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J Michael Apr 9
Stark silence
Walked with me until,
I saw the entrance gaping
The back of a stare.
Motionless emotion,
I hesitate.
Swimming through the feeling,
I dared to descend.
The helplessness touched me,
So I carried her worry
To wash the guilt
For the nothing I did.
J Michael Apr 7
We all go,
A pace is rendered to satisfy the goal
Sacrifices offered in exchange
Prizes of wealth, security, and affirmation

We all question,
Scouring within the banter to overcome
Though crippling insecurities peek through
The answer to ourselves is sought in others

We all contend,
The fight to be imagined figures we create
Putting out the fires of failure and loss
Maybe one day, to be this emulated "self"

We all love,
Whether in words or action this reciprocates
To people, places, things, ideas, times-
Love deferred conceives bitterness and hate
Affect to that which will love you in return

Expect disappointment,
Hope for what’s best
We all live, in this beautiful mess
J Michael Apr 7
The sidewalk squares sure make life seem a game
As I watch the headlights filter through the trees
Walking on the dust of this week
Somehow, those upper room lights don't look the same
J Michael Apr 7
The twinkle in your eye
Passed galaxies beyond our blazing sun
The ball you walk upon
Is suspended in a sea of nothingness
But you still exist, nonetheless

Gaze into my windows
Infinitely vast and small
The universe crescendos
My soul singing along

Between the atoms and the stars
The awe inspiring grandeur of the span
Seems so nice
Beneath the Milky Way scar
Reminding me of who I am and how I'm just a man

As if it were, a breath of air
My life a grain of sand
Infinity made room for me
To have and hold your hand

Will you sing with me?
Our hearts a harmony
The aurora dances in the clouds
Colors of the entire world
Our souls spilling into sound
J Michael Apr 7
Moments undulate stamping this hue
Syncopated with rushes rolling
My step canters in giddy impromptu
‘Cause the bloom in my arm’s unfolding

Notice too much more and I’ll be
Much exposed, transparent at last
I turn to catch a breath from what I see
Belief escapes quickly from my grasp

But remembrance wakes my mind
Through the swell of violins
That you are for “the one” of mankind
Decided there before life could begin

Maybe’s, yes’s, no’s, I stopped caring
My heart speaks softly, lowly, singing
“You are the one, that I’ve longed for
You are the one, my love is yours”
J Michael Apr 7
The walls that came down
In ashes, through the siren’s sound
You knew me, and know me now
And still carry pieces of fractured minds

The walls that we live in now
In the daylight, and evening hours
Are rollercoaster highs and lows
Falling between the sky and the earth

Gravity disappears and I hold my breath
All the way down, losing control
And then return to the stars,
crushing my heart to death
So I can once again float above the problems,
Where the air is thin and cold

It’s strange how the most gentle touch can break
How the greatest weight can seem lighter than air
The hardest struggles we face,
are the ones that we create
Why obsess, with nashing teeth,
at a life that never promised to be fair?

I digress, and dream of simpler days
When the day bent on my whim alone,
And my personal perception would flip the coin,
Turning black and white to grey
When I could find my peace of mind,
And also call it home

— The End —