloat.

I've learned through all my trials
that you know what is best.
I give you all my worries
and now I'll finally rest.

Here it is; just take it.
My whole life is now yours.
I've battled for so long now
and I know you have the cure.

My every breath belongs to you
and I give you every stride.
There's only one thing that I ask:
that you will be my guide.
May 2018 · 544
What you are
Tiana Marie May 2018
You are the single spark
that lights my fire
and sends it into an
endless blaze.
Apr 2018 · 553
You know me even less
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I don't know you at all–
not even the faintest bit.
All I know is what I've seen.
But even worse than that,
You know me even less.

I am but a watcher.
I've seen the way you do.
But despite all of the things
I have observed of you,
you know me even less.

When you leave you're gone
and I don't know off to where.
But thing is, it doesn't really matter
because I don't know you
and you know me even less.

Perhaps someday we'll meet
and you'll know a little of me.
My dream of you will fade
and I'll realize that this whole time
I've known you even less.
Apr 2018 · 505
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
But if a bird can sing
to the tune of the rain,
then surely I can learn
to overcome the pain.
Apr 2018 · 690
Want to know a secret?
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I'm crazy about you.
I love everything little
and section.
Apr 2018 · 546
I would only for you
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
If my heart could beat
up to a thousand beats per second
it would still only ever beat
that fast for you.

If my mouth could sing
as good as Whitney Houston
it would still only ever sing
love songs to you.

If my arms could stretch
from New York to China
they would still only ever wrap
tight around you.
Apr 2018 · 695
Until I loved you (Haiku)
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
They say love is hard
and I used to believe it
until I loved you.
Apr 2018 · 648
The Flirt
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I wish I could fall for you.
I honestly wish I could.
I love everything about you
but I don't think I should.

You see, you have one little problem.
I big one, actually.
You flirt with every single girl
and not just with me.

I love the way you smile
and the way you say 'Hello.'
But many girls do as well.
I'm not the only one I suppose.

You say I brighten your day,
and you promise that it's true.
But how many other girls
have heard the exact same thing from you?

You always are supportive
of every little thing I do.
When the next girl walks on in
you'll be supportive of her too.

Now, it's good to do that.
Supporting people is very kind.
But the way you show your support
is a little out of line.

I want to run to you right now,
but would you quit your other attractions?
If we were to start a relationship
would you continue your flirtatious actions?

How can I be sure
you'll be faithful to only me
when every time I look
there's another girl with you I see?
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
Dear the boy who works at the grocery store:

Want to know a secret?
You are the reason I eat so much yogurt.
You always tell me
"Man, you must really love yogurt
because you're always constantly
coming in here to buy more."
Well, the truth is
I eat so much yogurt so that I have to
buy more as an excuse to come
in and see you.
Apr 2018 · 525
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
it sneaks up when you least need it to.
it blocks your every thought and causes stress.
it makes you forget all you ever knew.
it feels so right yet you know the truth.
it will only cause pain in the end.
it takes away the life you had dreamt.
all those past due assignments you must now amend
because procrastination has become your friend.
I write this poem as I have school work waiting to get done.
Apr 2018 · 1.1k
What about Cupid?
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
Cupid is a hard worker.
He constantly juggles
the loved
the want-to-be-loved
the unloved
and the unlovable.

Cupid is a hard worker.
He constantly makes lots
of matches
of pairs
of duos
and of partners.

Cupid has his own heart.
Is he, himself, one of
the loved
the want-to-be-loved
the unloved
or the unlovable?

Cupid has his own heart.
Does he, too, have
a match
a pair
a duo
or a partner?

Cupid is a matchmaker.
He finds love for you and me,
and I can't help but wonder
if he's alone as alone can be.
Apr 2018 · 566
Mr. Right
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I was walking down the street the other day
and I swear I saw you walk past me.
Now, of course, you don't even know me, and,
well, to be honest, I don't really know you too.
But you believe in love at first sight, right? Well, don't you?

I bet you don't. You seemed too sophisticated for that.
I could tell by the way you walked on by
and the way you talked on your cell phone like you
had authority or like someone was waiting for you in strife
on the other side– I know I've waited for you my whole life.

When you walked on past, did you notice me?
Probably not, but that's okay. I'm not the type that turns heads.
I'm only the type that turns them away.
But, if you are who I think you are– my perfect Mr. Right–
then someday you will walk past me again. You just might.

On that day, I'll be ready. I promise you I will be.
I'll take you into my loving arms and kiss you softly.
Well, won't you like that? You must, for if you're my Mr. Right
then I'm your Mrs. Right. Unless you weren't sent from above
and even you– the perfect one– becomes an act of unrequited love.
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Apr 2018 · 637
The day I knew
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
They say you'll know
when you feel the butterflies
take over your stomach
and you can't think.

They say you'll know
when you grab their hand
and you feel sparks
ignite in every direction.

They say you'll know
when your mind clouds
so much that you feel dizzy
and you have to take a rest.

But the day I knew
I didn't feel
In fact,
my mind hadn't been any more clear.

The day I knew
I was sick in bed
and you brought me some
chicken noodle soup.

It was a simple act
that told me you cared
and made me realize
how much I care too.
Apr 2018 · 1.4k
Life a new Youtuber
Tiana Marie Apr 2018
The life of a Youtuber
new and just trying
hardly any subscribers
and barely surviving

She pulls out her camera
and then everyone stares
she's vlogging publically
and suddenly everyone cares

had she have no camera
she'd be just a normal girl
no one would even look her way
and judge her like an ungodly pearl

yet she still talks to the screen
for they are her only friends
the 19 subscribers
she talks to without end

she smiles as she watches
her view count go up to 40
and dreams of the day
it'll turn into 60

She posts and posts
but what no one really sees
is the girl behind the camera
in real life, she'd freeze

she's now in the store
and talking to her screen
people look at her like she's crazy
and she wishes she couldn't be seen

But someday she'll earn
ten millions of subscribers
and those very same people
will love her with each one of their fibers

So she just keeps on going
hoping and wishing
that someday she'll make it
so she just keeps on keeping.
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Mar 2018 · 604
Good Friday
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I can't imagine all the
pain you must've felt
as they beat you with the whip.

I can't imagine all the
torture you went through
as they nailed your hands and feet.

I can't imagine what an
eternity spent with you in
Heaven is like but I know
that because of the pain and torture
you willingly endured
I get to spend forever with you.
Mar 2018 · 520
You said you loved me
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
You said you loved me
but now you are trying to ruin me.

You said you loved me
but now you are destroying me.

You said you loved me
but now you are being horrible to me.

Why would you lie
and try so hard to make me cry?

Why would you lie
and act always so cruel and sly?

Why would you lie
and try to make me want to die?

You said you loved me
so why would you lie?
Mar 2018 · 450
God, I need your direction.
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
God, I need your direction.
I have never in my life
been as confused as I am
right now this current second.

Lord, You know my heart.
You know my intentions are pure.
Why can't I hear you?
Why aren't you showing me?

Jesus, I want to do what's right.
Show me where to go.
Lead me in the way
your plan says I should.

Holy Spirit, be my guide.
This what I pray.
Take my very hand in yours
and lead me along the way.
Mar 2018 · 571
I wish you wouldn't
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I wish that you wouldn't smile
for every time you do
my fragile heart skips a beat
and I start feeling blue.

I wish that you wouldn't laugh
it makes me like you more
every one little giggle
is something I adore.

I wish that you wouldn't speak
at least not right to me
it makes me have butterflies
my heart screams "Let me be!"

I wish that you wouldn't look
straight at me like you do
as if you're searching my soul
and making me want you.

But though I wish all these things
I hope it won't come true
I don't want you to stop the
things that make me like you.
Mar 2018 · 522
Why, Cupid?
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I thought I was clear the last time.
I do not want to be hit.
Why can't you stay away?
Cupid, why won't you just quit?

Every time I see his face
I know you did your part.
You pulled out your bow and arrow
And you aimed straight at my heart.

I wish you had hit my head
then maybe it could all make sense.
Every time he tries to get close
I put up my every defense.

Cupid, leave me alone.
I'm begging this of you.
You do more bad than good
and this is not what I would choose.

Why won't you just give up?
Go pick another person.
Every time you hit me
My life just worsens and worsens.

Can I get it all to stop?
Can I ever be immune?
Is there any way at all
To look at him without a swoon?

Can I go get a vaccine?
I'll gladly take the shot!
I hate every time I look at him
And my stomach turns to knots.

Cupid, I hate to ask it.
I know this is your task
But next time ask permission.
I beg of you— just ask.
Mar 2018 · 736
The Girl in the Courtyard
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
She walked across the courtyard
and right away he saw her.
He watched her as she walked on by
and he hoped that he could meet her.
He was like a large camera,
zooming in closely on her.
From that very first single moment,
he promised he would win her.
Mar 2018 · 438
She is the reason
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
She is his sunshine when it's raining
She is the warmth when he is freezing
She is the tune that he is singing
She is the music he is dancing
She is the love that he is giving
She is the smile that he's wearing
She is the reason that he's living

but she's also why he's slowly dying.
Mar 2018 · 455
What the Future Holds
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
You said I couldn't be successful.
You made me break down in tears.
You're supposed to be an influencer;
someone who will shape me for years.

Aren't you supposed to be my teacher?
Well, what are you teaching me?
I can never be worth anything.
I am not who I am supposed to be.

I have learned nothing from you
except for the all the lies you have told.
I can be worthy despite what you say.
You don't know what the future holds.
Mar 2018 · 431
The deranged Poet
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
"You'll be fine," They told me.
"It'll be okay," They said.
But did they hear the words they called me?
Did they hear the things they said?

Have they lived a life of torture?
Perhaps they've felt deranged?
Have they gone and hid in the corner
wanting desperately to change?
Mar 2018 · 513
Touching Stars
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I don't believe what they say
about touching stars.
Someone could touch one,
if they really wanted to.
It would just take a certain
type of person.
One that shines just as bright
as they do.
Mar 2018 · 509
Oak but Broke
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
She had eyes like coals
dark and hard
large but charred

She had a smile like pearls
nice and white
small but bright

She had a heart of gold
strong like oak
huge but broke
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
She was the type of a girl
that all boys fell for.
She had a deceptive charm
that made the hearts soar.
Something about her made
everyone look twice.
How could someone be so perfect?
"Well," she said, "it's all in the roll of the dice."
Mar 2018 · 737
The Stars
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I've always wanted someone to hold my hand
and tell me I'm pretty.

I've always wanted someone to go on unplanned
travels with to far off cities.

I've always wanted someone to look at me
and smile like in the books.

I've always wanted someone to comment and be
blown away by my looks.

I've always wanted someone to see from afar
And want to be mine.

All my dreams, though, have been marred
And the stars never align.
Mar 2018 · 507
Cannot Change
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
Trees are trees
Birds are birds
Bees are bees
Cats are cats
Dogs are Dogs
Flies are flies
Bugs are bugs
Leaves are leaves
Wings are wings
I am me
that isn't changing.
Mar 2018 · 529
Let me Be
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I am but a grain of sand
amongst all of your other loves.
Still, I run to you with open arms,
for it is you my soul loves.

Why do I come back
Knowing what I know?
No matter the knowledge,
my heart seeks for you so.

When will I wake up
from this dream I'm dreaming?
I will never be enough
to satisfy your cravings.

Someday, I know, I'll move on
and the sun will smile at me.
For now, my heart can't rest.
It begs "let me be."
Mar 2018 · 900
Innocent youth
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I remember when I could sing
unafraid of how I sound.
I remember when I could fly
unafraid of the hard ground.

I remember when I could walk
unafraid of where'd I go.
I remember when I could speak up
unafraid of the word "no."

I remember when I could dream
unafraid of the real truth.
I remember when I was a little girl
filled with innocent youth.
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
They say I'm crazy
and I know it's true.
But I know by waiting
I'm saving myself for you.
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
All I ended up with
was a heart broken for you.
And, in the end, all you are
is a beautiful poetry muse.

No matter the ups or downs
or the in-betweens we went through,
I will always be thankful for the poetry
I wrote because of you.
Mar 2018 · 527
Depression is...
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
Depression is going outside
and seeing the sun shining brightly
but still only feeling rain.

Depression is standing in a room
with bullets flying in every direction
and being without a shield.

Depression is wearing a muzzle
blocking you from thinking you're
good enough to speak and ask for help.
Mar 2018 · 432
What I Miss
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
I miss it.
Now, don't you start
Acting vain.
It's not you
That I miss.
It's all the times
All the memories
All the moments
Just like this.
Mar 2018 · 979
If she was...
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
If she was a symphony,
He was the tune.

If she was a sickness,
He was immune.

If she was a riddle,
He was the answer.

If she was a song,
He was the dancer.

If she was the moon,
He was outer space.

If she was a broken heart,
He put each part back in place.
Mar 2018 · 543
The boy of mystery
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
He talks in riddles
And walks with pride.
His words are encrypted
And so are his eyes.

He's hard to read
And even harder to please.
His life is a movie
And he plays the tease.

He sings in metaphors
And plays the guitar.
He's a normal boy
But he acts like a star.

And though I try my best
it all stays the same
I ignore my brain
when it says he plays games.
Mar 2018 · 473
Did You Lose Your Memory?
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
You seem to have forgotten
about all the times we shared.
It seems it slipped your mind
that we're better as a pair.

You seem to not remember
all those beautiful restless days.
It seems your memory escapes you
and our love was just a phase.

Did you lose your memory?
Or was it purposely erased?
Is there a way I can restore it?
Or has our love been just a waste?
Mar 2018 · 1.2k
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
The boy was too brooding.
I think he did it to impress me
and to make me think he was mysterious
but all it did was leave me empty.

The boy was too handsome.
He was the type of guy who could roll
right out of bed and look perfectly perfect
and it infuriated me.

The boy was too athletic.
His muscles never failed to show
themselves from underneath his tops
and it made me self-conscious.

The boy was too quiet.
He wanted to prove that he'd listen to
what I had to say so he'd stare right at me silently
with eyes that pierced my soul like a knife.

At first glance, he was flawless.
He had the qualities I always thought I wanted:
Mysterious, Perfect, Muscles, Listening Skills.
Really, I just wanted someone like the actors on TV.
But that's just what they are: actors.
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