3 days ago

It is a strange thing, Fate
Humans cannot comprehend it.

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5 days ago

It was dawn,
A bright orange glow surrounding the sky
A time of love and joy
The birds were awake, but humans not
To go on ruining the planet
A time of peace
On one of the plants, there was
A tiny creature
The size of an ant
But she was not an ant, for she
was a fairy
Looking at the sky, hoping
For time to simply

This had no meaning at all
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6 days ago

I no longer question
The way of this world
Not that I would want to anyhow

I no longer ask
Why beggars are scorned and ignored
Even the children younger than me

I no longer ask
About Mermaids and Fairies and Elves
Nor the werewolves and vampires

I no longer ask
Where the sun and the moon came from
Or if the angels live on clouds

I no longer question
The way of this world
Not the questions that matter, at least

Why ask, when no answer can be given?
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6 days ago

i loved you once
and i'll love you still

though you said the things
someone who loves
doesn't say

and done the wrong things
when i clearly begged you not

to the warmth of my heart
and to the fact i'm a pure

i'll forgive you
because humans,
aren't present nowadays

and i'd like to be one
even though it hurts so much
i'll love you a bit more
for a bit longer period
than i thought

this is my opening ceremony for my come back
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elsa angelica
elsa angelica
7 days ago

He watched 
Faithful cherubs 
guard the holy garden 
Showing loyal love and 
to Him who created Everything 
he died knowing he 
pleased Him 
and in his heart 
believing also in His 
For he believed in things 
Not seen

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen. Wrote this about Abel ...after a long day at work he sat outside the garden of Eden no longer accessible to humans but he went there to watch the little cherubs that were the angels that he looked up to in a world that had fallen. He believed in His promise because of his true Faith.
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The desperate scramble to
rationalise; the burning need
to make sense of the
nonsensical, this
all-too-earnest search for
answers, for some guidestone
that will help us decipher
the craziness scrawled on the walls,
a key that might unlock that door
which currently bars the path to
sanity and reason.
We put polls in the field,
conduct surveys, devise
better, more probing questionnaires,
consult eminent
psychologists, sociologists, economists,
go blind on data
tabulated into every conceivable form,
cite studies, historical precedent,
strive for any, any answers
that will explain to us
how we came to

And maybe the reason is
less complex.
we got what we

Sorry for the gloom.

Hard frost and treacherous footing.
Nobody wanting to admit
that the new year
tastes an awful lot
like the old year.

None of our heroes
have been supernaturally resurrected.
There's the same
rank toxicity to our fears.
The jaunty carnival of murder and maiming
continues unabated.
Death remains as senseless.
The corridors of power
are still slippery with slug trails and viscera,
and all the janitors have been
indefinitely furloughed.
It's cold, and
the bus is late again.

Still we persist in believing that
today will be different to yesterday,
that all those wrongs will be righted,
that the proper order - as we each individually, as
thin-skinned gods of our own personal
nuclear universes, perceive it -
will be perennially restored,
the buses will all
run on time,
and no one good
will ever die again.

But the truth is, this year
tastes an awful lot like
the old year.
I could be wrong, I guess.
Maybe everything will
turn out

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Flowers are so beautiful,
So different with different colours.
They deserve to live,
Why do we kill them?
We cut their lifes throught the mud,
Were they breath and feed.
One day  little girl told me,
We cut the flowers to keep them alive,
But why the flowers,why are they always dead?
I gave them water o keep them alive and wet.
They're sad for being in a jar,
But we are monster's!
We take them from the world outside,
We take them the air that makes them shake,
with vanity and makes their smell to spread in the world.
The flowers deserves freedom,just like humans.
So DON'T cut them,
FREE THEM from this cold evil humans.

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Jan 11


Time on my hands -
like blood at a murder scene.

My face muscles frozen as I kneel before
the last form of belief that shall ever exist.

But a time traveler that has but witnessed extinctions and destruction.
The last human shadow abandoned by moral values.
A forgotten and abandoned generosity at the cemetery of Existance.

I can barely remember how I got here,
As never have I imagined the world this place to be.

Never have I thought that wrinkles on the heart can tell such sad stories,
Nor did I imagine how hard it would be to keep the waterfall of words
from running over the cliff of the lips.
For, some eyes in this world have witnessed greater pain
than it can ever be fairly monumentalized.

But grotesque images
And some predecessors' stories.
Nothing do I see but what world of agony wants me to see.

The energy of sorrow and despair
outbalanced the warm and bright rays of circle of birth.

But soulless and narcissistic
yet self-abandoned creatures,
that criticize and worship
random crumbs and pieces of good deeds.
As for the better seldom does anyone know.
But our true forgotten existence -
Mystery of humanity, that surprises as a sudden shock of electricity -
That is nothing but a last sign of natural instincts that existed in
someone else's stories of what we had used to be.

Nothing to remember -
But melodramatic elegies
Of wars and losses,
Self-Abundance and social negligence
celebrated at the Inferno of wasted souls.

What do we love?
What have we become?

If engrossed in oneself
Life is one dimensional
Without emotion, catalysed by relations
And connections fortifying ones place
Life is meaningless.

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