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Snow Selmon Feb 16
the blue is violet
the red tears of fire

the white stars flash
darkness consumes

bursts of sound
unparalleled pain
Snow Selmon Feb 3
I cannot hide
I cannot flee
I cannot escape
who I used to be
Snow Selmon Nov 2021
Am I too scary for you
Am I covering the moon
Am I a problem to you

Will you love me
Will you trust me
Will you believe me

I have a feeling
I have a problem
I have a secret

I still dream of you
I still love you
I still wish you were in my arms

Am I wrong to think
"Will you love me"
Am I right to still
dream of you loving me...
Snow Selmon Nov 2021
we were roses
never meant to be
thorns upon thorns

I'm not a rose
a lily
floating along the current

your turbulent waves
you said we weren't
to be together

as I see it your, chaotic
and I'm calm
you took me on a ride

I ended
on the rocks
your words

they cut deep
breaking me
like your lies
  Nov 2021 Snow Selmon
Edmund black
Is a new beginning
To try again
I am determined
To aspire
To inspire
To explore
To break open
To create
To innovate
To transform
To be art
To love
To become
To persevere
To overcome
To discern
To enlighten
To be found
To be aware
To desires
To be understood
To shine
To be safe
To be strong
To be
To the end
I made a pledge
To never
Give up
On Today
Be someone’s
To smile.
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
going between emotions
bursting against each other
trying to find a grip
where their are no hand holes
no one to help
where you just have one choice
to hop to the next step
hoping it doesn't snap
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
we can not understand how
rivers and oceans talk
how they wade through
troubles and hard rock of
problems how they turn
us against ourselves
and unite in one breath
how they overflow
taking us with it
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