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Loveless Jan 2018
The sea of change,
Swept me away.
I looked back,
For just a moment,
And you looked away.

The good times hurt more,
Then the bad ever could.
Because they remind me,
Every single day of what I left.

If I come back one day,
I hope I can show you,
How much I changed.
Loveless Jan 2018
When can I go home.?
I gave up everything to be with you,
Now the days have become longer.

I trained myself to love you,
And now I’m slowly watching,
As you change me into your puppet.

I always knew it would end up this way,
Your hands squeezing my throat,
While caressing my head,

I know I’ll never leave,
This place has become much too comfortable,
Besides, I forgot what the outside smells like..
Late night feels.
Loveless Feb 2017
Your lifeless doll,
Lost between plains of existence,
Hands outstretched towards you.
You’re her fountain of hope.
Consuming your life,
Just so she can breathe.
The water turned red,
And when you start to decay,
She will remember how to live.
Loveless Apr 2016
So it seems you had to leave, for the hundredth time again,
I’m so close to reaching my limit, Know that once I’m done it will really be the end,
Your pretty words will no longer have the power to move me like they once did,
Your sinful charm will no longer wrap around me like chains which seem unbreakable.
Once I’m done, the coldness that you will see,
will even be able to cut your heart which once seemed impenetrable. You’ll tell me again how I’m the air in the lungs. the beat of your heart and the reason for your existence.
Though those words will no longer be able to move me.. It will be as if we never existed, and our love will fade into oblivion, were it belongs, for you and I are no different than the wolf and the moon.  
Calling to one another, in the same world yet not allowed to meet. If it breaks me in the end I swear, I’m taking you with me, maybe we can finally find peace whilst we burn together.
Loveless Apr 2016
If I could write you a letter with my tears, telling you how I feel,
Then maybe I’d have the courage to tell you just how wrong this is. Except I’m so tangled up in these sins that now I know, there’s no escape.
Loveless Apr 2016
Perfect for each other yet forced to hide their love in the darkness,
If only he could reach his hand out to her and run them through her hair,
When the sun shines, the ghost of her embrace burns his skin.
She penetrates his thoughts, bringing him close to breaking point,
For the emptiness that awaits him every morning,
Is nothing more than the cold cruel hands of despair
Crushing his dreams from the night.
The light holds nothing for him without her..

Dancing in the moonlight, the stars the only witness to their Sin,
In his embrace she found a new world, where only they exist.
If giving up her life meant this moment could last forever,
She would welcome deaths tender embrace with open arms.
Fear flashes in her eyes, as the sun starts to rise,
Torn apart by the inevitably of their fate,
They part ways once again, though tomorrow night is a new night,
And as the moon eclipses the sun,
They will be joined together in darkness once again.
Loveless Apr 2016
They all think I’m selfish,
Having my bad baby on the side,
They say I want to have my cake and eat it too,
Can't they see the cake is so bitter, but at least it’s mine,
And I can’t stop this,
Compelling mess I have created.
When I say it makes me so tired,
They all look away.
Living two lives is not easy,
Neither is loving two people,
It takes dedication and something less desirable,
The thing is I want it all,
And in truth I’m okay with being the worst kind..
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