Indiah M
3 days ago

Sometimes the temporary fixes
are enough. If it's the poetry, or the music,
or the red wine that makes you feel
alive, even if only for a moment,
go with it. get lost in it.
having a few moments of peace is
an absolute necessity in this life.

But promise me...
dear god, promise me.
that one day, you will learn to sit
in silence. in solitude.
and there, with nothing but yourself,

you will not find peace,
you will create it.

Thomas Hatchett
Thomas Hatchett
3 days ago

I love how the contours of certain words are shaped like you;
How I conjure you, in dreariness, merely from a sound in my mind.

Simple little flower, smiling in sunshine, face turned beaming to the sky.
Creased, crinkled nose, singing softly to yourself,
Searching off in the distance for your next flower to find.
Gliding through the gilded forest, elegant and alluring,
Unencumbered by the cares of the world in which you reside.
Free and joyfully for it, and for solitude and time.
Radiant and lovely, eyes dancing all the while.
Graceful as you fall upon a bed of sullied sheets, disheveled,
Glancing off and back again, biting your lip as if to keep it from a smile.
Temptress, trouble, siren wailing, bless me with you gaze,
Caress my troubled, timid soul; enrapture your willing slave.

Yet your spectre still abandons me, and I long for you by my side.
So I call to you at nightfall, and my dreams do so abide.

Annie Cynthia
Annie Cynthia
6 days ago

The sky so clear
The trees stay still
The wind so dear
Makes men want to kill

It's not jealousy or hatred
Nor it's for power or stature
It's love that we all catered
Without it, insanity lure...

#love   #broken   #war   #hatred   #heart   #want   #solitude   #human   #sanity   #needs  

I found the lonely and built a cabin there.
Learned to live in it.
Decided I was better off with a roof over my head,
Even if some bad thoughts leak in when it rains.

The stars were bright above my head,
but mind of mine was filled with dread.
How could my actions have misled
me to a hell like this?
What laws of nature did I break?
And where I made such big mistake?
And how much horrors will awake
and rise from black abyss?

I think this all began the day
I bought a house in the bay
I should have listened what they say:
this place was damned for good!
But it was cheap, as deadly bogs
With crooked trees and stinky fogs
and countless hoards of homeless dogs
aren't pleasant neighborhood.

I lived there quietly for a year
and awful swamps located here
were not at all a source of fear,
but rusty house was.
I had to catch the rain with bowls,
the wind was welcome through the walls:
They, like the roof, are full of holes,
and hence my anger rose.

I couldn't then afford to fix
or to rebuild this house with bricks,
although I feared of facing Styx
if it was to collapse.
I hardly ever slept at all.
I heard strange noises in the wall
beside my bad, like insects crawl…
'Twas just my mind, perhaps…

And once I woke again at night
and saw a dim and lonely light
just at a border of my sight.
In bayous it appeared.
I quickly put my jacket on
and, trying to suppress my yawn,
I ran to that phenomenon.
That totally was weird!

As I drew near, I saw a maid.
She seemed confused and quite afraid
of something. 'Please, I need your aid!'
she cried. 'My brother's lost!'
I saw some teardrops cross her face.
I was bedazzled by her grace!
'I'll save your brother from this place,
I'll help, at any cost!'

With that into the night I raced
in an extremely thoughtless haste.
And under shiny stars I faced
what seemed like certain death.
A horrid beast from waters rose.
I noticed how the water froze
In pools that were a bit too close...
I couldn't take a breath!

I didn't, though, become a prey.
Twas quite a luck, I can't gainsay.
I don't know how I found my way,
but still, I reached my shack
I hear the beast's spine-chilling groan.
I know this building's my tombstone,
If only I could've somehow known!
Why can't I turn it back?

Moirai will any minute cut
my thread of life. I'm ready, but
I want that beast crushed by this hut.
Is this too much to wish?
What takes that devil so damn long?
Should I attract it with a gong?
Hey, freak, I'm here! What is wrong?
Just come and eat your dish!

But then... Two monsters at my door!
I started crying on the floor,
I loudly cursed, blasphemed and swore...
But then I raised my head:
"You found my brother! Sweet of you!
I hope he didn't catch the flu...
We need to go now, friend! Adieu!"
That's what the girl's voice said.

I'm just a lonely soul
Solitude is what I require
To get away from people
That judge, hurt, forsake
But all I see around me
are broken people, betrayed by those they loved
Why should I be around people
When solitude seems so appealing?
Why should I continue to be hurt by people
When I could never hurt myself
Why should I listen to people' s opinions of me
When I could never judge myself
They say God made us not to be alone
But I've been hurt far too many times
To finally see loneliness as "attractive "
I'm just a lonely soul
And solitude is what I require

© Katli Mathobela  2017
#life   #alone   #hurt   #solitude   #i   #soul   #loneliness   #myself  

Our love is so special,There is just none like ours...
what we hold is a truth; others can only hope for it
You sleep with me always.... each and every night..
you're always so quiet, hold no reproaches... make no remaks.
That's why I love you and no one could love you more than I...
You are my only treasure, my love for you has no measure

Sometimes when I come home drunk with anguish
you let me come close to you ......we kiss and embrace softly
But you fall fast asleep... and you dont feel a thing...
I Still hold you close to me... and sleep with you tightly
But later when I awake... you are no longer with me..
And only my pillow is there
Sometimes when I see you...... so quiet and lonely...
That's when I break down... and become like any other...
I wanna cry out to you My Love I want to beg you
" please come back to me"
my whole breath and soul is meant just to keep loving you...
But my time keeps passing my cries and pains forgotten...
Like the wind they keep blowing.... forever lost and stolen..

That's why when I come home......drunk with anguish
you let me come close to you ......we kiss embrace softly
But you fall fast asleep..... and you dont feel a thing...!

I Still hold you close to me and sleep with you tightly..!
But later when I awake you are no longer with me..
All am left with is just my pillow
Forever only my pillow

this is the english translation of the song Almohada (pillow) by jose jose
Mar 1

I see you, see me.
Surrounded by people
Totally alone.

A small gust of chilling wind brushed against my face

In a glimpse, all my sorrow dissapeared without a trace

Step by step, I walked another quarter mile

Wondering what I've become, after all this while

A small gust of chilling wind brushed against my face

Repercussions of my past left me lost in a maze

Years may have passed, but the thoughts and memories still remain

Another chance, and I could make it all great again

#peace   #solitude   #weather   #wind   #random   #windy   #tranquility   #bla   #blabla  

room's awhirl
sounds collide
banal speech
mirth escapes
clustered holes

stand alone
children pass
chasing chums
they relate
playing roles

noises clash
confined space
worlds apart
I'm alone
flee outside

under trees
hide behind
thumping hall
swirling beat

close my eyes
dare to breathe
sense some peace
feel her smile
in mind's eye  

sweet relief
friend I know
welcome to

#peace   #alone   #solitude   #smile   #separation   #trees   #isolated   #sounds  
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