11 hours ago

God damn do I love being tangled up with you
I love your thumbs on the small of my back, pinkies on my chest, and arms around me.
Your wild words about life always bring me back to our beginnings
I love your legs criss-crossed on the ground
Your neck up against mine as we whisper
I love my legs high and our voices low
Being insecure I usually picture myself with faltered wings
All you do is caress me and make me believe I'm whole
You obsess over my open soul and my passion because they remind you that humanity is still alive and well
I obsess over your low growl and your exhale because they remind me that man is a simple creature
Your species is easy to please
But so is mine
Your lips could end or pause space and time.
(c) 2017

Hope you guys like this one!
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17 hours ago

I live in New York
like an English Man

In Cairo I walk
Like the old egyptions

On this earth
I am not (ET)

I love my humanity
Like an iraqi refugee

Who got escaped by a boat
From wars and mesory

To live in a dirty refugee camp
In Australia and to find
his first opportunity
as a toilets room cleaner

But after 8 years
He became the best professor doctor
world wid, healing thousands of  poeple

With a artificial ropotic
hands and legs that connects
Electronic chip to brain
To save broken hearts
form situations are insane

In live in New York
like an english man
In Cairo I walk like egyptions

My ultimate civilization
Is deep rooted to the earth
It is simple like the rising sun
In every morning, 
 it is humanity.

For the love of humanity
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia
21 hours ago

Time once again for the mind’s late night talk show, and what better a time then under the moon’s late night chalk glow!
The time for the mind to run rampant with fear, depression, paranoia, sorrow, ailing feelings coupled with thoughts quite unclear
Run away little boy, from the shadow of a man, from the shadow of your desires, run away if you can
Hide under the blanket, the pillow, or a smile. No comforts can save you from yourself, a toxic dream factory most vile
Lose yourself in the light of your distracting mundane phone, it won’t stop the nightmares that plague you when alone
Toss and turn as the poison seeps and your heart weeps, the discomfort is delightful as you squirm while the fog creeps
Shrouded in the mist, paralyzed at the legs and tied down at the wrists, the romantic interlocking marks that a weak mind and horror kissed
May your terrors come to life, and your heart fear the worst. May you flinch at every strife as your soul is now cursed.
Once again the boogeyman comes to toy with your mettle, your courage being whittled down petal by petal
When he gets to the stem, he shakes you at your core, instilling the mayhem until you can take no more
Before you cried at the world because to the world you were small, now you are enveloped by dark where you are nothing at all
Insignificant to the empty void of black, an abyss with no break, chip, or crack
But why are you bent on the judgment of vacancy, why should nothing make you ashamed of complacency
Why have you given up on challenging your fear, why would you rather be anywhere but here
The nightmare isn’t the bloodied visages of the ghosts and the ghouls, nor is it the paranoia invading the minds of madness stricken fools
Single out all the devil’s playthings and the mind’s erroneous states, add in the bad luck which binds all of our fates
May I face all those dreadful barbarities in a convenient sum, for the weight of their abhorrence would fare better than living in the shadow of who I could become

This piece is pretty rough, but it was kind of an on the fly thing. I got caught up in some late night thinking and couldn't sleep. So I like to thing the lack of cohesiveness gives it a little more of a manic charm.
3 days ago

Once upon
A time
A King
Spoke in a
"Tonight Folks,
You will not believe
I'll show you
Something very deep
Inside of me
The secret is
Too hard to keep...
Too long have
I waited to speak
It out loud."

in the crowd
listened excitedly
to the royalty
speaking in clarity:
"My dearest crowd"

everyone bowed
to the King's Sound

As he went on:
"What's meant to be
Is what is nature's will.
For what feels right
Is what is real"

the people stood still...
waiting for more
the King being nervous
they couldn't ignore...
While he took a deep breath in
and scratching his chin let them know:

"So friends, I'll tell you
What I mean...
From now on
I will be your Queen."

Speaking of the LGBT-community, do what feels right and don't care about what other people say. "For what feels right is real". Freedom to every human being on this planet!
6 days ago

You faint and fawn over pretty faces
A person who can buy you nice things
A sociopath with sic six pack abs
Who places passion over common sense
A perfect prince charming to make you swoon
Who will sweep you off your feet
Fly you to the moon and all those other
Outdated overrated simplistic bullshit
Fairytale dreams
And you wonder why the world sucks
Why it’s getting worse
Because your desire is tied to your Gucci purse
Because if sociopaths are what you want
Then every other guy will strive to fit that bill
Will hollow himself out to live up to that deal
Cause you are the best reinforcement for bad behavior

#humanity   #men   #women  
6 days ago

Time may be linear
Space may be infinite
Even though we think the limits curve
Universes growing within themselves
Swirling around each other
Space is not an ocean of stars
The oceans are space reflected
In darkness looking down we can see up
But looking up we only see up
Tiny jewels in the infinite
Sending light
In light’s own years
DNA makes mistakes
Splits and combines
Creates new forms
Slight variations
Copying errors
That got us here
Evolution is not directed
Not inspected by the locals
Patterns may be
May form and disappear
But not everything has to have a reason

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7 days ago

Picture your pain in a plastic pouch
Put it away till it’s lost like change in your couch
Maybe you’ll miss all this aching
Maybe you’ll be better for the loss
Maybe you won’t ever really rally past it
Maybe your pain is like plastic
Elastic and ready to snap back on you
Perhaps you can send the couch to the cleaners
Perhaps they will take all the pain you were saving
Wash it in foamy suds or dry clean it
Perhaps you should have just thrown it away

#pain   #humanity  
7 days ago

as humans
are three parts
one part

asking our god
how to solve
our problems

using .org
as a relevant source
for reasonable destruction

"whats the most painless way
to kill myself?"

"how can i tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?"

we are unsure
if blood or electricity
runs through our veins

and we are almost certain
that some form of cruelty
lives in all of our hearts

living with brains running on
wifi signals
and vocal cords
fueled by poison

we suffer
and we make others

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
7 days ago

My life is tied neatly in a pretty red bow, ribbons of inseperability threaded between my planet and my soul,
braided into my hair and my heart

I do not know how to breathe without hearing the sound of others gasping for air
And I ask again
When will the world change?
though I mean to say
When will we teach each other how to swim?
Because we have always been drowning in tragedy salted by tears, drowning in the sea

Somehow, I opened my eyes on an island made of gold, bright enough to blind me from the sea, but not bright enough to stop me from hearing
I still hear you choking on the water in your lungs, still hear you drowning,
The ribbons unraveled but snapping at my feet


I can't help but wonder
if I'll ever be happy when pretzels taste like tragedy
if I'll ever be happy while I can still hear the tears

If ever I will be happy when red ribbons on presents remind me that the whole world is drowning

Just struck by how privileged I am and how often I take that for granted.
Sometimes I wonder if I make myself feel the way I do so that I can match the rest of the world.
Thanks for reading!

The way he looked at you
You could swear
It was right through you
Like he was looking at something else
Far more important
And then he'd look at you
Really look at you
But only as if
He just happened to see you
Because of course
The other thing
Whatever it was
Was much more important

He did this on purpose
Skeevy as he was.
He liked to distance himself
I guess

#love   #romance   #beauty   #humanity   #lying   #deception  
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