The pumping is still as my hand lays flat,
a non-moving silence is what I face.
I keep waiting to feel it, pat, pat, pat,
but time passes by and still no trace.
There's nothing there it is strictly hollow.
Where has my heart gone?
Do I dare to follow?

#heart   #personal   #mean   #heartless  
I will be heartless
Sophia Adelle
Sophia Adelle
Jun 19      Jun 19

I’m trying to convince my friends that I don’t like you anymore and that I only think of you as a brother.
But am I trying to convince them or myself?
I close my eyes and see your ridiculous smile
I see you in the faces of my school mates
I see you everywhere
My heart aches every time I think of you
Is this love?
Probably not
Love don’t exist
I see the proof is my friends heartbreak and my parents fights
But how do you manage to make me feel like this
Get out of my head you’re driving me crazy
Stop it
You’re torturing my brain
This is an endless torture
You’re a personal devil sent straight from the fires of hell to torture me
To make my heart crumble as I listen to you talking about another girl
Feel my heart break into a million pieces and crumble into ashes as I see you with another girl
This is against everything that I stand for
I refuse to let this get to me
I will be immune to you
I will be immune to everyone else
I will be heartless

idk this isn't really a poem
#love   #hate   #heartless  
Amanda Cathleen Peterson
Amanda Cathleen Peterson
7 days ago      6 days ago

Not knowing how to feel about something is the worst,
I could drive myself insane, wracking my brain,
wondering if you ever felt the same,
but I know deep down you never felt the same,
or anything at all.

#love   #broken   #hurt   #feeling   #heartless  
And now i don't know if i should be heartless..
Cathy Nguyen
Cathy Nguyen
Jun 24      Jun 25

Your eyes are killer to me.
'Sharp as the blade that cuts
Emotions out of me
&Your; stare is cold as can be
But it was never really like this
Could've sworn your arms
Used to be more inviting

But oh, i built a fence around my heart to keep you out
But you've found a way in, to my head somehow..
(And that's a dangerous entrance)

So how, how can i move on
When you're everywhere i go?
Oh but if theres one more thing you need to know, before you exit..

It's this;

I'm in a maze but please don't find me..
I'm in a dream but don't you wake me..
I'm in a world where there is no one else quite like me..
And i'm in love, but please don't save me.

Cause i'm afraid you can't save me,
You made me love love and now it hates me,
And now i don't know if i should be heartless..
'Cause maybe things would hurt less
If i used my heart less..

And if all is fair in love and war..
Won't you tell me how this self loathing war ends?

Wanted to write something different, some really deep references in here actually. Inspired by conversations i had with my friends x
#fear   #life   #pain   #depressed   #angry   #heartless   #wonders  

I heard noises.
a thumping
soft then heavy
hard and slow
the closer I drew
the more confident
I knew...

I looked to you
cold and distant
yet beautiful.
sinister eyes
you were afraid
'please don't cry'

in the corner
of your dark room
covered in blood
was your heart
I kissed your hole
hopeful for a new start

#love   #dark   #cold   #heartless  
I am so heartless
Jun 20

When all i could see was you,
I gave you my heart
And your thrashed it mercilessly

Now when you give yours
I am so heartless
That i cant see yours.

want to know why i act heartless?
Jan 28, 2012

want to know why i act heartless?
because i gave you my heart,
you crushed it and kept it.

Mar 15

You can't fight
for a place
in his heart

May 14

your soul was so electric
your body so tempting
and mind so daring
and now whats left of you?
i've left you alone
and it's my fault that
you've drowned in yourself
but darling..
i'm no good for you
i'll break your heart
cause i'm simply numb
and it wont affect me
but you used to be so vibrant
but your eyes are now grey
your smile is now vacant
and your heart has been taken away
im sorry i'm uncapable of returning it

#love   #sad   #hate   #you   #me   #sorry  
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