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Let it go.
Free yourself.
Don't be stepped on.
Any longer.
Be real.
Be raw.
Be honest.
Not only to others but, be fully honest to yourself.
Be aware, always.
Be strong, always.
And no that the moment is in the here and now.
Not tomorrow.
Not next week.
Right now.
Just be.
Im sorry im a *******. Always stressing you. Your a free bird. A free sea bird. Meant to fly high and travel far. You're destiny is far greater than mine. You're meant for better things. I don't deserve you. I hope one day you spread your wings and fly like the beautiful yellow bird you are......

You're a gift from god. Or someone up above. I've held you down for to long......

So I set you free, my butterfly baby. Im so ****** up, I can't live in those world. Im meant for outer space. A dark and cold and deep place.... for my soul to rest... I'll never be what you think I am. I'll never be your strong man.

Im sorry for all the writing. I've just lost myself in the sorrow of what I've become.
 Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
Mike Essig
She was the
heavenly centerfold
in the magazine
of his imagination.
Taunting angel ****.
Too unreal to touch,
too real not to try.

 Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
 Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
Tragedy's shadow
Easy to miss
If you're
Not looking
I couldn't think of anything to say,
You caught me with the most brilliant glance,
And all of my breaths were taken away,
I couldn't escape your sweet lovely trance.
Biting your lips and your soft, sweet pale skin,
I can not break out of your gaze, your jail,
Couldn't hide guilty smiles above your chin,
Burning fire, hair so red, skin so pale.
The day was stormy, but I didn't mind,
Take cover under the trees from this rain,
What I was looking for, I didn't find,
So love, let go of all your stress and strain.
I would have taken your hand with a twirl,
Because you are not just another girl.

Jamie F. Nugent
Just a summer's day
This melody in our minds
You're drenched in sunshine.

-Jamie F. Nugent
 Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
 Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
If I have a son
I'll name him Numb
probably wasn't prepared for him,
a product of being dumb.

If a daughter is born,
I'll curse the world
For this life has no place
for precious little girls.
 Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
You deserve your eyes less red,
a young gentleman to wed.
I cannot give solutions, at least
not intended ones.

I want your eyes to dry, lie
with you as we sleep, as we seep

You trust my every word, involuntarily,
even though you have more to say.

As we stare once more, at last, for one last time,
we know,
when grateful, our eyes are most sublime.
We end here
while all else continues.
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