Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
13 hours ago

It always demands a sacrifice
It - or - They demand a deal
They are the devil at the crossroads waiting for a soul to steal

The choices of the seven deadly sins
Which one will you choose?


It consumes the light, but in return fills with dark pleasure acting as a temporary high; a short-lived fix that like acid burns.

Seven deadly sins
#life   #sins   #choices   #repentence  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
13 hours ago

Yes, monsters are real and do exist!

Each day our actions and choices in life tells the world on whether we are human or animal

An intelligent rational being or mindless raging beast

Which are you?

Choices and Decisions
#life   #reality   #monsters   #choices  

Distilled sun invades
to project on whitewashed screen their
chintzy-hotel love,
melding the serenading shades.

Form: Verse
#love   #life   #lust   #marriage   #adultery   #evening   #choices  
Jan 11

Choices to choose
roads to take
take place
in this infinite-scape

supreme space of emptiness
captures nonsense
these turns in life
to avoid demise

granted a map of hope
from a buddhist, Christ or the pope
which way to go
a ship sets sail

lonely dying man
of three past wives
says to give family
the focus of light

God's law is supreme
as sexual fantasy is evil
primitive mistakes
of a designed mind

confusion settles in
as reality takes form
this life I've been given
a product of choice

I sit while time is ticking

the time it ticks, while lost in thought

the time it ticks, is all I've got.

I wish the voice was louder,
an internal guide
a guiding professional

oh show yourself
and I shall listen

My time of wander
will come to pass

#love   #peace   #hope   #relationship   #path   #safety   #choices  
Jan 8

Life is good when life is good
Life is bad when life is bad
Sometimes life is good but you’re still sad
Sometimes life is bad but you’re still glad
Why is that? It’s the way you live
Put things into my perspective
We make a choice to look at the bright side
We choose to make or break our own lives
Never let problems get you down
Pick your head up and hold your crown
When faced with challenges smile don’t weep
And the battle already half won so don’t settle for defeat

#life   #positive   #choices  
tl b
tl b
Jan 6

Do flowers have the choice to grow?
Do we choose? Do you know?
Do branches have the choice whether to bend of break?
Is this life's course? Is it too much to take?
Does the wind choose when to blow?
Does it get to choose when to stand still?
Do leaves drop at their own free will?
Do trees long to age past our time?
Where are answers to these questions of mine?

Look inside, look around.
From Earth to sky back to the ground.

Jan 3

When the walls
of your world
come crashing down,
there are,
but two options;
and crash,
beneath the weight
of wasted time,
and long lost passions.
like the Phoenix,
from the ashes
of your tattered past.
The choice is yours.

Choose Wisley
#love   #life   #happiness   #bravery   #courage   #rise   #choices   #nofear  
Dec 22, 2016

With cruelty he loved
Now life is measured in rains
Never baptismal

#life   #haiku   #choices   #fable  
Repugnant Creature
Repugnant Creature
Dec 19, 2016

A palm outstretched, the metal shone
Etched on both sides without an edge
The options were weighed, the metal was tossed
To do right by the result, we solemnly pledge.

With a destiny engraved on each side
It went up high and spun around
The dreams weighed more than the metal itself
A breath was held, the wish was found.

Once it reached its pinnacle
Nature took its course again
The metal flew too close to the sun
No feathers to fly, it would crash again.

The palm where the metal rested
Outstretched once more to reveal the destiny
Fingers closed around it once more
Eyes closed, he prayed for an eternity.

He opened his fist to reveal those lines
They belonged to him, they were his voice
His dreams, like the metal, could not be found
It was all an illusion, there was no choice.

#dreams   #illusion   #choices   #flip   #coin  

Buried deep in the depths lies an awakened desire
Unbeknownst to the world; Passion aflame to aspire;
Clawing to the surface to display true ire

With resounding voice:

Buried deep in the depths lies a restrained desire
Driven to the brink; Swiftly thrust to the spire;
Disheartened by disgrace, Prepared for ceasefire

With failing voice:
Make a choice

Released for all to see
Or shackled without a key
Regardless of the choice
A desire is voiced

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