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D Fury Mar 13
Death will come tomorrow
No - one will know I was here
I will live today.
D Fury Sep 11
A man should never put blame upon the shoulders of others,
To avoid responsibility for his own inadequacy.
D Fury Mar 3
You may feel as if you are the weight of dust,
You are much more than you think,
The words you say,
The actions you take,
Will make a difference,
In a way you will never know.
D Fury Mar 9
The sky is pink silk
Candy floss clouds for angels
Feathers for stained eyes
D Fury Sep 28
Started off as dust,
The ruin of a dead star
Toxic rain, then life.
D Fury Apr 13
A rainbow is formed
By scattered sunlight in rain
Beauty from teardrops.
D Fury Jan 28
We drain our resources
Our parasitic consumption
Vampirism of everything
Scarring the skin of a planet
Tiny gluttonous apes
In the comfort of false prophets
And of an emperor’s clothes
Painting the brushstrokes of hell
Upon the face of the Earth.
D Fury Sep 14
If I think that I know, I stop asking questions.
If I stop asking questions I stop learning.
If I stop learning, I stand still.
If I stand still, I die.
D Fury Sep 16
I may be a small little mouse,
But I am a braver mouse than you,
Whenever I leave my hole,
The world is out to get me,
It may be poison,
Or a bird or a cat,
I could meet my end,
In a deadly trap.
If you were a mouse,
You would be scared
I am a mouse and I don't even care.
D Fury Feb 25
Every step forward,
Is a step closer to death,
So we walk backwards,
And live in the past.
D Fury Sep 30
Panic is an illogical response to the data that is in front of you.
Panic can be lonely,
It can be the germ of hysteria and mob - mentality.
First a man decides to be illogical,
The man beside him sees the illogic and his logic tells him to join the illogical man,
They form a duo.
The man beside this illogical duo, uses his logic to join the illogic until,
where once was an illogical duo,
is an illogical trio of men.
Before we even notice it, all of the men, in all of the world, are piling illogical thought on top of illogical thought,
Like sticks to be torched on a fire.
D Fury Feb 2
No matter how hard you try
No matter the path you choose
A certain course you will not find,
Through the uncertain maze of life
You will rarely end up where you plan
You will be bruised and knocked off track
You will walk unguided along blind alleyways
And come to fear that you are lost.
Somehow though, the wrong roads
That drain the heart of hope
The winding paths that seem to end
In failures that feel as final as death
They are the teacher to a man
The lesson that he must learn
Those twists that seem to have no sense
They are what make us in the end.
D Fury Jul 10
The people we lose to the darkness
Are taken by the hands of loneliness.
D Fury Aug 12
At the end of your day,
Feel what you need to,
Learn what you can,
Let go.
Sure, there was anguish,
And you made mistakes,
But you did your best,
Walk away.
Don't lay in bed,
To hurt for sleep,
Today was death,
Tomorrow is life.
D Fury May 18
Maybe, it would be better if we all slowed down a little
We should move less and think more
If our consciousness had more time to be conscious
We might come closer to peace.
D Fury Aug 13
Jesus is coming
When he gets here, wake me up
I will get my phone.
D Fury Sep 27
For some, God is wisdom.
For others, Wisdom is god.
D Fury Feb 21
Man is the spider and the fly,
Caught in a world wide web.
Human nature is a toxic rain,
Filling invisible clouds with data.
One day we will eat each other,
As we drink our poisoned air.

— The End —