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Mar 2019 · 196
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Do you know what a banana said to me today?
Before you judge my taste WHY don't you first peel me.
Mar 2019 · 306
I <3U I<3U I<3U
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Heres what I've learned always tell the one you love these three words...
I Love You.
Death will come one day and take them.
That's the horrifying truth.
So go say your I Love Yous.
Mar 2019 · 154
She's Gone
NoBoDy Mar 2019
I witnessed my first family death.
I watched her take her last breath and with that gone was my best friend.
Mar 2019 · 124
Just Want To Say...
NoBoDy Mar 2019
I fell in love and my eyes opened.
Now I see the beauty in a lot of things.
Mar 2019 · 97
But Now...
NoBoDy Mar 2019
We are KEPT apart.
Our hearts are still strong.
At least that is what I thought.
Mar 2019 · 123
My Nights (S.P)
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Suddenly my eyes are open
  I can't move what is it I am supposed to do?
             Heavy Breathing (Gasp)
Am I Dying?
               I struggle to move (Hmph)
Is someone sitting on me?
I move my eyes
Total Darkness
I hear footsteps
My breathing gets heavier.
I pray The Our Father.
I can move
I can breath
But I know I am not alone.
Mar 2019 · 1.4k
...Curly Hair...
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Who else has curly hair?
I believe we can all agree it is sometimes a nightmare.
Reducing frizz is rare.
It can be messed up with the air.
Sulfates are a real scare.
Silicones are a compare.
At the end of the day, I don't really care.
Bad Hair Day
Mar 2019 · 100
What Have I Done?
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Mommy, I miss you.
I am sorry I have disappointed you.
I want you to know the truth.
I will always adore you.
I will always love you.

What have I done?

Daddy, I am sorry I lied.
I am sorry I hid behind a mask.
I hope this silence between us doesn't last.

What have I done?

Sister, I was supposed to be a role model.
Now I am just a stranger in your eyes
Please talk to me I don't want to cry.  
You and I used to be close.
Now our love doesn't even show.

I have disappointed everyone I know.
Mar 2019 · 219
Blinded By Love
NoBoDy Mar 2019
Falling in love young.
It's a risk worth the take.
But you know what stings?
Not knowing what the future brings.
Im not really a poem writer but lately ive been going through a lot and decided to write poem (they might not be good but they help me express my feelings) because I dont always have someone to talk to.
Mar 2019 · 132
(In My Feelings)...
NoBoDy Mar 2019
I think I'm going to break your heart.
This is really going to tear me apart.

I just don't want my pain to swallow you whole.
You say we're a team and I agree, but I can't see you sink with me.

I hope one day I'll change but right now I'm still in chains.
I don't want you to go through the same pains.
Mar 2019 · 572
NoBoDy Mar 2019
My mask has been off around you because I know I could be true. Not judged but just listened too.
So I want to say my thank-yous.
Mar 2019 · 117
Me In The Eyes Of You Two
NoBoDy Mar 2019
I'm not what you think I am.
I chose what to do that's true.
If your ears were clean and you'd listen to me maybe things would have turned out differently.
The letters I wrote the remarks I made they were all hints I wish you would have take.
Now your surprised that the mask has came off but I'm still the same as you had once seen.
Just know I am still me.

— The End —