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Snow Selmon Aug 26
all I know is my lies
all I know is my mask
all I know is a copy
all I know is a clone
all I know is hate
all I know is a fake
all I know is what I left behind
all I know is an angel is breaking me free
all I was a nobody
all I am is a shell
think I am a Angel and person filled with potential
and what do I think well I think I'm broken beyond repair
but there still trying to patch up the cracks
and I'm scared because it's working
Snow Selmon Aug 26
even through the wings of life and evil grows
even in life it will bide and it's power will grow
so grab my hand and squeeze it tight
don't let it go hold it with all your might
it won't be coming back anytime soon
Ill hold you and sing in lights tune
darkness is a shadow to light
with this power of lights might
let's stand and embrace and win the fight
Snow Selmon Oct 15
sharp points hurt
they let me bleed
out comes the worry
that turns me inside out
and through the leaves
my sweat and blood is left behind
in the bark my darkness goes
Snow Selmon Oct 27
I've got a heart, it beats
and my lungs contract to let me breath
and the blood races in my system
bringing me to life
I got a heart that beats
my lungs are tearing here and there
no way to fix the tear and wear
so let my lungs be my saviour
I've got a heart, it beats
Snow Selmon Sep 15
I heat my body to bubbles
and maybe that's why I fly away
and why I snap
and why after I feel broken
all I need was to stay safe
in the confines of my mind
Snow Selmon Aug 24
look to the ocean and breath
look at my heart and breath
look at my face and breath
look at my love and breath
look at your worries and let them breath
you will only rot if you don't breath
you'll disappear if you don't breath
so let it out and take in the air
okay so it says breath as in (bree-th) not (br-eth)
Snow Selmon Sep 24
flying away on folded wings
taking turns and frowning of sin
through rusted bushes
there shining yellow hues
a story of colour
what are we gonna do
Snow Selmon Nov 2
I’ve been gone for a while now
I feel my heart beating now
I don’t know why I love so much
Or why the strength hits me hard
I don’t know why you mean the world
I don’t know why the earth strays from course
I don’t know why the stars are dim to your beauty
Or why the sun stares are you and smiles
But I’ll know I’ll grow
In your embrace
Rocketing up to the moon
To find you in the universe for I’ll see all of you
In a lifetime
I will be the nebula in the galaxys
Snow Selmon Nov 16
needles in my arms
drawing blood without alarm
I let you do this and I don't know why
maybe it was the sugar coated lies
maybe it was trust
that shook me apart
maybe it was the control that I cannot grasp
maybe I was used and that hurts
but I still love you
even if it's stupid
I still dream of you today
Snow Selmon Aug 10
soft tones in rightful throes
through hero's tough
and rightness goes
the evil will be ******* from here it grows
the tide will turn
the wind will blow
and here I will be broken from head to toe
Snow Selmon Aug 26
in the dirt they roam
through dust and storms
they always grow
the dead will always roam
through the slopes
the devils will live
and my soul will be a house
let it all out and let them in
they only win if you let fear in
Snow Selmon Aug 30
Hazy thoughts embrace my brain
leaving me raddled and drained
all thoughts and power leaked down a drain
I can't think and I like it that way
all these thoughts of death go away
I don't care about life anymore
I just like the crystal water at the shore
the palms swinging in wind
and branches pulling and tugging
I think I'll go to the water and be in peace
maybe ecstasy was in my mind
shuddering of thoughts that I left behind
water is calm and kind
take me and leave this world behind
Snow Selmon Aug 14
through Angels wings
all the bright dangerous things
they cloud my mind and leave me helpless
so come and takes this grief away
take it and put it away
put it in the attic
and attack it with love
maybe the darkness was all it had
and maybe my soul was in there too
hopefully it will grow back
and I'll be one again
but till then...
I think I'll try to breath again
to taste the air
and see the sky
and maybe just maybe the darkness will die
Snow Selmon Sep 15
i think about the fallout
the pressure pushing me down
I think about the fallout
the emotions wearing me down
I think about the fallout
my body breaking all day'
I live the fallout my body cracking glass
Snow Selmon Nov 16
I know I said we were far away
from meaning anything
that I was in the loom of the moon
and that you were back on earth
I know I left you there
while I sat upon shining stars
and I know I was wrong to leave you...
with the monsters
but up here I am far away
not physically maybe
but my head is in the clouds
and maybe you'll see
why I rest in the stars
Snow Selmon Sep 8
for a fighting start
a bullet tearing me apart
and in my last breath I see a face
surrounded in wings and white shining light
A fighting chance is what waits
a fighting chance is what I'll have
I'm waiting and looking at the clock waiting
for a fighting start
Snow Selmon Oct 13
I’ll let you scorch me to crisps
I’ll let my body be a flame
I will burn for you
My love with never go out
With flying orange I glow
Spreading my love with every go
And with the embers that fly so high
I will reach you my Angel to the sky
Snow Selmon Aug 28
why do people only see a male
my body is not my ID
my body is not a stamp
I press my mind across
and I see a transformation
a female I see
through thick haze comes vision
a thought is not me
I'm not a gender ID
Snow Selmon Sep 3
I was gone in a day
I was gone in a way
I was gone in my mind
I was gone in my life
she was gone in a second
my heart was gone in a second
I was gone in a day
the pain will never go away
Snow Selmon Oct 11
I fell from the trees
green and then brown
blending in gradient harmony
and I landed in dazed vertigo
and I felt sinking
falling into the ground
it taking me back
and I didn't put up a fight
for this is my motherland
this is my home
Snow Selmon Aug 24
through death grows a bond of throes
and although no one can see me
I know nature is my guardian
maybe I was looking for safety
and maybe that was the groves
Snow Selmon Aug 26
beating in rhythm sweet harmony
in line of words that are all for you
I give my all angel all of me just for you
maybe I'm not the best and I know I'm a mess
but maybe all I need is you to reset
to break down my walls and let you in
to heal the cracks in my heart
to seal the hole that aches
to bring me happiness
and maybe your the one
maybe my soul is healing
maybe your eyes are all I need
to keep my world centred
maybe your heart is a melody I've been singing
maybe all I needed was you
Snow Selmon Sep 8
I'll miss your smile that lit up the night
I'll miss your eyes they shine crystal Blue
I'll love you when your gone
I still love you now
even if our time is running out
just some thoughts and things I need to get off my chest
Snow Selmon Oct 13
a hand a imprint on my soul
love, dark but always in my soul
you will always be in my soul
even if you're the one hurting me
Snow Selmon Nov 12
I may be sorry
And I cannot grieve
I cannot let out the anger I breath
So please don’t leave
I’m sorry I’m broken
I’m sorry I’m dead
I’m sorry I broke your heart
Now my heart is dead
Snow Selmon Aug 31
I take a breath and taste the air
I take a look I see your hair
I look down and see you bare
I think and I inhale a breath
time has slowed and my breath is shallow
I take a shaky breath and plunge
to a deal of love from within
Snow Selmon Sep 13
some times I feel my insides are being punched
some times I feel the burn in my guts
sometimes I just want to yell
sometimes I feel the pain and just want to let go
I never wanted to hurt the people I love
and yet I can't let go of the secret
the dove that circles above my head
shakes every time it lays it's eyes on me
and I know I am responsible for the pain in it's Blue eyes
I know I will always hurt the most kindest of creatures
but what can I do with a cursed inheritance
what can I do when the ghosts stare at my soul
what can I do when they turn me inside out
so the people I love are my parents they always seem to be hurt by everything I do and it hurts and I have so many secrets I'm keeping the dove shakes as a symbol of my emotions to hurt the person I love I know I am responsible for the pain I brought My Love Blue I feel like I was born to hurt like it's in my genetics and I feel like turning myself inside out to see what's wrong with me
Snow Selmon Aug 10
So cold in this prison
Constricted to a mission
Of lost hope and all those dreams
They seem to mean nonsense
They see me and I see there lies
I see their piercing eyes
They want me and they take my soul
They take everything that once was bold
They take your happiness
They leave you alone
Lose you will and your soul
Although the end is near don’t see the failure that brought you near
The end is sweet and I can taste it from here
The chaos is roaming near
It’s wants you please don’t hide
The last thing it wants is for you to confide
Snow Selmon Sep 10
I'm leaving the city
that buzzes with sound
I'm leaving the smoke
that seems to follow me around
I'm leaving the friends
who bullied me all my life
I'm leaving the haze
that wronged my judgement
I'm leaving my mind
the only way I can leave my past behind
I'm leaving my worries
it's the only way to escape
I'm leaving my fake smile
so I won't remember the pain
I'm leaving my hands tied
so I can't fight back
I'm leaving the city
so I can live and smell the air
Snow Selmon Nov 12
I wanted to tell you
I love you so much
I walked out with a sound
I was sneaking through the ground
like a snake I left in the night
and like the night I disappear in the light
I wish I could tell you how much you mean
but sometimes I have to leave
for... me
Snow Selmon Sep 18
breathing sunshine words
breathing life from my breath
singing the sun through my heart
and living from their breath
Snow Selmon Aug 26
lust is a broken loop in my heart I see her body and she takes that as all I see and maybe I concentrate and I notice it yes any person would and sometimes I imagine many things but that will never compare to you to my Angel in the sky that I cradle in soul and reap the darkness from them I will hold there burdens above mine and all I think about my life is how disgustingly ****** I am so I confide yes it's not healthy but it helps me keep my hands off her but sometimes I wish I could let loose but I can't so I tie a noose on my hands and string my self by it maybe my hands will bleed for what I've done I'll take the torture for everything I've done
sorry just in a dark place right now
Snow Selmon Sep 1
a lowlife rascal
with nothing but swords
living off ***** words
hearing women whisper in my ears
feeling clothes fall off
and lust be strong
feeling adrenaline in my veins
and yet I will never be fulfilled
the person was gone years ago
and I still feel tears
they are gone a hole is in place
for all this hurt to fall into place
so let it be and let me fall
I will fall into deaths jaws
sorry it's a bit dark I just don't feel the best right now been through a really hard time
Snow Selmon Sep 11
I am failing my code
and my family too
I turning off with no feeling
but I have feelings for you
all these poem I write
are meant to be with joy
but turn to darkness
in hidden hues
I just want to live and repair
to not see the glitch in me
to not be the broken branch
I don't want to break
I never wanted to be the malfunction
Snow Selmon Sep 22
blood smeared of my lines
guts spilled on the outside
I feel blood running
through uncharted blue veins
over pale skin
I'm loosing myself
in this pain I am a monster
in their eyes I'm the monster
to myself I'm a monster
but to few I'm worth it
to me I outweigh
their pleas
through this I'm crying
through this I'm going to...
let the blood flow
I'm sorry for this I'm not too good right now
Snow Selmon Oct 29
when my emotions overflow
I let the river go
I the tears come down with force
I let the waterfall navigate my cross
I let the earthquake shatter the ground
and I let hell take me down
and the heavens are pulling me up
out of the ground
up to my refuge
in the clouds
Snow Selmon Oct 27
if my words are a paradox let me be true
if I was a paradox I would repeat for you
if I was a paradox I wouldn't stop
if I was a paradox the world would stop
I was in love I would repeat
if I love I will say it again
if you were my heart I would repeat again
if my words are a paradox let me be true
Snow Selmon Sep 22
they don't leave me alone
they don't stop hurting
they are leaving me broken
without a hope in sight
I see broken shards
and icy points
and all the dreams that come
and all I can is lay here
and feel their touch
just I'm sorry this is so hard lately I don't know what to do anymore
Snow Selmon Sep 2
speaking without thought
losing my mind like I was taught
I was the teacher and I blocked it out
I was the student I lived in doubt
I rambled over and over with no prevail
evil will never fall with rambled thoughts
they own us all
Snow Selmon Nov 12
we fight and argue
and we might be angry
but if I say I love you
I hope you say it back
what is love without love in hate
what is hate with a release
what is love without the pain
I love you but you won't say it back
you were the water rushing past
without a dam in sight
Snow Selmon Sep 17
silk through my hands
life running through my veins
tongues of fish flying past
small rocks off the river bed
and feeling worries run of to the sea
feeling fish worry free
feeling burden rub off on rocks
and the water crystal clear with pure truth
clear like the sky
without a worry I run like a river
running rivers run through the ground so calm
Snow Selmon Sep 22
running through wisps
going in tumble winds
falling on the rocks
scrapes on pale skin
red rock scarring a beginning
a cracked soul always forgiving
red rivers running through veins
pumping soul with fractured hands
not able to grab a lie in it's grasp
and it seeps through the cracks
never fearing the wind will run away
only keeping the demons at bay
a mind is not worth loving
if the mind can't stop running
in the wind we run
but soon we will stop
and take our final breath
Snow Selmon Sep 20
haze through shattered glass
fogged up windows
smoke screen air
black hole
light no where
not a single drop of light to be seen
no way to get through the haze
no way to
see through
Snow Selmon Oct 13
deep dark monsters lurk
in the shadows they hide
demons waiting for victims
in the shadows they hide
ghosts waiting to haunt you
in the shadows they hide
Fear and Betrayal
in the light I confide
Snow Selmon Sep 17
steeped on through my life
through bare feet and written lies
I see a world beyond the divide
where I can't be cleansed of dirt
and emerge with shoes on my feet
Snow Selmon Aug 26
it has cracks
and maybe you know
but do you see the scars
left by the cuts on my arms
do you see the marks on my heart
do you see the imminent failure
don't you see me
you say you don't care
but I feel your eyes
maybe I feel a tingling in my chest
but that's not love
that broke years ago
maybe I am healing
so maybe I'll stay
maybe for once I won't push away
Snow Selmon Sep 21
sailors falling to the salty mist of sea
hearing song for you and me
and suffocating in sweet bliss
a Siren song I'll never miss
Snow Selmon Nov 2
Swirling spirals as far as I can see
Domain and presence
Resonance coming
From deep within the ground
Shaking my body with no control
Breaking my bones out they go
To the healing powers of a bond I grow
In the heart of earth I grow
I spread the roses there thorns dangerous yet calm
The tulips growing without harm
The trees reach to the sky
I am everywhere
I will be till I die
Snow Selmon Aug 18
through wired chunks and smouldered trucks comes loads and loads of steam a in wired breed and self imprinted greed gas comes rising and it falls with grace but all these businesses are laced with fake faith a faith of change a faith of life but with a second it could end and who will be laughing then not me that's for sure because will be the one in heaven hurting from loss because I was one of the only people who knew what we could lose so let down the shields and come and bring me up and bring me from the grave maybe all I need was somebody to save me from the steam and gas maybe that was all I need a little faith inside this world of disgrace
Snow Selmon Sep 22
I love the way I feel like one
I love the way you say Te amo
I love the way I hold you in my arms
Te amo the Angel in my heart  
Te Amo
Te Amo is Latin for I love you and for me Latin is something special to me it is something ancient which I can bring with me
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