Ritika Dev
Ritika Dev
4 days ago

The Great Barrier Reef
A beauty born out of rock and sand
Seldom touched by human hand
An image of beauty
Slowly demolished
By the unpolished

The Great Barrier Reef
An unexplained bleaching
Its beauty compelling,
Its color expelling.
It lays in pain,
Forever longing a voice.

The Great Barrier Reef
It burns with heat
A half now surrendered
To the changes from above
A feeling unknown
Whirlpools surging
Destroying all we’ve known.

The Great Barrier Reef
She’d given up
The destruction will never stop,
Her perseverance now lost.
But maybe someday,
The world will once again live in peace.
The Great Barrier Reef

Cody Henatt
Cody Henatt
6 days ago

When solitude finds me in life,
I find my own inner peace.
Having experienced strife
Is better than for life to cease.

We are a lucky species, to be so aware,
To not only see colors but to bestow them names.
To write poems about their flare,
To capture ice, to capture flames.

So when I am morose,
And diamonds drop from my eyes.
Time passes, the wind blows,
And I remember what it means to be alive.

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Look at his face,
Look in his eyes,
Hear him scream,
Watch him bleed.

Could you really do that...?
Over and over,

I guess that's why you keep your eyes closed,
mind locked and heart cold.

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Mar 18

as humans
are three parts
one part

asking our god
how to solve
our problems

using .org
as a relevant source
for reasonable destruction

"whats the most painless way
to kill myself?"

"how can i tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?"

we are unsure
if blood or electricity
runs through our veins

and we are almost certain
that some form of cruelty
lives in all of our hearts

living with brains running on
wifi signals
and vocal cords
fueled by poison

we suffer
and we make others

We are afraid to feel, always afraid of what it would reveal
Fear they would shred our world apart and leave us alone
With sadness and madness to cradle us to sleep
So we lock ourselves up and claim to be free
When we are all suffering from the same fear

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Mar 7

I feel as if I embody the universe
And that I have the strength of the big bang within me.
It seems tirelessly eternal
To be forever found within the depths of music and art,
Dancing in the feeling of living.

I feel as if the universe embodies me
And that its fragility is the same as that of my body.
It seems achingly temporary
To be forever lost in the shallows of yesterday, today and tomorrow,
Fading into the pool of time.

Some times
I wonder if I am temporary
Because I will disintegrate so easily and so soon.
It seems eerily lonesome,
To have my existence and experiences buried with me
Decaying with the forgotten dead.

I wonder if I am eternal
Because my bones will become part of the earth.
It seems pleasantly wholesome
To have my being preserved within something greater,
Giving way to new life.

Other times
I fret to feel or wonder at all
From concern that I may crawl too far into the unanswerable.
It is covertly treacherous
To hover around the realm of realizing human importance,
Falling into a spiral of maddening uncertainty.

I find it difficult to think in the surface level. I've realized that most people stay there because it is safe. Somehow, my mind still craves danger. Too many of my days have been spent chasing circular ideas, inevitably inconclusive. The unknown is terrifying for the very reason that I could never think of how to solve it.

It is too difficult to start thinking about trivial matters, so I have given up thinking about reality all together. Fantasy always allows for conclusions, and these conclusions are specifically catered to my liking. It never bores me as there is always something new to think about, something new to conclude purposelessly.

On nights when my mind is restless and my curiosity is as high as my weariness, some thoughts about the real world trickle into my head. That is when I think collectively of all the thoughts I wish I didn't have the mental capacity to consider. It is on those very nights that I nearly lose a grasp of my sanity before I climb back up to refreshing breath of imagination.

Humans are truly pitiful things
We are born weak
We are born with nothing
Yet we desire everything
Especially those things that we can not have
But we do not have a care for one another
The happiness of those that surround us is never given a second thought
Yet there are some who break the mold
Who utterly shatter any precepts of what a human being is
And should be
And ever could become
There are those of us that say fuck the rules
There are those of that have forever heard the phrase "life isn't fair" and are sick and god damn tired of it, those of us who are working to make that statement a relic of history
Those of use who place others happiness on the forefront of our mind before even our own
Those of us who forget ourselves in order to keep another from losing them self.
There are those of us that say screw the rules and live by our own motto
Those of us who kick hatreds ass in an attempt to give every single person in the world the one thing that everyone deserves
The one thing that everyone is entitled to:

Literally jumped out of the shower this morning, still full of soap just to write down this thought. Looking at it now, I'd say it was well worth it. This poem is kind of about me and the way I live a large part of my life.
Feb 27

it's a pleasure to see
the way you move
when your bones can't settle
because running through them
is the pulse of music, the dance of life
it's a pleasure to watch you
lose yourself in what you love
to see you know the words to every song
and be so nonchalant
as if you don't hold all the magic in the world
it's a pleasure to see you be passionate
when the fire burns in your soul
and you are starry-eyed all of a sudden
as you speak about what you love,
and you climb every mountain
to do what you find comfort in
it's a pleasure to feel the way you love
your heart is open in every edge
and you would give it to anyone if you could

it's a pleasure to see you be
for you are a wonder in every sense

i love to be amazed at people
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love is probably hidden in the most profound corners of the harrowing edges of a human heart. the soul craves for something that makes you want to see another sunrise. it's death, but clinging to it with with such desperate pertinacity. you see yourself disintegrate to a different form until you forget who you are.

love is a series of tragic uncertainties but it is something you would still risk for. it is what keeps us alive, probably what we're all made for. it's seeing the ugliest parts, sharp edges and the most dangerous curves. seeing them drenched in salt water but still choosing to grow old with them.

love is completing the other half, being an extension of his limbs and doing the things he can't. it is whispering and holding hands in half dark, giving all that you have and more without expecting anything in return. using a whip for the first time but don't know who ends up getting hurt.

love is someone you prayed for every night but it could hurt to a certain degree you couldn't take and would make you feel alive at the same time.

- love is a paradox, a nostrum humans take desperately waiting for it to work.

- wrote this for a friend. OMG
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Feb 21

does not
grief and sorrow

a blackout poem
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