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Lalala Nov 2015
Why is it that I still write poetry
Even if I **** at rhyming words
I still listen to music
Even if the genres have evolved repetitively
I still sing high-pitched songs
Even if there's no way for me to reach it
And I still like you
Even if there's not a single chance that
You'll feel the same way for me

Why is that so?
  Nov 2015 Lalala
Jamie Grace Bautista
The sun rises from the east
It goes down to the west
The moon rises from the east
It goes down to the west

They do this repeatedly
They chase each other in circles
Every day, every night
The same, never-ending cycles

Never reaching each other
Never knowing how one feels
Hot and cold
Soft and steel

But it's a sacrifice
For the common good
Just like you and me
You are the sun and I am the moon
Knowing that it's for the best makes it even more painful.
  Nov 2015 Lalala
BertJane Perez
A life without love
Is like an ocean without fish
A garden without flowers
A sound without noise

A life without love
Is a morning without coffee
A smile without joy
A word without letters

A life without love
Is a life without you
And the life I am living
Lalala Oct 2015
don't you know
how important
you really are to me
even if your name
is the mere definition
of the word 'impossible'?

i may relate you
to some (parts) of nature
first is the stars,
for you're too far
for me to reach

next is the wind
because I know for sure
that you're around
even if your presence
is completely unseen

probably you're like
the dawn
for i know how stunning
you really are
even if I need not
to bother
looking at you

and just like
the storm
you show up
whenever you just
feel to

even if
I can't be with you
at least I've got
a memory of you
and that is
more than enough
Lalala Oct 2015
The rooftop setting is all I could ever ask for
It is way more romantic than the sunsets in the shore
You can both watch the stars twinkle and the city lights glow
While you can hear busy chats of the people as the car honks from below

The breeze that makes your body quiver,
Has also caused your dear lips to wither,
Which gave him a hint to wrap you around his arms,
And to carefully kiss you with no possible harm
Sorry guys for being inactive... It's been a long long while.
Lalala Jun 2015
A verse doesn’t have to rhyme
In order for it to be called a poem

It doesn’t have to have a quota
To limit your endless ideas

It doesn’t have to be beautiful
In order for it to be read

It doesn’t have to be spontaneously vague
To be able to leave a good impression

But your poem has to have a heart
For whenever an eye passes through your scribbled mind
He will be able to fathom the real emotion of your work
Just write it all out!
Lalala May 2015
i wonder why some people even wanted to put themselves in my shoes
when they’ve got their own anyway
if only they knew that they won’t like it here when they dared to try it
it seemed like it’s just I, the one wearing it, who makes it more beautiful & presentable on the outside
but they’ll surely regret it
for the longer they’re in it, the more painful they’ll have to tolerate
just like how I dealt with it
so better not try it in the first place
if you got your own, wear it then
who knows, you might lose it
I just want you guys to be thankful for wherever you are right now and don't even dare to wish to be in someone else's shoes.. you'll see the difference afterwards.
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