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  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
I don't want plain.
Sure in my black and white world
You were grey
I wanted color.
I wanted vibrancy.
I wanted you
You couldn't give me what I needed
I couldn't give you what you needed.
As much pain as it causes me
We just weren't meant to be.
After all you were as grey as your smoke
I was as blue as the sea.
This is just something I've been messing around with. I'm not sure how I feel about it but hey, why not? Also semi inspired by Halsey.
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
The Ripper
                         my seductive oil slick
black loveless glare

s l a s h e d and tore at all I could in you
that you didn't even know you had

I wear your skin as a suit now
you're my prized deer so to speak
buckle for me
under my weight
In Florida sometimes it rains so hard
that you believe that it can't possibly stop,
that it will just rain and rain forever.

Sometimes I'd wake to a storm late at night,
and I'd sit out on the porch.

You could smell the lightning, and the coolness of the storm would
make your hair stand;
I'd feel so alive.

Some nights I'd go out, and my father
would be sitting on the porch already.
Lost in the storm
or maybe
called to it.
We wouldn't talk,
but we'd be lost together
in the rain and thunder.

Sometimes I wonder what of him
is left in me.
I am not sure
if I am more afraid of there being
very little
or of there being a great deal,
but when it rains
I think about him on that porch;
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
I like how my lips
fit that hollow
by your collar bone.

I could sing an anthem there
or whisper sweet
sweet nothings.
Like water from the Creek.
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
If only you could see me now,
Lying awake each night,
Holding on to every image of your face.

When you told me you may break me,
Is this what you had in mind?
I’d still wish to go back to those times though..

At least back then I could stand in your shadow,
I’d take those days over this isolation darling,
Your poisonous words felt like an endearment to me...

If only I could see him now,
Deceitful and beautiful,
Enough charm to make others offer their soul.

Beloved, it’s not all as you think,
You may have broken me but you’re still mine.
I’ll use your mistakes against you.

It’s a subtle dance of dominance.
The more tightly you wrap me around your finger,
The more I get inside your head.

They all think we are crazy,
That we don’t understand how to love,
Though a love this tainted will surely transcend time..
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