3 days ago

Once upon
A time
A King
Spoke in a
"Tonight Folks,
You will not believe
I'll show you
Something very deep
Inside of me
The secret is
Too hard to keep...
Too long have
I waited to speak
It out loud."

in the crowd
listened excitedly
to the royalty
speaking in clarity:
"My dearest crowd"

everyone bowed
to the King's Sound

As he went on:
"What's meant to be
Is what is nature's will.
For what feels right
Is what is real"

the people stood still...
waiting for more
the King being nervous
they couldn't ignore...
While he took a deep breath in
and scratching his chin let them know:

"So friends, I'll tell you
What I mean...
From now on
I will be your Queen."

Speaking of the LGBT-community, do what feels right and don't care about what other people say. "For what feels right is real". Freedom to every human being on this planet!
Tieran Nickel
Tieran Nickel
4 days ago

Has to be served
'Cause it is deserved.

America is a place
To express
The emotions you face.

Inspired by "Democracy" by Langston Hughes
6 days ago

You should know,
She has the most amazing brown eyes.
Look into them as often as she will let you.
They look like the surface of another planet.
Swim deep in them.
Climb their mountains.
Explore their caverns.
If you look too long she gets uncomfortable.
I did it anyway.
I’ve read that
You won’t understand brown eyes until you fall in love with someone
Who has them.
I’m living proof that this is true.

Don’t play with her head.
It’s cruel and it will damage her more than you know.
Don’t forget to learn her.
It takes time and patience, and you will never be finished.
Don’t lay a harsh hand on her,
Or I will find you.
Don’t break her heart.
Because if you do, I’m afraid I might be too far away to pick up the pieces.
But most of all:
Show her love.
Show her more than I could.
Show her all that she deserves.

Even though I hate when my brain reminds me
You now sleep on my side of the bed,
I feel the need to thank you
For taking my place.
If she can’t live her best life with me,
I sure as hell hope she gets to do it alongside someone else.

Just when I thought I was done writing poems about her.
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6 days ago

my breathing is unsteady
and i hear the faint tapping of rain on the rooftop
and maybe if it werent for you laying next to me
id be drowning
in rain or in tears, that i dont know
but the warmth of your skin and the feeling of your lips on mine
is enough to shelter me from both

#love   #lgbt  

It's strange-

I guess we never really know if we are jumping into
a lake blindfolded..
I guess there will always be an obstacle or distraction
that either makes or breaks our trust;
not always permanent, but sometimes
(and even a lot of times)

So, how do we know when to fully trust,
when a betrayal has scarred us?

We don't.

That must be a blessing and a curse-
the unknown is both brutal and beautiful
and all we can do, as souls in this life an universe,
is choose to jump, tip toe in, or stay dry.

But one thing is for certain, and that is
we all dry off eventually...
even if we jump at the wrong time.

It is our own job to make the choice,
and that is what creates the beauty of the unknown.

- Am I choosing the right time to jump?

P.S. No one else can choose for you.

A journal entry from July 17, 2016.
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A moment has passed since
I could smell the ginger on your skin
and taste the honey on your lips

In this moment,
radiance shined through
the cracks of your armor
as I observed you once again
with a new sense of relief and understanding.
I listened to your hushed thoughts
break free from the shields
and flutter through the ivory marrow
of the gates which guarded
the sliver of hope I held within me

I warmly welcomed the whispers
into my home
with one memory in mind;

You and I sitting side-by-side....
Breaking each other's hearts....

And then I said to you
"I won't ever leave you.
Regardless of what you take me as.
I will always be there for you,
I promise."

Now I am here
in this moment,
keeping my promise.
And in this moment,
I am happy and full of light.

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i’ve tried, alright?
you can’t imagine how long i’ve paced
there is a rut a mile deep in my carpet
where i dragged myself to and fro
trying to make sense of where i went wrong
i snapped my bones into building it
cracked elbows and knuckles trying to tear it deeper
with my questions and pleas to its depth as if
it could forgive me of my sins

i promise i didn’t want it
i tried my best to cleanse myself of it
prayed to god above on the sundays
that He could take bleach and wash me out
from tippy toe to the tip of my top

every piece of evidence was denied
for as long as i could hold it under the water
i held it down and tried to drown it

and some days i still think
that i should’ve gone back and tried again
one more minute would’ve killed it
if only i’d stayed
anyone else would have done it i’m sure
i caused this problem
the midwife at its birth was i
death i mislead when he came to the doorstep
and now the monstrosity lies on my hands

i am guilty as charged
but i am teaching myself to love
all the parts you hate

#in   #the   #lgbt   #identity   #closet   #sexuality   #repressed  

so what?
so what if he wants to wear makeup?
so what if he wants to carry a purse?
so what he wants to kiss him?

so what?

so what?

it's not harming you.
you may not approve, but so what? he's him, you're you.

as catholics, aren't we supposed to love?
this isn't love. this isn't what we've been taught,
this is why we are known for what we hate.

so, so what if he wants to kiss him?
so what if he wants to hold a purse?
so what if he wants to wear makeup?

so what?


#love   #lgbt  
Mar 11

I don't want to wear a dress, or at least I don't think I do.
I don't want to wear a suit, or then again maybe i do.
I'm not sure who i am anymore.
Stuck within this eternal identity crisis, living in fear of what everyone thinks.

Can't i just walk down the street smiling? The wind in my hair, the sun on my face? Feeling as if time is irrelevant?

Except nothing is irrelevant. Can't i take my girlfriend to Prom without feeling lost?

Can't we both be the prom queens?

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Mar 8

Imagine being brought up to hate gay people,

Or maybe you don't have to,
But if you do,

Picture, hearing constantly,


now imagine hearing that,

Now imagine,  growing up straight,
With that hate,
And not thinking about it twice,
i Mean you're a douche,
But it's what you've heard your while life.

Hearing that every single day,

And knowing,
You were gay.

The constant hate,
Spewed every day.

Teens have a hard enough time loving themselves,
And if you constantly tell them they're disgusting,

It will destroy them.

#love   #suicide   #sad   #depression   #hate   #gay   #god   #lgbt   #religious   #lesbian  
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