Clementine Eleos
Clementine Eleos
8 hours ago

Why'd you have to
Show up on my comedown
And ask if you could hang around
Like old times, 4 years ago, flew somehow
Who was I then? Who are you now?
Why'd you have to
Show up on my uprising
And act so very surprised
To learn I was giving goodbyes
Did you think I'd wait forever?
Losing you was an endeavor I could not
Heal from, instead I had to run
And why did you have to ask me if
I was happy? Or if I was having fun?
Please don't pull me back
I've no time for your conundrums
Why'd you have to change for the good
Second guess the way I'm dodging you in this state I fell in and out of love in
All In a year
Why'd you have to come back here?
I felt so fucking strong

#love   #sad   #anger   #breakup   #personal   #freeverse   #jmk   #ckeleos  
Spike Harper
Spike Harper
9 hours ago

It isn't often that the sun refuses to rise.
Lately it seems to need encouragement.
Rising just a little later each day.
And when it is the sole reason that the passing of time is so named.
Everything caters to meet the new requirements.
Disregarding lunar activity.
Heliocentric minds have never felt so embellished.
A chaotic routine indeed.
Favoring those who won the right to stay apexed.
Only when so many fight to stay at the top.
Do all those in the middle lose center.
Compressing the foundation into neat distortions of the past.
Like laughing at irony meant to sting.
Or playing a stringless instrument​ to a deaf audience.
Captivating all the more.
For beauty lies in the only I that matters.

Clementine Eleos
Clementine Eleos
11 hours ago

Sex without being in love
Another ghostly counterpart
to fill myself up
Says my body is lovely, my sounds are art
Can't see way I knocked over my cup
On purpose to distract him,
I needed it to end
I stopped having fun
6 months ago in a room in Boston
I thought I was filling the void
With attention,
A habit I learned in early
I was making it bigger
Confusing my soul
The men I sleep with are empty and foul
Sex without love
Is an act of sin,
Not according to God
But to the person within
Myself, I am sorry
I give up on it
Sex without love
Feels meaningless

#sex   #personal   #freeverse   #aba  
1 day ago

Is draping across two bus seats
At two in the morning
On an empty highway
Surrounded by vast grasslands
En route to Chicago
And praying to a god
That you don't belive in
That you'll get more
Than two hours of sleep
Failing that
Wifi that actually works
In this silent, half sleeping

Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
1 day ago

“Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?”

I can tell you where,
Drive to the church off of the gray gravel road.

There you will be greeted
By dim witted deacons and the dead.
Parades of pink lily slippers
Masquerades this melancholy sensation.

Surrounded by galleries of gravestones
Belonging to both babies and Baby Boomers.

You can visit.
Surrender your problems to the dirt,
The decaying.

They are dead,
They cannot hear what you are saying.

A poem about visiting my brother's grave.
2 days ago

I can't explain why I'm so lonely but I feel it in my bones
Sometimes it creeps under my covers and claws at my toes
There is only one thing I can hope
That I'll see the sun before forcing my tired eyes closed

#sad   #pain   #sun   #freeverse  
2 days ago

He softly touched her cheek
the same way cold touched
the first few mornings
of Februaryㅡfrigid but somehow fleeting.
Full of adoration
yet full of uncertainties.
And like the whispers of warmth
on some mornings,
he's almost always anticipating to leave.
With those cold hands of his,
he softly touched her cheek
and like the fury between
the cold and warm,
he kissed her
while whispering goodbye
at the same time.

2 days ago

Cameras flashing in rapid succession
She’s reunited with the lights,
Descending from heavens above
She throws herself to the wolves
Wrestling crowds and wrist cuffs,
Drowning in the spotlight
As she’d always dreamed

Insp. by Sunset Boulevard (1950)
#poetry   #delusion   #sunset   #freeverse   #fame   #cinema   #film   #boulevard  
3 days ago

It doesn't feel real,
That you love me.
That I'm yours.
That you're mine.
That we've got rings on our fingers.

I look at you,
And it's like a dream.
Not like my usual ones.
It's like pixie dust and fairy glitter.
It's like the morning dew and budding wild flowers.
It's like the taste of honeysuckle and too-strong green tea.

I feel your hand on my hand
Or your hand on my thigh
Or your hands on my hips,
Or your hand running through my hair,
As innocently as possible,
And I feel like I belong.
I belong right there,
Beside you.

And that's why it scares me.

annika johnson
annika johnson
3 days ago

i love you
i feel a pit in my stomach
i love you
i love you
i do not deserve you

you are an angel
crafted from warmth
sculpted from light
your eyes were formed from the soil of the earth
and your skin the light of the moon


what i would do to be in your presence!


like the moon tugs in an incessant loop
i am drawn to you


what would i do to touch your skin
to feel your breath on my neck

to feel,
to feel,
to feel,
you are what makes me feel!
to be adored by you!


this was written in a somewhat surreal state at very early hours of the morning
#love   #freeverse  
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