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Tania Dec 2022
That single rose wrapped in a plastic package
Brought me confusion and false hope.
The way you talked to me, looked, noticed small details,
Supported when I felt overwhelmed and lost.
Oh god, my heart burnt out in fire
When I confessed…
The ashes that remain still hurt.
This poem is about unrequited love and the way it can hurt.
Tania Nov 2021
Stop looking at the screen,
It’s a portal to the hell,
To demons and to fallen angels
Who pull their claws to thoughts,
Tie ropes and guide decisions.
Tania Mar 2021
Pay the price.
Close your eyes.
Stop the death.
Make a breath.
You’re alive
Enjoy your life.
Tania Mar 2021
Stop spreading biases concerning girls,
Appearance is not the thing defining us
The real arguments are knowledge, thoughts.
Please understand it all and trust.
Tania Feb 2021
Computer code is made of what,
Of devils thoughts
And dreams of god.
Tania Sep 2020
Rainy Italy
Where a heavy, red door flies
Enjoying the rock.
Tania Sep 2020
When I was small,
I lost a moon.
I didn’t know
It will come soon.
And people said
The moon has left
Because the sun
Made it to melt...
Memories about my past.
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