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Madeline Harper Aug 2018
Indebted shadows prey on a prayer
They drink up their glories and sins,
While contending for souls so rare
And endow nails upon my skin:

Clever born,
And silver to the bone.
Now mutely grey in tone.

Win our war in Rome!”
They break,
They lie,
And never came home.

Please never,
This threat
I sever,
Too clever
to lie.

Faulty sins hoist a ****** banner
While goodness is only a trend,
And foes are convenient in manner
Convenience: a conclusive friend.

Too clever to lie
What a convenience am I
Am I: your conclusive friend;
Answer as to why
You raise the stakes high
When you have no soul to lend?
Random write
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
Mountainous caverns
And cavernous depths
Plague and pillage taverns
Bridle beleaguered breaths

Forward the hour
And hoist the scattered skies
Time not to cower
Behind blatant lies

Prepare for the downfall
As the mountain gives way
Gruesome, thunderous brawl
Is my death in this day

If an avalanche is hell
Then I am surely home
Brokenly beaten and well:
Where chaos freely roams

Forget not our rise
For we are not our sins
But saints in the skies
Banefully, ****** kin

I am a vagabond in hell
And a vagabond: I am free
As heaven rings a final knell
While the mountains collapse for me
Random write, I might come back to this but I enjoyed writing this. Please let me know your thoughts
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
“I am a shallow presence among a sinking sea
Harboring every sailor sent from Galilee

The captives roar from the depths of those caverns
Sorrows known only in the devils tavern

That night, I was abruptly stolen from this dream
As my nightmares danced and my soul began to gleam-

I feared every shadow that lays beyond this realm
For at the gates of reality, shadows are at the helm.

-But love is as transcendental
As death does plow
As much as the thorn is gentle
Upon my brow

Timely tales unravel my gaze
From your splintered skies
As you remain stagnate through this haze
Living solemn lies

No correlation remains
But only what you observe
Sinking seas and pillaged plains
Bound to your every nerve

Does the sea question the celestial?
Or the heavens question the stars?
As a rich man knows he is *******?
Or as the slave counts his own scars?

I assure you, I am as unchanging
As your solemn lies
As the sinking seas are forever raging
Oh child, you will rise.”
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
A crippling rage may endure
At the faintest hour still:
A cancer to ease the cure
May yield to a kinder ****

To yield to deception
Only forges a sword in water
And lies by exception
To all of the martyrs who faltered.
I may want to build on this later on, but please let me know your thoughts.
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
There’s a raging storm inside my head:
An all too familiar home
For my mind is my grave and my bed
For the ruins of my Rome

As the tapestries of my sky
Obliterate the canvased sea
The wind howls in a fluent lie
“As you were, you shall never be”
Please let me know your thoughts and insights
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
Oh redemption for redemptions sake
In every fold and every ache
Come to aspire and set my dreams a fire
In every redemption, therein a liar

From that soft and shallow plain
The effervescent storm still remains
Where stars are etched on my shore
It is only your name, and nothing more
Madeline Harper Aug 2018
A ******* affair is common here
In a cemetery of sorts
We share a commonality of fear
Under siege of this final court

Where ash is finer than honey
And blood is a finer wine
And blood moons are just as sunny;
For where you die, there you dine

If pumpkins are a fable
And black cats are a muse,
Then we remain unstable
With none left to abuse

As darkness is a scary friend
I have never known a kinder foe
This void preaches a bitter end
And will follow wherever you go

There is a madness along this bend
And when it’s half passed dark
If you hear our drums: prepare for the end
Prepare for your embark.
I know it’s august but gosh **** it I want Halloween
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