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Oct 2020
I thought I was fine.
I thought I became numb
after the last time I was broken.
Why does it hurt multiple times harder this time?
Why is this loneliness so exclusive
that nobody else knows my pain?
I am falling deeper and deeper
and nobody even senses my absence.
Why could nobody hear me scream?
Where are all the heads that I lent my shoulder
now that I need some shoulder to bury my tears?
Why couldn't I find comfort in any of the eyes around me?
Why do I feel left out from the whole universe?
Why couldn't my heart take the fact
that nobody cares enough to pull me out?
Where did it all go wrong?
Why am I not enough for myself?
Why am I not enough to pick myself up this time?
Why do I keep looking for hope
in places that I could never get hope?
Why is it so hard this time?
Just why?
Written by
Mancy  22/F
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