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Tania Sep 12
Rainy Italy
Where a heavy, red door flies
Enjoying the rock.
Tania Sep 12
When I was small,
I lost a moon.
I didn’t know
It will come soon.
And people said
The moon has left
Because the sun
Made it to melt...
Memories about my past.
Tania Sep 4
I tried to look at people’s eyes,
To understand all their feelings.
I tried to be nice and polite,
Support, improve their mood and being.
When people cried,
I felt that sadness
And all my thoughts transformed in madness.
Tania Sep 3
Deep under the water
A young girl sleeps.
Her body is attached to computers,
Her thoughts are not unique.
She sees a dream about
Unrealistic world
With demons, dragons and other
People with similar thoughts.
They don’t know it’s an illusion,
For them it’s a real world.
Those who control computers,
Want this to be so.
Illusion or reality?

— The End —