Ola Radka
Ola Radka
14 hours ago

Rather than
known hills,
strange heavens...

Of all the many roads I can take
May the easiest be far from me
And of all the faces that I see
May all the kindest smile at me
If ever I had words to say
They would tell you to run far away
And then if I had hands to hold
I would guide you down this narrow road

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Things are strange.
Call life vain, wild and confusing.
We are born with choice, grow up to decide and sway with the impact of emotion.
You develop an idea, share it, make it real, then become so consumed with it that it replaces what we hold close to our heart.
I overthink things at night, I fight with thoughts and cry, waking up to a body battered and bruised by my mind.
They are looking at me, they see me all the time but I hope they know what I'm not trying to hide.
Think about your raw state, think of the choices you make,
do they all really mean anything?
Are they impacting and important, are they for your benefit and only yours, are they dependent on a Higher Source or are they as unknown as a conversation about the crease in my eyelid?

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Feb 7

We all have that moment
Where we wish
Maybe a lingering thought
Or a worrying regret
Of the things we could have avoided
Or the path we could have taken
That may have lead to a different outcome

My "had I known" today was the conversations I could have initiated
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Feb 4

there's a price
to every choice
not every payment
equates money.

Dear Readers,
I always thought that every decision we made is a free one. But now i realized that it is not the case, there will always be something of a price or a higher effort that equates every move & choices we make. Some are visible to perception and some are unseen, never noticed. It is like cause and effect, or you paid this to gain that or every choices has its own consequences either good or bad.

Thanks for reading ...

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Ryan V
Feb 2

Life isn't meant
To be spent
Treading  brackish water,
Never knowing
Whether to swim to sea
Or go upstream
The fresh waterways
Of the nostalgia days
Streaming home or
The salty waves
Of the horizon gazing
Back at me pulling away.
Is the undertow grasping
While I remain gasping
For just one breath
Better than knocking knees
Against rock shallow depth,
Mindlessly floating at ease
With the current it seems,
Still gently row row rowing
Navigating against growing,
A life only wishing for dreams.

Truth is hard to come by
Harder than Love

Love is hard to recognise
harder than Need

Need is hard to justify
Harder than Dreams

Dreams are hard to testify
Harder than Hopes

Hopes are hard to simplify
Harder than Choice

Choices are hard to live by
Hardest of all.

Opportunity gently knocks
  Whereas temptation demands to be let in

Can be applied to being on a diet, or other situations as well.
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Jan 28

Alone, 5 letters
To some it's just a small word
For others it's life

A fork lies in the road ahead
I know not where each path will go
The easy path tempts me
With smooth paving through even land
It promises tranquility as far as the eye can see
But the rough path
With broken cobbles and jagged rocks
Waits patiently to cut my feet
Slowly rising out of sight
Rising and rising to disappear behind a storm
Surely, I think, it could not be worth the treck
And as I look at those dark thunderheads
I can think only of the beauty I might see from so high
I stand at the fork
Easy peace or hard beauty
My heart pulls me higher as my mind calls for smoother
Still thinking as red footprints trail my passing

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