Labels were created to make us all look strang
John Q Citisen

I am who I am and that will never change.
Labels were created to make us all look strange.

If we weren’t judged by our visage, but judged by our soul,
    we could live life to the fullest
             -and that is my goal.

I'm tired of being judged.
I don't like labels.
Lani Foronda

I don't like labels.
Labels mean restrictions.
Oh, you want to do that?
No no, you can't!

Labels mean expectations and
Expectations means disappointment.
Labels mean something has to be
Ought to be
Like this
& not like that.
We'd constantly be thinking if what we were doing
Was what we should be doing.

I like labels.
Labels mean structure,
And structure means order.
If everything was in its place-
Exactly as it ought to be-
We'd be okay.
We wouldn't have to worry about crossing over the lines
That the world has drawn up against us.
We'd know what to expect
And what to feel.

But what do labels really change?
May 15

Your were right.
I act so pitiful.
You were right.
I am negative.
You were right.
I'm a think in absolutes.
You were right.
I'm like a Sith.

But what do labels really change?
Do they warm you at night?
Even though it is,
you'd never admit my statement is right.

Siths are characters in star wars. It's said sith think in absolutes and they believe either you are with them completely to the point or clinging or against them.
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Katie Biesiada
Katie Biesiada
Apr 29      Apr 29

I am an introvert.
Or so they say.
But I don’t know why they say half the things they do anyway…
What is an introvert?
Someone who enjoys the quiet
Page turns of a good book?
Someone who enjoys the
Euphoria of sipping tea?
Someone who prefers yoga
Basked in the candle-light glow
Over a mind full of mary jane?
Why yes, then,
I am an introvert…
…drowning in my own solitude

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Apr 16      Apr 16

what does it take
to become a writer?
published words
or beautiful thoughts

2 days ago

Look to a fruit
Your favorite fruit
It has a name

If that fruit
Were a person
How would it view
A fruit that is of the same

"I can say what I want to
Even if i'm not serious
I can play what i want to
Even if
Im just kidding"
Labels, labels, labels.
Feb 2

We're not exactly close friends
At least, not in my terms.
Yet you insist that we are so much alike.

You scream to the world
Not of any passionate emotion
Just of how much better you are because you're wierd.

Honey, you just made yourself normal, for one.
You are not better or worse
Just because you call yourself wierd.

And you're kind of a hypocrite.
As the true 'freak' would not give a single damn
About what it is that people think

And I see that you care a lot.
One must to want to hide behind a label.
'Ooh, look at me, I'm [insert here]'

Labels, labels, labels.
Shut up about them for one damned second,
And realize that that won't take you anywhere.

You claim we are both like my favorite character.
I can say that I am,
I've read it three times and hold it close to my heart.

You take its misgivings about society and laugh.
That is not what it's fucking about!
It's about an introvert finding his way!

You are no introvert.
I'll let you have that label.
As for the rest,

I'll punch it out of your mouth someday.

About no one in particular.
Or maybe it is.
I've never given a fuck anyhow.
Aug 17

Do not label me.
I will not fold to fit in to your
pigeon hole.
I will remain unchained, 
unchanged by your desire for conformity.
All that I ever was, all that I may ever be 
doesn't rest upon your opinion of my being.
Do not label me......someday I might surprise you

Labeling labels,
ERHD Rowes
Dec 23, 2010

Labeling labels,
Categorizing divides.
Envisage division:
It is not visionary.
Illusion's melody rings crystal bells in my drums.
So out of time,
My tongue with my mind.
Somewhere in the process between the conception of a thought to the articulation of that idea,
Ripe fruits rot and fresh seeds are censored, over analyzed and watered until they drown.
Enthusiastic wonderings chase the boat of a moving tongue,
But a distorted image I project unto myself,
And to you.
Tongue is held...
Boat missed.
A label I staple to these
Cell walls.
Trapped steam won't cease to rattle this kettle.
And so,
Under confident musings will wilt,



But they will forever be buried in the soil of my blood,
So if someone is to find me and has the time to spare,
Let them take a spade,
And dig.

May 2010

who talk about labels
Jan 18, 2013      Jan 19, 2013

sometimes it's tiring
to sit and listen
to our friends
who talk about labels
labels of clothing
labels of people
labels and labels
silly names for what
they want to be known for
but what do these labels serve?
the greed for attention?
our eyes drawn to
their facebook pages
their clothes
their hair and their
make up
but do we really see them?
we're blind to the souls
and overlook the spirits
of our peers
with selective sights
we look on the surface
and judge what we see
to be what they are

I am sitting with my computer on my lap and apple in my left hand while writing this. My "friends" are sitting at the table with me, and at the next table beside it in the library. A quiet place that once was, is now full of people trying to define themselves and fit in. They're so loud, and today, I am very silent. I am eating my apple and listening as I type this. Kate is beside me working on biology, headphones in to block out the rest, and a boy I  don't know is trying to pass math. I find better company in the people who say nothing than the people who say so much but mean so little.
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