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Hawley Anne Aug 2023
I sail this ocean alone every night.
While wondering how much longer I'll fight,
to stay above water on top of the waves.  
  No sight of safety not islands or caves.
I'm alone and I'm drowning in my own despair,
please if you hear me then tell me you're there.
Reach out your hand and pull me ashore. 
I won't let it go this time, not like before.
I don't wish to stay here alone every night,
with nothing but my sorrows in this lonely moonlight.
Hawley Anne Jul 2023
I am smart,
and I'm kind.
I've got a beauty that's all mine.
I am worthy.
I'm enough.
I am deserving of healthy love.
I am happy,
and I'm calm.
I can right all of my wrongs.
I will succeed.
I will endure.
I will live life feeling secure.  
I can do this,
you can too.
This poem is for me,
but also you.
Hawley Anne Jun 2023
If I tried to write a "happy" poem,
I wonder what I'd say?
If the words that spilled upon the page
didn't convey any dismay.
Would it feel foreign to me,
As one who writes from a broken heart?
Or would the words uplift my soul,
could it be my new start?
What would I even write about,
the sun the moon or stars?
Or would I write about long ago,
Before my heart bore any scars?
I'm not sure how or when or why,
but I'd like to change my tone.
And start writing about what makes me smile,
instead of what makes me feel alone.
Hawley Anne May 2023
Why do I even witre anymore?
for validation and "likes" ?
I used to write just for me,
and I used to love what I write.
But now I feel like every poem,
is **** if it gets no attention.
When did the comments and "likes" all become,
the biggest part of my motivation?
My poems are still raw and real.
My feelings spilled out on a page.
So when no one says they relate with my words,
How can I know that I'm not insane?
Am I the only one in the world,
Who feels the things that I do?
Please, can anyone hear me?
I'm desperate to hear any of you.
Hawley Anne May 2023
Empty of my feelings,
Devoid of all emotion.
Is this really how you love me,
After I gave you my devotion?
Cheating lying and all the hate,
Spewing venom in your words.
Begging pleading second chances,
can't you see any of my worth?
I wanted to believe you,
When you promised that you'd try.
But deep down I already knew,
That that was just a lie.
So here you leave me broken down,
Alone and without hope,
You tied the noose around my neck,
I even helped you get the rope.
Now numb inside my heart is empty,
I guess that was your goal,
You took everything I had to give,
And then you also took my soul.
Hawley Anne Mar 2023
Tattered wings,
now all that remains,
cradled her body,
in her own personal chains.

Trapped and tormented,
her sharp thoughts inside,
remind her she's nothing,
self hate intensified.

Where once she saw beauty,
only blackness remaind,
in the dead of the night,
shadows called her by name.

Whispers surround her,
they beckon from darkness,
she longs to go with them,
but she must remain cautious.

She knows who they are,
and just what they want.
She fought hard to escape them,
she knew they would taunt.

She had washed her hands clean,
and turned her back on them.
She had never wanted,
to see them again.  

With one small misstep,
she will be tumbling down,
no one to catch her,
before she hits the ground.

Laying broken and ******,
and all out of hope,
she wishes for death,
and reaches out for the rope.

Her demons have claimed her,
they have taken her whole.
She tried and she failed,
Crystal **** stole her soul.
Hawley Anne Mar 2023
Beautiful souls all glory and hope,
destroyed within minutes,
all because of the dope.

They didn't see this coming,
it wasn't their wish,
not one single child
hopes to grow up to be this.

The ****** on the corner,
that you judged as you passed.
Do you really believe
she enjoys selling her ***?

And that man sitting homeless
outside of the store,
as a child couldn't imagine
what his life had in store.

The crackhead downtown
or the methhead on hastings,
had bigger things planned
than their current drug cravings.

It does not discriminate
it hasn't a preference,
robbing parents from children
it gains delight from their absence.

Addiction creeps up on you.
You wont see it coming.
Do you think if they knew,
that they still would have done it?

That mother who's child
C.P.S JUST took away,
now fights suicidal ideation
and self hatered everyday.

Because she wanted to raise her.
That child is her little one,
now shes 4 years old
and calls


See addiction destroys things
people family and homes.
But please try to remember
it's not ALL a fault of their own.

Peer pressure or trauma
or just one BIG mistake.
It was one bad choice yes,
but should it seal their fate?

Please have some compassion,
look past the outside.
See the child that's hurting,
looking out from an addicts eyes.
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