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Aug 5 · 123
the river
Snow Selmon Aug 5
my blood runs over the rocks
the cold covers my body
blood draining from me
I don't need a heart
I don't need blood
I don't need a life
when no one loves me
Feb 16 · 208
Snow Selmon Feb 16
the blue is violet
the red tears of fire

the white stars flash
darkness consumes

bursts of sound
unparalleled pain
Feb 3 · 423
Snow Selmon Feb 3
I cannot hide
I cannot flee
I cannot escape
who I used to be
Nov 2021 · 251
my secret
Snow Selmon Nov 2021
Am I too scary for you
Am I covering the moon
Am I a problem to you

Will you love me
Will you trust me
Will you believe me

I have a feeling
I have a problem
I have a secret

I still dream of you
I still love you
I still wish you were in my arms

Am I wrong to think
"Will you love me"
Am I right to still
dream of you loving me...
Nov 2021 · 86
Snow Selmon Nov 2021
we were roses
never meant to be
thorns upon thorns

I'm not a rose
a lily
floating along the current

your turbulent waves
you said we weren't
to be together

as I see it your, chaotic
and I'm calm
you took me on a ride

I ended
on the rocks
your words

they cut deep
breaking me
like your lies
Oct 2021 · 67
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
going between emotions
bursting against each other
trying to find a grip
where their are no hand holes
no one to help
where you just have one choice
to hop to the next step
hoping it doesn't snap
Oct 2021 · 68
Ocean talk
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
we can not understand how
rivers and oceans talk
how they wade through
troubles and hard rock of
problems how they turn
us against ourselves
and unite in one breath
how they overflow
taking us with it
Oct 2021 · 155
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
Turn to the east and watch the light rise
And turn the light to the west
Where your dreams disappear
And the world goes dark
Oct 2021 · 66
the mail
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
the letter came today
chasing thoughts
from my head
scattering them
of what I dream
my deepest darkness
Oct 2021 · 362
Sky Drops
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
walking through clouds
catching blue drips of sky
catching in my mind
a vision, a dream?
of what is meant to be
a shallow shell
one little hole of where I could be
I will let the blue drips go
washing away the colour
leaving me emotions
bear and exposed
Sep 2021 · 72
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
always running
without water
not a single drop of dew
a little river
is all I ask
instead of this land
I live in
where water
is just for the lies
that blossom
Sep 2021 · 236
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
he looks upon me
faced down to the ground
seeking a truth
that can't be taken
nor received
because it is me
Sep 2021 · 46
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
you pushed and shoved
hands clenching
and legs tensing
I fell and you helped me up
just to push again and again
I let you push me
till I was over the edge
and the only push was
my heart against my chest
Sep 2021 · 176
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
running through a field
running blind
unable to find you
you're darkness a shield
a sadness defined
my heart see-through
Aug 2021 · 63
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
I lied in the rain and slept
when I woke
your arms pinned me
I was too heavy
plastered with rust
to which your laugh sounded
all around my head
pinned to you
unable to move
my rusted heart
Aug 2021 · 52
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
the dreams
come in light
bright burning light
evaporating my eyes
bringing darkness
a relief to the light
but a curse of blindness
who could've thought
would show me
Aug 2021 · 46
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
stitch my mouth
one at a time

stealing words
from smoke

a dream
from my head

Quiet tendrils
Of smoke

Embraces meaning
Capturing thoughts

Never-ending night
Beaming moon

I wish on a star
As it passes through

To only receive a night
Full of nothing bright

The moon kisses me
It embraces me

Although it’s dark
The moon will carry me

The night is safe
Though scary

My home is with the demons
And with the ghost that is me

No one can take my words
And no one will take my home

The constellations swirl
Calling me

You were there
Always embracing me

Always smelling of home
Always watching the ground

I will trip I will get up
And I will run

I am no longer scared
I am strong and will walk

I am not your little boy
But the woman I am today
adding on to a past poem
Aug 2021 · 178
save a life
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
I lost you
in the end
where there was nothing
dreams of limbs
and your eyes
striking loving blue
Aug 2021 · 61
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
I still think of you
your arms around me
and the safety of home
Aug 2021 · 99
Side effect
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
dying is a side effect of living
always running around a
universes whim
being lonely is a side effect
and being sad is a side effect
living is not a gift but a curse
for we will never be whole
with the side effect of living
Aug 2021 · 52
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
the moon pulls and pushes
the tides
directing the water and our lives
it's our lives
the moon doesn't care
why would it
it's not affecting its life but ours
we will always be controlled by outsiders
who don't know us and couldn't care
we are slaves
to our minds and those who control it
Aug 2021 · 53
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
your push turned to shove
my heart stopped to beat
and my eyes teared at your face
you bring me back to times
when I was happy
and also so sad
when tears were welcomed
instead of feared
where I was wanted
not feared
I'm sorry I wasn't there
when it was needed
a sorry is all I can say
a push turned to shove
and I couldn't stand my ground
Aug 2021 · 312
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
Cry me a river they say
if only they knew
that tears are not what create the rivers
but the emotions
that become from their journey
Jul 2021 · 543
if I left
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
if I passed would you look for me
if I was gone from here would you care
if I was buried in the ground would you mourn
why would you care about someone like me
some broken
Jul 2021 · 227
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
fields of red
lines of roses
all seem to shed their tears
a lay and stare

roses don't care
so why do I
always taking on red
blazing burning red

blood that talks and sings
but dies and falls
and in all of this
well I'm not worth it
Jul 2021 · 74
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
always going around in circles
and you never once came
to show me the way
Jul 2021 · 62
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
in my eyes
burning imprint
why won't you leave
in my heart and mind
I never knew you had so much power
but now I'm lost
in eyes so dangerous
and without a cause

I am not a slave to you
I am my own and I will not
be tied down by the words
of a demon like you
Jul 2021 · 52
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
a cold sad truth
I won't ever be complete
without you
or have I...
already lost it
Jul 2021 · 561
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
stitch my mouth
one at a time

stealing words
from smoke

a dream
from my head
Jul 2021 · 68
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
always thinking
of escape
from the one place
that is safe
Jun 2021 · 60
Snow Selmon Jun 2021
one smile a day
is sometimes enough to
make the pain go away
Jun 2021 · 220
Sunken Cry
Snow Selmon Jun 2021
Darkened sky
Shy from dormit sleep
Stark intruding flies
Scry fire and flame
Burnt muscle
Broken empire
One glass admires
And opals rain
Where fire is reality
And water is danger
Where fire is lava
And water is a tsunami
Turning the toils of war
May 2021 · 81
Snow Selmon May 2021
Arrogant Bliss
May 2021 · 263
if you
Snow Selmon May 2021
if you even followed me
with a name I wouldn't know
I would still cherish you so
and somehow you mean the world
Latin Verbs for me and you
Te Amo Angelius Bambi
I figured out the puzzle
and it was love
I still cherish the memories
you and I shared
forever and forever
true love stands
so come and find me
I'm still waiting
arms open and blood bared
I will give everything
for our love to stand
May 2021 · 73
Snow Selmon May 2021
lay down feel the wind
a soft constant found within
and somehow it whispers your name
every syllable in every language
and it seems to mean the same thing
that Love is an angel it will burn bright
with a Te Amo
I  hope it finds you on your darkest nights
so it fills you with strength
and it can light the darkness
and help you escape
May 2021 · 78
Snow Selmon May 2021
could I borrow a few more miles
my wheels are flat
and it's getting dark
and the pink of day
is fading to grey
a few more miles
is all I need
a tiny distance
that feels like light years
and I'm waiting for someone to pass
maybe their waiting on me
to get out of the dark
and stand in the light
to put up a fight
but these tires are deflated
the lights are gone
I dream of your arms
ones that felt safe and like home
where I was someone and not bare bone
you are my power
even if your not here
you are energy you are everywhere
you are my destination
the place I'm stuck in between
the place I can't go
is where my home is
so I'll wait out the night
and inflate my tires
go a couple miles
until I find you
even just a glimpse will refill me
I'll be on my way
humming my love away
so that you can breathe it in
so you can see what I couldn't say
you can feel what I was scared of
so I'll drive
far, far away
so I won't hurt you no more
bye, bye my angel
I hope the light treats you well
May 2021 · 126
Snow Selmon May 2021
pull the strings
I am bound to the stage
a cement paper weight
a permanent record
on the radio
seen on the pavement
a bit everywhere
where my mind is lost
and the puppet is happy
a long life
a job is road
take it
take the highway home
May 2021 · 70
Snow Selmon May 2021
I'm getting high on fumes
shooting with eyes closed
trying to **** with a smile

I'm playing with a ghost
so I'm not alone

taking drugs by the miles
drinking my sorrows
hoping I'll die tomorrow

I'm playing with a ghost
so I'm not alone

take a flower see it bloom
ghosts reminds me of you
always there in the dark

I'm playing with a ghost
so I'm not alone

fighting sleep, passing out
counting sheep, eating out
close my eyes dream of you

I'm playing with a ghost
so I know I'm alone

I am alone with a ghost
looking through sunken eyes
look left, look right

May 2021 · 147
Snow Selmon May 2021
blazing snow
frostbite cuddles
May 2021 · 81
if only I remembered this
Snow Selmon May 2021
I can tell but you could also pinch me you know

because you see you did want it if only you didn't lie about it
May 2021 · 57
Snow Selmon May 2021
I was left in backwash
breathing in you
trying to enjoy it
till the blood was boiling
and I had no choice
but to love you
boiling till bursting
but I was careless
and something else burst instead
and it was my choice
that left me alone
May 2021 · 309
Snow Selmon May 2021
as I was in eternal darkness
you helped me scan
and find some reception
so that I could see colour
and shine
May 2021 · 75
Snow Selmon May 2021
skin laced drinks
marring thoughts
bright sunshine
liquid kisses
gone in a second
drugs and pain
all day traces
laced with pain
May 2021 · 867
Snow Selmon May 2021

drops of water so lonely yet so full


it held love that I can't


a secret a once held


I used to have love


until it all leaked out
Apr 2021 · 354
Snow Selmon Apr 2021
I was the living god
I was in a bliss so pure
and I thought this is how the world felt
I was Cronus until my son
Zeus was born
and down came my
Apr 2021 · 81
Snow Selmon Apr 2021
I was covered
a backdrop
a veil of night
and when the light
blinded me
I fell into love
like a smothering force
I drank it in
Mar 2021 · 197
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
nails on skin
drip, drip

losing sanity
in my blood

pure elation
pure bliss

drip, drip
on the floor
bleeding out

when the clock strikes 12
I will fall for you
a undead promise

it was for you I was here
and now the canvas is red
no more pink

I will scratch the pain away
leaving water color red
I am alone I am dead

drip, drip, drip
Mar 2021 · 77
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
rich crimson painted rust
glistening due painted red
shadowed droplets
red eyes tainted smile
reaping chasm
drop right in
open jaws
jagged teeth
tear your skin
and lick your lips
and wait for the pain
for your soul to be
ripped apart
Mar 2021 · 203
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
I laid eyes on the one I loved
and they sang
they dug in my ground
not slipping on sand
no more pain
I was safe
and as I was crushing
I found you were there
in the hard times
but then...
the hope well
let's say it got
Mar 2021 · 58
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
alcohol kisses
a numb feeling
it's distracting
it feels nice
and yet I feel the darkness
it's coming up
better take another drink
ahh good numbness
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