Val V
Val V
Apr 5, 2015

Once I met a woman...
and she was a doll.
Straight from heaven
on my knees she fall

Lucky me...
Now I know what life should be.

There is nothing better
than you and I
having pleasure
beneath the Sky...

#love   #humanity  
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
10 hours ago

Pointed sounds escape
as the tip of a pen
captures muted agony
thundering onto paper
leaving only humanity to
contemplate the value
of the script
before them

Paul Butters
Paul Butters
1 day ago

I’m a geographer who doesn’t much like to travel,
A writer who reads slow,
Artistic scientist,
With not a lot to show.

An enigmatic person
With strengths and foibles too.
For I am only human,
Very much like you.

A historian with a bad memory,
That just sums me up.
I have my limitations,
Yet still a half-full cup.

I may be self-effacing,
But have the strength to be honest.
I’ll get there in the end,
To fulfil what I’ve promised.

I know that isn’t a lot,
But I do have my talents.
When all is said and done,
My books do more or less balance.

I’m happy with myself I have to say,
So if you are a critic
Get on your way.

Paul Butters

Began this about 4AM!!! My favourite thinking time.
4 days ago

Compassion is a
An open ear
No judgment

Is a hug
And accepting

Is a tissue
For the tearful
And my last dollar bill
To a stranger

Is a thousand fold paths
Of daily acts
Of kindness

Adam Kinsley
Adam Kinsley
4 days ago

I'm wasted by my apathy
I'm barely even here
My will knows Ambiguity:
A grievance for my peer

I rarely Love my fellow man
Or, practice what I preach
Deception is my biggest fan
My Dreams are out of reach

I live as Epimetheus:
And, run from each mistake
I hide my Lies, like most of us
And, give much less than take

I lust to see my Ego fed
To hope this Lie is true
But, deep inside, I feel I'm dead--
Pretending, just like you...

#love   #humanity   #pride   #ego   #fellow-man  
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
6 days ago

Instead of being sick
I've chosen to be honest
and it's a simple exchange of words.

To take my mind and body
hand in hand or thought for thought
to bring them together
and understand
that I need to be healthy.

To speak philosophy and psychology
I will need to be an example
of health and a preacher
of true self respect--
that does not let sugary foods
and media persuade me
from my identity.

It is not by the grace
of a supernatural deity
that I come to improve,
or the supreme control of ulterior  motives,
nor world justice.

But the illusion of self control itself
that begets me to strengthen my core
to show--
that we are all beyond:
our basic habits,
worthy of salvation,
that all animals
if desired can become
more than our de-faults.

We should take responsibility for ours and others actions.  We may be bred one way, but we can always become more than our surroundings.
#society   #strength   #people   #mind   #power   #humanity   #courage   #human   #habit   #instinct  
Jowelle Mizero
Jowelle Mizero
6 days ago

As you inhale,
I exhale.
We are human,
together in this
breath of life,
moving in this
perfect rhythm.

Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
6 days ago

Your face holds a countenance
so expansive and contradictory.
Every facet shifts differently -- like a twinkling gem
with the changing of the light.
I can see every form of the human condition realized,
evolving and then dissolving with just a slide of your eyes,
or a twitch of the mouth.
I watch the whole of the world come together,
then immediately fall down.

Soon an upturn of your lips brings it all back around,
breaking a dawn that lights up the dark of the room.
But your eyes remain grave, they haunt and consume
with an energy that draws out the dread in me --
pulling it forth from this mortal sea like a drowning tide.
Then suddenly you slow my heartbeat, my mind
when for a moment you give yourself
to private feelings inside and you are lost
in contemplative silence.

It is here I can glimpse the whole of humanity
coming together in one synchronized harmony.
Collective heartache held in the edges of your lips,
the tensions fraught in the strength of your chin,
battlegrounds revealed within the scarred skin of your cheeks,
the wisdom of experience held within each creased wrinkle.
And the lids of your eyes comfort all of our cries
as they luxuriate in a dream-like hope
that falls from your gaze, washing away life's pain
as it cascades down the bridge of your nose.

Your face holds such tender promises,
triumphs, trials, and ghosts.
Just a mere glimpse into the depths of you
and I feel a lump in my throat,
as I remember far more than I believe I can endure.
But then your face morphs and shifts
into a compassionate bliss
that was not there just a moment before.
Instantaneously you cast out
all regret, shame, and doubt
and I am at once whole again,
mended from my despair.

You have a true air of divinity
that shines outwards and enters the rifts in me,
gifting me the notion in swells of healing motion
that whatever is, is never astray.
Your eyes reach right out and assure me
that all things have always been this way.
It is only through love and acceptance
that we can properly navigate.

You are timelessness, agelessness,
comfort, beauty, and grace.
You reflect a truth so inclusive it moves
the very earth with a turn of your face.
Your very nature saves me.
It expertly heals and then breaks me.
A look from you will completely remake me
into what I know that I can become:
the whole of all human experience,
fused tranquilly, into one.

I will allow myself to come undone
in the radiant sum of your face.
I will allow myself to be filled with love
and build myself back up, unafraid.
I recognize my place: somewhere
between soft upper lip and cheek,
where my deepest joy and ache
both gravitate and so inevitably meet.
There, your smile spreads a most wonderful peace
that ceases all of my pain.
It echoes indescribably in beautiful, rippling refrain.
Like a benevolent wave it carries away
the weight of all the ages.

J.M. 2017

#love   #life   #pain   #humanity   #joy   #emotion   #human   #healing   #humility   #collective  
7 days ago

Life seldom grants us absolutes
Before the truth of reason
Comparison was treason
Ignoring the fact
That some have and some lack
Was common practice

Justice was lackluster
Politicians and business men

But now with all the information we have
Reason and comparison should be elevated
Inequalities should be seriously debated
Not with flowery words which inform so little
But conceal so much, but with science
Because facts find hidden truths revealed
And there is seldom to much truth

Keda Kanye
Keda Kanye
7 days ago

I’m made of clay
or maybe wet
when you placed your hand on my heart
your imprint never went away
Swear to god I wish we’d never met

I’m afraid of someone new

He looked into my eyes today
and said “wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

Wish I could have stayed to play

But I’m trapped in my own mind
Where I’m convinced I should be alone
I need to live for myself
So I’m letting myself unwind
Refusing to pick up the phone

I’m not going on dates
and I’m getting lots of sleep
trying to start with a clean slate
look above
my own desire for attention

That’s right—-self-love

being single is overrated.

his eyes were a light blue
the kind you find in the sky
He’s gone now
I won’t find him
But I’ll remember that he said

“Wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

It’s possible he’s right

I might just hope
that I keep meeting people like you
and I like your hand print there on my heart
and I think there’s room for a few more

I’m made of clay
after all
or maybe
come place your hand on my heart
before I dry up
the earth

and every time I look into your eyes
I’ll tell you straight and true
“Wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

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