everyone said she was heartless
Mar 25

everyone said she was heartless
that she was a complete mess
no one understood
but its not like anyone could

Heartless bitch,
David Patrick O'C

I watched her crush him as she broke his heart
Then she wanted to grind him to dust
with the expectation of friendship.
Heartless bitch,
hasn't he suffered enough?

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Does that make me **heartless**...
Jan 20

They say "home is where the heart is"
Does that make me heartless...

Sometimes we find home in the most unexpected places, and not until we've moved on do we realize it...
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Men so heartless ruled the earth for many years
Crescent Rose
Crescent Rose
Dec 10, 2014

Men so heartless ruled the earth for many years
And still today heartless and soulless men claim their hands are free of blood when it's on every inch of their body, and still they control us

Why do men so heartless hold the power with their pride?
Why do the weak have more heart than the strong and heartless?

I have to be heartless to be strong
Have the most heart and be weak

Nothing ever changes, it just takes a new form ;-;
“Nothing new under the sun." ~Unknown
#weak   #blood   #strong   #heartless  
the heartless heartbeat
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

In great poetry can you find
the lungless breath,
the heartless heartbeat
of our living,
innermost mind.

i had to tell you..
it hurts
so that you don't do it to someone else
i don't want anybody
to go through what you put me through
i don't want you
to hurt another soul

they make us fade
#hurt   #heartless  
A heartless man
Apr 20      Apr 21

A heartless man
and his soulful wife.

'Tis hard for one to love the other
when the other gives nothing.
But the other can't see what's wrong.

Even in a great depression
an outrageous struggle,
the heartless man fails to see
the wrong in what he does.

The tragic part
is that the heartless man
loses everything.
For simply being blind to his actions.

#man   #loss   #tragic   #woman   #blind   #husband   #actions   #heartless   #wife   #soulful  
"You're a heartless soul"
Apr 14

Unquenchable vitality
Coming off as cold
Certain detaining gestures I've made
Push you away
You recite the words I've heard before
Over and over
"You're a heartless soul"
But this myopia is dark
If I can't see you far, how do I bring light to you.
Like the Light that flashes on the delicate curve of stars I can not touch
The re - echoes of sounds deep down
And through my scowled flushed face
Maybe you'll understand how being heartless is only a protection for me

#sad   #soul   #heartless  
Amanda Cathleen Peterson
Amanda Cathleen Peterson
Jul 15, 2014      Jul 16, 2014

Not knowing how to feel about something is the worst,
I could drive myself insane, wracking my brain,
wondering if you ever felt the same,
but I know deep down you never felt the same,
or anything at all.

#love   #broken   #hurt   #feeling   #heartless  
Taylor Cuomo
Taylor Cuomo
Jun 2, 2014

The pumping is still as my hand lays flat,
a non-moving silence is what I face.
I keep waiting to feel it, pat, pat, pat,
but time passes by and still no trace.
There's nothing there it is strictly hollow.
Where has my heart gone?
Do I dare to follow?

#heart   #personal   #mean   #heartless  
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