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Can I see it?
Your heart.
Let me look into your eyes.
Nothing much can hide there.
 Feb 6 Snow Selmon
Zoe Mae
Or spotlight
Let's dance
This night

Or maestro
We can

Cha Cha?
Oh, na na
I'd rather

Slow dance?
Oh, no chance
It's simply
A love trance
Realize Hello Poetry made this public before I wanted it to. Anyone who has to see it again, just ignore it like most people do.
To see someone hurt
and be unable to aid
as their heart is in pieces
from such a fresh break
you see as the pain
escapes from their eyes
as sadness envelopes
and takes over their lives
but pain that is felt
will lessen with time
and your heart will repair
as life's grand design
you'll find love again
and that love will be true
because they will love you for you.
For my new friend. I know you're in pain and you may think that it will last a lifetime but the pain will pass. It's ok to feel how you do and it's ok to let yourself feel this way. Happiness will come your way and this will all pass. Feel better soon.
 Feb 6 Snow Selmon
stars went
where you are
now, in that darkness
where Sun does not shine.
 Feb 6 Snow Selmon
With eyes open and closed,
I see an image of you and me
in the clear blue sky
smiling and holding hands together.
Is a new beginning
To try again
I am determined
To aspire
To inspire
To explore
To break open
To create
To innovate
To transform
To be art
To love
To become
To persevere
To overcome
To discern
To enlighten
To be found
To be aware
To desires
To be understood
To shine
To be safe
To be strong
To be
To the end
I made a pledge
To never
Give up
On Today
Be someone’s
To smile.
 Sep 2021 Snow Selmon
If you wanted something to break I could have handed you a vase
 Sep 2021 Snow Selmon
Do not dare bury me in a box to rot
Plant me in a garden
Where roots can grow in my veins
Or wash me into the sea
And let my lungs fill with her waters
Let fire immortalize me
And watch my ashes leap into the stars
But a box
Ohh no
That was never meant for me
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