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Mancy Aug 2021
Stranded in darkness
by the hands of warmth

Wounded heart
sank so deep

Colder and colder
Alone and broken

Foolish self
never learned the lesson

Hoping for love
ascended from the hurt

Walked into the garden
where colors mask agony

Sweet little lies
Swooned the vulnerable

Fell for a rose
smiled so beautifully

Anxiety rushed in
held it tight

Stung by its thorns
cried for help

Cried all alone
colder and colder

Scars to the deep
alone and broken, again.

Vicious cycle of hope
Crippled the innocent

Again and again
nightmares and flowers

Again and again
Fancied and abandoned

Again and again
love and despair

Again and again
alone and broken.
Mancy Nov 2020
Her soul is so drunk on dreams
but, what you see her,
a soulless sober
is just an illusion projected from
her fear of rejections and failures.

Just wait till this magical girl
blows off all her fears.
Once she drops the veil
her drunken soul will run wild
chasing her beautiful dreams.
Mancy Oct 2020
I thought I was fine.
I thought I became numb
after the last time I was broken.
Why does it hurt multiple times harder this time?
Why is this loneliness so exclusive
that nobody else knows my pain?
I am falling deeper and deeper
and nobody even senses my absence.
Why could nobody hear me scream?
Where are all the heads that I lent my shoulder
now that I need some shoulder to bury my tears?
Why couldn't I find comfort in any of the eyes around me?
Why do I feel left out from the whole universe?
Why couldn't my heart take the fact
that nobody cares enough to pull me out?
Where did it all go wrong?
Why am I not enough for myself?
Why am I not enough to pick myself up this time?
Why do I keep looking for hope
in places that I could never get hope?
Why is it so hard this time?
Just why?
Mancy Sep 2020
"Ladies and Gentlemen... Here comes the..."
The artist walks towards the stage as he hears the cue,
"Costume, check.
Makeup, check.
Smile, check.
Confidence, check"
He ticks all his mind checklist for one last time
as he walks towards the spotlight
just like those fireflies attracted to lights.
Getting out of the backstage
leaving behind all his doubts and worries,
His courage steps on to his own canvas
to create his own masterpiece.

Amidst the dramatic lights and
music that stirs emotions,
Given all the audience's attention
Feels like he is the center of gravity
attracting all the curious eyes.

Holding in a dynamic mix of
excitement, nervousness and boundless happiness
He bursts out his hardwork and professionalism.
"Thank you"
With the ending note
all he remembers is the applause
and the audience reactions
that mirrored exactly what he imagined
while creating the masterpiece,
and his performance remains
like a lucid dream in his memory.

As he walks down the stage
anybody could see the satisfaction
he proudly carried over his shoulders.
Mancy Aug 2020
Why is it always
"This is not like you"
and not
"It's okay to cry, You will be fine".

Why can't I just have a shoulder
when i fall apart,
and not an essay on
how i am supposed to act.

Am I not allowed to feel the sadness?
Am i allowed only to show beautiful smiles?
Where would I hide my ugly tears then??
What would I do with all my saved sadness???

Why can you never see
the depression hiding behind my bright smile
Am i that good of an actor?
Or is it that you never really look at my eyes at all?
Mancy Jul 2020
Finally I understand
why nobody could
pull me out of
my solitude.

Because, I am so good at
playing hide and seek
that I hid my lonely self,
very well
that no loving soul
could ever find it .
Sometimes, to save ourselves, all we have to do is unveil our hidden soul.
Mancy Jul 2020
I have been wondering lately,
why my thoughts aren't serene,
why my mind lacks harmony,
why my words are void of ecstasy.

Then my inner peace whispered,
It is not so soothing in here,
with your heart's broken pieces
piercing me non stop.
So, lets not pretend like
we are fine.
May be I was not fine.
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