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Nonna Jan 29
Like a pencil marking
You fade as I erase you from
My Mind
But your imprint will always remain
My always there ghost

You follow me
I analyze my every breath and movement,
You're the bomb
I'm the trigger

Your collar slowly becomes tighter.

I'm waiting.

My body grows heavy
but remains light for you
I'm hauled away from everything good.
Your shoulder hurts pressed up against my chest
I feel but I can't move
Imprisoned in myself
I lay
I lie

You lied
I thought you'd be gone
But I knew you weren't
I prayed
This is a nightmare
You were the worst I've ever had
But that's okay

I knew this inevitable kidnapping would eventually come.
I'm relieved
I'm shackled to you
There is now no me without you
This isn't my love being written for you
This is my fear

As it pours outside,
and my parents are looking for me
I'm with you
I hate this body of yours
I hate it when you crush it against mine
I want my nerves to fry

But waiting for this inevitable kidnapping was worse.
I come upon a rickety old bridge,
glancing down I wonder what it
would be like to float free.
Free of this life and all that it brings.
That would be something else entirely.

Lost in thought, I soon realize
I'm being watched.
Looking to my right,
I see a tall faceless figure in between
the barren trees.
It just stands there
staring at me.
What does it want?

I move along the bridge, my heart
racing at every step.
I hope my time
has not come, for I want to leave on
my own accord.
I stop just short of a rotting
board. I hear nothing but eerie silence.

My heart still racing, I turn around, noticing
the figure is there no more.
What could this possibly mean for me?
Is it really my time?
Am I being lead to my untimely demise?
These questions remain unanswered.

Next thing I know, I fall through the floor.
The last thing I see before I hit the water below,
is that figure again even slender than before.
The last face I'll ever see,
is that faceless figure staring back at me.
The Slenderman.
Mark Lecuona Oct 2017
How can you smile so brightly
While life burns so unkindly
You hear music playing sweetly
While someone treats you cruelly
Inside the fire you didn’t start

How can life burden you so unfairly
While your heart loves unconditionally
All we see is the love you send freely
Who would make such a beauty
Live inside a fire she didn’t start?

I wonder if you will ever find
The feelings you once had
Your smile is all that is left
I would never know sadness
If I was always looking at you
Only you know what’s true

How can you live so calmly
Being treated so wrongly
No flower should be so lonely
Who could live their life so coldly
Feeding the fire you didn’t start?

Let me take you home
I only want to cool your mind
To believe in tomorrow
You have enough time
The way you look at me
You are so much more than sorrow
Lost Jun 2017
It's a strange feeling,
being too scared to leave your home,
to have to lock the doors,
and keep checking to make sure they stay locked,
to have people come get you if they want to go on a walk,
to have your mom tell you that she doesn't want you walking alone at any hour,
you even have to drive to work.
I'm terrified.
I don't feel safe being home alone,
being outside,
being in my hometown,
being in my county,
being in my state.
I'm terrified of the things she's capable of.
I'm terrified of the means she's willing to go to,
just to make herself feel better.
I'm terrified of the darkness she brings,
the shadow she casts on my happy life.
And the worst part is,
**I'm not the only one who's terrified of her.
The squad is planning a mass suicide tbh
Rob Redido Jun 2017
I hear the birds singing to the tune of the Earth's breath
Sun's angels descending, purging my room of creatures
That appeared since that giant beach ball ran and hid behind the sea
These events unfolded repeatedly for several days and in my dreams
I see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing but could remember remembering everything.

My eyelids jumped off of my wide eyes and hit the floor
And I, too, jumped to that hole where Alice once did
Only to wake up feeling void as if a crane forcibly penetrated itself
To any hole it could find on my body making its way to my head
And rip out the films of my brain like a heathen worshipping his false god.

You see, what happens in wonderland means as much to me as
A thin thread of hope means to a war refugee
However, despite all this, there was one time I remember exactly what happened
I was flying, "YES!" I shouted. My thoughts pulled out his gun and shot me down
I hear the birds singing to the tune of the Earth's breath.
I wrote this poem when my anxiety got so strong it even invaded my sleep.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Hunted and stalked
She was caught
Forced into the car
Out in the woods so far
No one heard her cries
Hands behind her back tied
She tried to plea
His hits just made her bleed
Shoved into the dirt
He was gonna make her hurt
He killed his prey
She dies a little more each day
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm being hunted, I am the pray
Eyes darting everywhere, thoughts in disarray

Drove by him on the street this morning, our eyes locked
**** now he knows the car is my only thoughts

I had moved away from my home town
Hope upon hope I wouldn't be found

But I still work in this God forsaken place
In this **** town every day, so now I'm being chased

I don't understand why he won't let me be
It's been so many years, why can't he just forget about me

Although I know in his drug addled mind
I'm the one that got away and left him behind

He is truly crazy, that's what scares me the most
And I know all the demons he host

He's lived most of his life in prison, or on the streets
He's one of the homeless like many you meet

But he's a dangerous CRAZY
Of that there's no maybe

He told me a few years go of the women he's ***** and beaten
If he would die there would be one less demon

****!!! As I sit here writing this, out the window I spy
Him nonchalantly just walking by

Why ******* now does hunt me this way
I feel like crying in dismay

But I'm at work so I hide my fear
**** if he hadn't seen my car he wouldn't know I was here

My client is handicapped and his father old
All of this their mind couldn't hold

If he's still here after my work day
I'll have to lure him away

After all it's just me that he craves
And I know he will always till either him or I lie in the grave
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
For my original sin
I'm paying again

For a choice I made long ago
When I was young and did not know

I did not know, loving someone
Could keep you under that gun

Let me set the scene
Of how he was so mean

I endured all his beatings
The only sound, my pleadings

Years spent in his prison
Under constant supervision

Found the key
Set myself free

It was years and years ago
But he still finds where I go

Moved towns and home
Trying to end his syndrome

His mother manipulated my kids
Now he knows where I live

Doors and Windows bolted down
A waiting game till he comes to town

Last time it ended with me in the woods
***** and bruised, because he could

This time it will end in blood and gore
Only question is, which end of the knife I will explore

— The End —