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Snow Selmon Oct 15
sharp points hurt
they let me bleed
out comes the worry
that turns me inside out
and through the leaves
my sweat and blood is left behind
in the bark my darkness goes
Snow Selmon Oct 13
deep dark monsters lurk
in the shadows they hide
demons waiting for victims
in the shadows they hide
ghosts waiting to haunt you
in the shadows they hide
Fear and Betrayal
in the light I confide
Snow Selmon Oct 13
I’ll let you scorch me to crisps
I’ll let my body be a flame
I will burn for you
My love with never go out
With flying orange I glow
Spreading my love with every go
And with the embers that fly so high
I will reach you my Angel to the sky
Snow Selmon Oct 13
a hand a imprint on my soul
love, dark but always in my soul
you will always be in my soul
even if you're the one hurting me
Snow Selmon Oct 11
I fell from the trees
green and then brown
blending in gradient harmony
and I landed in dazed vertigo
and I felt sinking
falling into the ground
it taking me back
and I didn't put up a fight
for this is my motherland
this is my home
Snow Selmon Sep 24
flying away on folded wings
taking turns and frowning of sin
through rusted bushes
there shining yellow hues
a story of colour
what are we gonna do
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