Light House
Light House
1 day ago

He finally understood why he slept...
He assigned his mind a task, & too much.. had he focused.
...Till the sides faded; till everything tunneled in.
...Till nothing ..outside of his project & vision... made sense.
...Till he walked as a zombie, moving about as if awake,
yet his muscles looked a bit too tense.  So, only deeper...
his soul traveled....  into..  an unreachable ...unconsciousness.

5 days ago

Comfort Zone

Put down your pen,
Turn off the phone,
Try to locate,
That comfort zone,
Seeking a place,
Only you can find,
Close your eyes,
Set free your mind,

Background music,
Lightly plays,
A gentle breeze,
Makes the curtain sway,
Lay there still,
As still as can be,
Sense of relief,
Sense of being free,
Breathe in the warm air,
Slowly emptying your mind,
You are now almost there,
You are now set to unwind,

Replaces perplexed,
All bad things,
You hate to face,
Be still,
Be safe,
In this,
Special space,

Isolated now,
Yet totally free,
Wondrous place,
This place to be,
Mounting troubles,
Become things of the past,
You have finally arrived,
In the zone,
At last!

There are times we all need to find this little place... love to all JB
#sensual   #relax   #calming  

By the time I get home from rehearsal,
The world has stopped.
I'm watching the movie
You've Got Mail,
and earlier the director said
our cast had finally achieved art.
Tom Hanks is a businessman
with the heart of a philosopher.
Kathleen saw a butterfly
on the subway
She thinks it went to
Bloomingdale's to buy a hat--
I envision monarchs
preferring kimonos.

#peace   #art   #movie   #butterflies   #calm   #relax  
AJ Golds
AJ Golds
Jan 26

reax just breathe...  
listen to the words I'm speaking
They are what you been seeking
they will deter any voices.
but it's all your choice
be rid of that awful noise.  

I know they plagues you late at night.
From down the hall I hear you howl.
you don't need to take another pill,
you're not crazy and neither am I.
so please do abide,
look into my eyes.

relax can't you see...                
it's getting better                      
you just have to adhere.
now look into my eyes
And repeat after me                
I don't need another pill!
I am not crazy!
and I'm done listening to you!
so with that I bid you adieu!"

(then there was nothing but silence (from the voices)

mental illnesses is just a disease,
it can affect you and affect me.
so please do not judge, when somebody ask do you hear it? instead of hinder, help them if you can
#awful   #listen   #crazy   #silence   #voices   #relax   #pill  

To  hibernate  
Is  to  refresh
Your physical
Body ..
Restore your soul.

#time   #space   #out   #relax   #rest  

I can't relax...
I'm not supposed to be able to...
When you find someone that means everything to you.
That you want to spend the rest of your life with...

It's challenges you in every way of when to have self control and when to not.
They run through your every thought.

I can't be relaxed...
When I've found you...

You... are what keeps me alive.
Unwilling to die.

You save me everyday.
Now let me save you.
#love   #save   #relax  
Saheed and sadya
Saheed and sadya
Dec 28, 2016

Tiny euphoria, relax like the world is made of all the good things. And how I wish to bottle the moment of his,and  when he realizes that not everything is made of twinkling lights and all his favorite things, I'll grab him and hold him closer, protect his heart from all his heartaches. But for now I revel in the thought of the moment when he was blanketed with tiny euphoria.

#awake   #freestyle   #relax   #zoloft   #anxity  
N H Nabass
N H Nabass
Dec 23, 2016

it is okay to take time for yourself
               but you must remember that is not

time wasted, although you may be a mess now,

you must remember that it is okay to
                take time to reassemble yourself

you will soon look back and remember:

those nights staring into the abyss above

the scent of jasmine hair that cascades down your chest

the intentionally  bitter coffee

the silence of the world amongst the cacophony that was once yourself

you will see with each night a growing love within yourself,

a small tender plant, trembling,

and with each night you will long to see how much further

you can let yourself


irrelevant poem, but i'm taking my first day off in months and it feels so wrong.
Bethany G Blicq
Dec 5, 2016

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

Don’t you worry about a thing.

If I told you

that I would repeat this

over and over

until the very moment

that you stop


would you stop?

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

It can be stressful to me just knowing someone is stressed out. Please stop worrying. Instead, use all that focussed energy to do something wonderful. To find a solution or make a solution to your problems. To create. To love. That energy that you waste on stress could be used to solve all of your problems. If only it weren't wasted on stress.
Nov 27, 2016

There is so much sorrow in your tears
So let the silence be
Even if you feel the pain on your smile
Let the patience cure your heart
When you can't understand people around you,
no need to read between the lines,
just see what's before your eyes
Try to enjoy the music of the wind
Maybe it'd give you some wings
Fly towards your dreams
Step by step until your last breath
Happy you will be

#love   #life   #happiness   #beauty   #courage   #positive   #relax   #destiny   #cool   #relaxed  
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