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SoZaka Jun 2018
we said goodbye
the moment we were born
the miracle of life
and all we could do was cry

the moon and its reflection
was all we ever knew
we were sailors of a starless sea
adrift in the abyss

but when the sun finally arose
I saw you on the shore
now we are sailors of a starless sea
no more
this is about union understanding and hope
SoZaka Jun 2018
no sign of existence
no shadows
nor bones
footsteps in dust
silent wind
yet it howls
one day to the next
dusk after dusk
timeless as
a grandfather clock

this moment
all is now as is now
SoZaka Jun 2018
one more smile
sweep some dust from the floor
make it shine,
more than it did before
tune the radio dial,
let the melodies flow

show someone love,
with a kiss on the cheek
make the right decision,
weigh it with care
turn the right direction,
and we all get there

just be a little better than yesterday
and the world will be too
just one little bit better than the day before day after day and the world can't help but follow suit
SoZaka Jun 2018
fire in my stars
water in my words
a book written from wisdom
reads the sky belongs to birds
flung from a volcano
and cast into a tornado
a lonely little tomato
fallen from a tomato tree
growth letting go possibilities and implausibilities I know its a tomato plant...
SoZaka May 2018
I've got you in my portfolio
typed up ready to show
I put my soul into my portfolio
printed perfected and ready to go
if you have a query of which I may be weary
then let's jump to the middle of the oreo
and read the love letter
front and center of my portfolio
SoZaka May 2018
clear skies
one sparrow flying high in the stratosphere
   the sound barrier breaks
faint as a crystal bell
shattering truths of what I believed was possible

joyous, the sound of a broken heart beating once again
like a birdsong in the distance
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