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one smile a day
is sometimes enough to
make the pain go away
Snow Selmon Jun 6
Darkened sky
Shy from dormit sleep
Stark intruding flies
Scry fire and flame
Burnt muscle
Broken empire
One glass admires
And opals rain
Where fire is reality
And water is danger
Where fire is lava
And water is a tsunami
Turning the toils of war
Snow Selmon May 19
Arrogant Bliss
When days are long
When days are dark
When days are hard
When there just no spark
Let me remind you

When you're sitting at the counter
Thinking if you matter
Promise you, you do
Just don't be mad as the hatter
And let me remind you

Blue skies in, gray skies out
Two deep breathes
Is all that counts

And I know
That you know
That we know
That you'll be okay
And I will be alright
A little bit of motivation for anyone who needs it!!!
Snow Selmon May 11
if you even followed me
with a name I wouldn't know
I would still cherish you so
and somehow you mean the world
Latin Verbs for me and you
Te Amo Angelius Bambi
I figured out the puzzle
and it was love
I still cherish the memories
you and I shared
forever and forever
true love stands
so come and find me
I'm still waiting
arms open and blood bared
I will give everything
for our love to stand
Snow Selmon May 11
lay down feel the wind
a soft constant found within
and somehow it whispers your name
every syllable in every language
and it seems to mean the same thing
that Love is an angel it will burn bright
with a Te Amo
I  hope it finds you on your darkest nights
so it fills you with strength
and it can light the darkness
and help you escape
My pen could write for
anyone, true,
But it never smiles about them
the way it does for you…
March 2020
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