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880 · Sep 2020
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
I'm leaving the city
that buzzes with sound
I'm leaving the smoke
that seems to follow me around
I'm leaving the friends
who bullied me all my life
I'm leaving the haze
that wronged my judgement
I'm leaving my mind
the only way I can leave my past behind
I'm leaving my worries
it's the only way to escape
I'm leaving my fake smile
so I won't remember the pain
I'm leaving my hands tied
so I can't fight back
I'm leaving the city
so I can live and smell the air
867 · May 2021
Snow Selmon May 2021

drops of water so lonely yet so full


it held love that I can't


a secret a once held


I used to have love


until it all leaked out
625 · Sep 2020
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
silk through my hands
life running through my veins
tongues of fish flying past
small rocks off the river bed
and feeling worries run of to the sea
feeling fish worry free
feeling burden rub off on rocks
and the water crystal clear with pure truth
clear like the sky
without a worry I run like a river
running rivers run through the ground so calm
604 · Sep 2020
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
flying away on folded wings
taking turns and frowning of sin
through rusted bushes
there shining yellow hues
a story of colour
what are we gonna do
561 · Jul 2021
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
stitch my mouth
one at a time

stealing words
from smoke

a dream
from my head
543 · Jul 2021
if I left
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
if I passed would you look for me
if I was gone from here would you care
if I was buried in the ground would you mourn
why would you care about someone like me
some broken
432 · Sep 2020
boiling point
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
I heat my body to bubbles
and maybe that's why I fly away
and why I snap
and why after I feel broken
all I need was to stay safe
in the confines of my mind
423 · Feb 3
Snow Selmon Feb 3
I cannot hide
I cannot flee
I cannot escape
who I used to be
362 · Oct 2021
Sky Drops
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
walking through clouds
catching blue drips of sky
catching in my mind
a vision, a dream?
of what is meant to be
a shallow shell
one little hole of where I could be
I will let the blue drips go
washing away the colour
leaving me emotions
bear and exposed
354 · Apr 2021
Snow Selmon Apr 2021
I was the living god
I was in a bliss so pure
and I thought this is how the world felt
I was Cronus until my son
Zeus was born
and down came my
312 · Aug 2021
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
Cry me a river they say
if only they knew
that tears are not what create the rivers
but the emotions
that become from their journey
309 · May 2021
Snow Selmon May 2021
as I was in eternal darkness
you helped me scan
and find some reception
so that I could see colour
and shine
263 · May 2021
if you
Snow Selmon May 2021
if you even followed me
with a name I wouldn't know
I would still cherish you so
and somehow you mean the world
Latin Verbs for me and you
Te Amo Angelius Bambi
I figured out the puzzle
and it was love
I still cherish the memories
you and I shared
forever and forever
true love stands
so come and find me
I'm still waiting
arms open and blood bared
I will give everything
for our love to stand
251 · Nov 2020
i'm sorry
Snow Selmon Nov 2020
I may be sorry
And I cannot grieve
I cannot let out the anger I breath
So please don’t leave
I’m sorry I’m broken
I’m sorry I’m dead
I’m sorry I broke your heart
Now my heart is dead
251 · Nov 2021
my secret
Snow Selmon Nov 2021
Am I too scary for you
Am I covering the moon
Am I a problem to you

Will you love me
Will you trust me
Will you believe me

I have a feeling
I have a problem
I have a secret

I still dream of you
I still love you
I still wish you were in my arms

Am I wrong to think
"Will you love me"
Am I right to still
dream of you loving me...
236 · Sep 2021
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
he looks upon me
faced down to the ground
seeking a truth
that can't be taken
nor received
because it is me
233 · Sep 2020
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
Blowing in my hair
feeling heat left in my skin
feeling sweat beads fall
air in my face
a cooling breeze coming by
I heart with cool warmth
it is in the wind
and waiting for you
to embrace your meaning
and breath in air
take the air of life
and let in blow through your soul
the wind
227 · Jul 2021
Snow Selmon Jul 2021
fields of red
lines of roses
all seem to shed their tears
a lay and stare

roses don't care
so why do I
always taking on red
blazing burning red

blood that talks and sings
but dies and falls
and in all of this
well I'm not worth it
220 · Jun 2021
Sunken Cry
Snow Selmon Jun 2021
Darkened sky
Shy from dormit sleep
Stark intruding flies
Scry fire and flame
Burnt muscle
Broken empire
One glass admires
And opals rain
Where fire is reality
And water is danger
Where fire is lava
And water is a tsunami
Turning the toils of war
219 · Sep 2020
inside out
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
some times I feel my insides are being punched
some times I feel the burn in my guts
sometimes I just want to yell
sometimes I feel the pain and just want to let go
I never wanted to hurt the people I love
and yet I can't let go of the secret
the dove that circles above my head
shakes every time it lays it's eyes on me
and I know I am responsible for the pain in it's Blue eyes
I know I will always hurt the most kindest of creatures
but what can I do with a cursed inheritance
what can I do when the ghosts stare at my soul
what can I do when they turn me inside out
so the people I love are my parents they always seem to be hurt by everything I do and it hurts and I have so many secrets I'm keeping the dove shakes as a symbol of my emotions to hurt the person I love I know I am responsible for the pain I brought My Love Blue I feel like I was born to hurt like it's in my genetics and I feel like turning myself inside out to see what's wrong with me
208 · Feb 16
Snow Selmon Feb 16
the blue is violet
the red tears of fire

the white stars flash
darkness consumes

bursts of sound
unparalleled pain
203 · Mar 2021
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
I laid eyes on the one I loved
and they sang
they dug in my ground
not slipping on sand
no more pain
I was safe
and as I was crushing
I found you were there
in the hard times
but then...
the hope well
let's say it got
200 · Dec 2020
Snow Selmon Dec 2020
the smog rolled on the sea
white wash on the beach
salty air in my lungs
heart strings pulled on
and I'm singing your song
in the sea I sing
so hopefully the ocean will be discovered
and my love uncovered
197 · Mar 2021
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
nails on skin
drip, drip

losing sanity
in my blood

pure elation
pure bliss

drip, drip
on the floor
bleeding out

when the clock strikes 12
I will fall for you
a undead promise

it was for you I was here
and now the canvas is red
no more pink

I will scratch the pain away
leaving water color red
I am alone I am dead

drip, drip, drip
179 · Sep 2020
Siren Song
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
sailors falling to the salty mist of sea
hearing song for you and me
and suffocating in sweet bliss
a Siren song I'll never miss
178 · Aug 2021
save a life
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
I lost you
in the end
where there was nothing
dreams of limbs
and your eyes
striking loving blue
177 · Mar 2021
broken ice
Snow Selmon Mar 2021
I was stepping onto ice
very thin ice
and I slipped fell and heard a crack
only to be swallowed up
by the jaws of water
a coldness only pain can bring
and you caused that when you left
you broke your promise although
why would you care you only were the world to me
176 · Sep 2021
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
running through a field
running blind
unable to find you
you're darkness a shield
a sadness defined
my heart see-through
176 · Feb 2021
the road
Snow Selmon Feb 2021
you walk through the ground
then through the sand of time
through love that's more than love
through a affection that spreads hands
through a spirit that is solid
and a body that resonates love
which will always be more than love
like I am more than a person
I am a lover
meaningful love than love is to the sand of time
169 · Oct 2020
Snow Selmon Oct 2020
deep dark monsters lurk
in the shadows they hide
demons waiting for victims
in the shadows they hide
ghosts waiting to haunt you
in the shadows they hide
Fear and Betrayal
in the light I confide
162 · Feb 2021
Snow Selmon Feb 2021
you stole the person I love
you stole their happiness
and their joy
so sorry if I seem like a demon
but... if you hurt them I will come for you
with bright blue flames
and take your heart for what you did
155 · Oct 2021
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
Turn to the east and watch the light rise
And turn the light to the west
Where your dreams disappear
And the world goes dark
147 · May 2021
Snow Selmon May 2021
blazing snow
frostbite cuddles
144 · Feb 2021
Snow Selmon Feb 2021
soft lines of brushes
lining my face with color
so pale and soft
I am divine
they line my face and they will never know
I will let my pale colors
143 · Sep 2020
Running to the winds
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
running through wisps
going in tumble winds
falling on the rocks
scrapes on pale skin
red rock scarring a beginning
a cracked soul always forgiving
red rivers running through veins
pumping soul with fractured hands
not able to grab a lie in it's grasp
and it seeps through the cracks
never fearing the wind will run away
only keeping the demons at bay
a mind is not worth loving
if the mind can't stop running
in the wind we run
but soon we will stop
and take our final breath
143 · Feb 2021
Snow Selmon Feb 2021
little waves
shattering on rocks
fragile leaks
cracking white smoky mist
dreams are gone
they are the past
they will bleed like rivers end
until they meet the sea
141 · Nov 2020
far away
Snow Selmon Nov 2020
I know I said we were far away
from meaning anything
that I was in the loom of the moon
and that you were back on earth
I know I left you there
while I sat upon shining stars
and I know I was wrong to leave you...
with the monsters
but up here I am far away
not physically maybe
but my head is in the clouds
and maybe you'll see
why I rest in the stars
138 · Nov 2020
Snow Selmon Nov 2020
I wanted to tell you
I love you so much
I walked out with a sound
I was sneaking through the ground
like a snake I left in the night
and like the night I disappear in the light
I wish I could tell you how much you mean
but sometimes I have to leave
for... me
136 · Oct 2020
Snow Selmon Oct 2020
when my emotions overflow
I let the river go
I the tears come down with force
I let the waterfall navigate my cross
I let the earthquake shatter the ground
and I let hell take me down
and the heavens are pulling me up
out of the ground
up to my refuge
in the clouds
129 · Feb 2021
Snow Selmon Feb 2021
kisses from the rain tell me where I am
they always made me want to disappear
and for once I think it cam true
and for the first time in my life I was happy
for a little until
I was alone and it dawned on me
that those kisses were a curse
126 · May 2021
Snow Selmon May 2021
pull the strings
I am bound to the stage
a cement paper weight
a permanent record
on the radio
seen on the pavement
a bit everywhere
where my mind is lost
and the puppet is happy
a long life
a job is road
take it
take the highway home
123 · Aug 5
the river
Snow Selmon Aug 5
my blood runs over the rocks
the cold covers my body
blood draining from me
I don't need a heart
I don't need blood
I don't need a life
when no one loves me
121 · Sep 2020
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
I was gone in a day
I was gone in a way
I was gone in my mind
I was gone in my life
she was gone in a second
my heart was gone in a second
I was gone in a day
the pain will never go away
120 · Feb 2021
fading lines
Snow Selmon Feb 2021
vertigo in swirling colours
mind swept memories open my mind
115 · Aug 2020
Snow Selmon Aug 2020
look to the ocean and breath
look at my heart and breath
look at my face and breath
look at my love and breath
look at your worries and let them breath
you will only rot if you don't breath
you'll disappear if you don't breath
so let it out and take in the air
okay so it says breath as in (bree-th) not (br-eth)
111 · Dec 2020
Snow Selmon Dec 2020
stingrays trace the rivers
flat against the ground
and they don't have to worry
because their souls will live
in the between
where the lights know their name
109 · Oct 2020
Snow Selmon Oct 2020
I’ll let you scorch me to crisps
I’ll let my body be a flame
I will burn for you
My love with never go out
With flying orange I glow
Spreading my love with every go
And with the embers that fly so high
I will reach you my Angel to the sky
101 · Aug 2020
the sun
Snow Selmon Aug 2020
through bright rays
comes light and yellow
and I see a colour beyond
it is filled with a bond
of pure regularity
and I see her standing in a glory
untamed natures and I am to witness
a growing of soul
just a thought I've had about describing love in a abstract way
99 · Aug 2021
Side effect
Snow Selmon Aug 2021
dying is a side effect of living
always running around a
universes whim
being lonely is a side effect
and being sad is a side effect
living is not a gift but a curse
for we will never be whole
with the side effect of living
94 · Sep 2020
Snow Selmon Sep 2020
blood smeared of my lines
guts spilled on the outside
I feel blood running
through uncharted blue veins
over pale skin
I'm loosing myself
in this pain I am a monster
in their eyes I'm the monster
to myself I'm a monster
but to few I'm worth it
to me I outweigh
their pleas
through this I'm crying
through this I'm going to...
let the blood flow
I'm sorry for this I'm not too good right now
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