Afiifa Jeylani
Afiifa Jeylani
May 24, 2014

don't label stuff, unless you're at the supermarket.
don't stereotype people, God created them that way.

Afiifa Jeylani ©

But what do labels really change?
Daylight 4U2C
Daylight 4U2C
May 15, 2014

Your were right.
I act so pitiful.
You were right.
I am negative.
You were right.
I'm a think in absolutes.
You were right.
I'm like a Sith.

But what do labels really change?
Do they warm you at night?
Even though it is,
you'd never admit my statement is right.

Siths are characters in star wars. It's said sith think in absolutes and they believe either you are with them completely to the point or clinging or against them.
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We need labels to understand, but I don't remember any
Charlie Hazels
Charlie Hazels
May 1, 2014

language warning

So what.
I am a person, with hobbies

We need labels to understand, but I don't remember anything about labels to discriminate.
How can a feminist be racist? Or any other paradox

They are just labels- to explain and no more. Fuck all of those bastards

So... I'm bisexual

Nothing more anymore
Identity limited- Why the fuck should it be?

To say that just one of my labels defines me, it makes me inferior- well that makes you as a Nazi

The Jewish labelled with their numbers- me with a word- do you see what you do to me
And to yourself.

Im not in any way reducing the holocaust. It was a horrific thing but so is dicrimination because of labels.
Hanna Kelley
Hanna Kelley
May 4, 2016

I don't care who you are, if you judge people for a living then I recommend that you take a long good look at your life because if you are taking that time out of your life to criticize other people for being someone that they want to be then you need to fix yourself. Fix your mind set. Fix the way you see the world because who ever taught you that being yourself is wrong did not teach you right. I will not judge you for wanting to be a different gender. I will not judge you for your beliefs and religions. I will not judge you for the clothes you wear or the music you listen too so why the fuck should you be able to judge me? I as so sick of being looked at and automatically labeled. If I wanted to be labeled then I would label myself.

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I don't like labels.
Lani Foronda
Lani Foronda
Jul 1, 2014

I don't like labels.
Labels mean restrictions.
Oh, you want to do that?
No no, you can't!

Labels mean expectations and
Expectations means disappointment.
Labels mean something has to be
Ought to be
Like this
& not like that.
We'd constantly be thinking if what we were doing
Was what we should be doing.

I like labels.
Labels mean structure,
And structure means order.
If everything was in its place-
Exactly as it ought to be-
We'd be okay.
We wouldn't have to worry about crossing over the lines
That the world has drawn up against us.
We'd know what to expect
And what to feel.

peeling off labels is like peeling off skin of a 3rd degre
Dec 23, 2014

peeling off labels is like peeling off skin of a 3rd degree sunburn
i hate how it looks
and it's gonna hurt like hell
but i don't want the evidence there
why do i even care so much?

dear society
i am not "anorexic"
i have metabolism issues

the stickiness gums up
i didn't ask for this
i'm not "antisocial"
but i like being alone

i'm not teen angst
i'm growing up
stop telling me
i have problems
i know i have problems

i'm not canned vegetables
why do you need to know my contents?
i'm not yours to scrutinize
stop staring at my body
stop trying to get into my head

stop slapping shit on me
and expecting me to fit into the little labeled box
i'm not
your labels

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Katlyn Orthman
Katlyn Orthman
May 30, 2014

See this heart encased by imperfect skin
It masks the beauty that is locked within
Because society has no eyes to look inside
At the beauty that commercials hide

We see perfection as an image to high
That we fight to make ourselves try
to be something that will never make sense
In this sad world that encourages this

We hear names screamed out at us
to morph us into something, while society laughs at us
It's telling us if we fit the role
then maybe you'll be considered full

They tell you to be yourself then list out what to change
And if your opinions are different you're suddenly strange
If you don't look or act or live a certain way
Then you're automatically cast out and shamed

Hold your head up high and press on
Because I won't be conformed to a society
That's hiding me
Because I'm not who they say I should be

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Feb 16, 2015

I stuck on the label
My shirt capped with snow
I smiled as I was able
My voice my words could show

All who came to me
Read quickly and ran more
My label was not picky
Of who should fear my tooth and claw

I looked down unto its face
And it looked back into mine.
Not one who found themself in place
Could speak quite like my label's whine.

'Not you, not me, not anyone
Is free to be themself
While I am here you're already gone
For words make rich those ones with wealth.'

I clung to him and ripped him forth,
But horror thudded and with it, tied
My heart stuck to the paper and its morph
Was into a label as I died.

And die I did, but still the words
Stayed until I faded free,
Though I sleep the men in herds
Will speak the mind they have of me.

Labels are hardy things. They're usually not justified.
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Dec 28, 2012

karma isn't the bitch,
It's us.
We're all a little bit fucked up in the head.
karma tries hard to tell us this isn't how it works,
this isn't how life is supposed to be,
this isn't the path that we ought to choose,
karma isn't the bitch,
its us.
we're all a little bit fucked up in the head.
we make the wrong decisions.
we depend on the wrong people.
and in the end, we sit around waist deep in the mess we made,
and blame karma.
but karma isn't the bitch.
its us.
we're all a little bit fucked up in the head.

#labels   #karma   #twisted  
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