7 hours ago

Sometimes you open your eyes
And see nothing.
Sometimes you close your eyes
And it's all right there.

Sometimes my tarot cards all fold,
And my crystal ball fogs over.
Sometimes the runes don't read,
And the lines on your palms are just scars.

Sometimes the pendulum won't swing,
And the birds in the bottletree
Won't sing.

But the sky is violent red,
So maybe the sunlight
Will come again.

So lay your crystals
By the windowsill,
And light your candles
In your circle.

Wish and pray and wish and pray
But in the end
Fate is what you make it,
And no amount of darkness
Can black out my colors.

13 hours ago

Nothing is scarier
Than living, breathing people.

I've never had nightmares about corpses,
Because I've never seen one.
All funerals I've been to
Have been the closed-casket kind.

It's a morbid thought
That makes me uneasy.

The scariest monsters
That do the most harm
Are living and breathing.

We only fear the unknown
Because it is unknown to us.
I have no fear for what is already dead.
I seek to bring them peace,
And nothing else.

I am afraid of humans,
The living and breathing kind,
That float around your subconscious at night,
Reminding you how terrible you are.

I am afraid of humans
Because they are dishonest.

Animals are better.
When an animal doesn't like you,
It tries to bite your arm off.
Humans pretend to like you first.

13 hours ago

I breathe in,
And the air doesn't flow through my windpipe,
But rather it gets stuck
Like a thick, hot fog
In my throat.

My skin is cold to the touch,
And I'm shivering
But I'm so hot that I couldn't
Stand a blanket being on my body.

My stomach is rebelling,
Throwing back up
Whatever sustenance I decide to give it.
And it hurts.

I am dizzy.
The room spins around me.
My head hurts
And I'm barely keeping water down.

This is my punishment,
I guess,
For having to take medication
To function normally.

Somedays I curse at myself.
I should be better.
I should be making more progress.
I feel stagnant.

I know this step back
Is really just a step forward
But it's driving me insane,
As if I wasn't already there.

Celeste McGuire
14 hours ago

I like the way your shirt creases
light blue and
ironed when you stretch on the other
side of the room in the chair that points you at the crisp
velvet of 7:07 PM Wisconsin Time
Carefully selected as a reminder of your
apathy and perhaps the added bonus of the inverse
image in the window
But every so often you filch a glimpse over your
arm and I can’t help but wonder how you don’t see the stark
contrast between us:
You, with your formal gray thermos and
perpetually opened word processor
single spaced
Me, with my pockets full of crumpled receipts and empty medication bottles
My posture My
teeth My
unwashed gym shoes

in the springtime
   all the ice is melting
so fast you feel like
   you're drowning
but the flowers are budding
   watch where you step
some lakes look like puddles
    you spent months climbing
to the tops of snowbanks

when pinks and greens
    saturate your feet
they make their way up
   to your flowerbed brain
please let them in to stay
   you spent all winter erasing
colors from your memory
   now the sun cannot
brighten your greys  
   not alone

when the bees in your head
   stop swarming around
you saw each one fly away
   and out with each seed
you planted here on earch
   where you haven't felt
calm in a year and now you're breathing
   to the rhythm of the sun

#love   #happy   #nature   #spring   #freeverse   #jmk  

do you remember how we used to complain about the drought
ripped the green from the hills
and put us on watch
for how long our showers could be

i had to find a new place to cry for half an hour
and i had to watch forest fires on the 5 o'clock news all too often

dams are breaking
and we can't stop the mood swings of Mother Nature

can you blame her?

the levee has been breached,
and the uncertainty is eating me alive
and oh,
how this reminds me of you

you set me on fire
and tried to drown me
and i never knew when to expect which
but i could always complain about the one that was happening

the changes in scenery were never what i wanted
i lay awake, hearing the raindrops hitting the roof
and i just don't know what tomorrow, or you, will bring me

Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
2 days ago

You're messed up in all your ways
just about right and that is what
makes you perfect for me. For I'm
no better or worse than other men
yet know this I am forever yours.

© Ali Qureshi

It is a free verse poem of course.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #life   #relationship   #freeverse  
2 days ago

Life is short,
Hope is violent.

It makes you think,
It makes you see.
It gives you the ability
To move forward.
Motive to keep going.

Life is short,
Love is brutal.
True love is kind,
And patient,
And doesn't begrudge you.
True love is honest, whether it hurts or not.

Life is short
Laughing is painful.
You smile for too long
And your cheeks start to hurt
And you laugh too hard
And your abdomen starts to ache.

Life is short,
Aren't all fun things?

4 days ago

I want to rip your throat out,
I want to bleed you dry.
I want to be comeuppance,
I want to hear your cries.

I want to rip your throat out,
I want to bleed you dry.
My favorite song is Sympathy for the Devil,
And now I remember why.

There's a false sense of superiority
As you enter the scene.
You fuel my fiery rage,
Though it be but a dream.

Your words are nails on chalkboards,
Your eyes beady and unkind.
I want to rip your throat out,
And end the spew of lies.

I may be soft and docile,
But it won't take me very long,
To rip you shred from useless shred
With my storm siren song.

So be wary of the winds,
And be wary of the tide.
Be wary of the rain and thunder,
For the elements are on my side.

Please let it be known that I wouldn't actually rip anyone's throat out. It is for dramatic effect.
4 days ago

Twenty years and the birth of sound
Laid your name to rest
Forgotten and forlorn,
An artifact of years past

Supernova collapsed into itself,
Swallowing time and temperament
Perpetuating the past in an
Isolated pull of gravity

Your fame is facade
Consuming, convincing
An actress in her greatest role yet
Maintaining character until the day
You’re taken away

#poem   #delusion   #aging   #freeverse   #cinema  
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