Men so heartless ruled the earth for many years
Chalsey Wilder
Chalsey Wilder
Dec 10, 2014

Men so heartless ruled the earth for many years
And still today heartless and soulless men claim their hands are free of blood when it's on every inch of their body, and still they control us

Why do men so heartless hold the power with their pride?
Why do the weak have more heart than the strong and heartless?

I have to be heartless to be strong
Have the most heart and be weak

Nothing ever changes, it just takes a new form ;-;
“Nothing new under the sun." ~Unknown
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Taylor Cuomo
Taylor Cuomo
Jun 2, 2014

The pumping is still as my hand lays flat,
a non-moving silence is what I face.
I keep waiting to feel it, pat, pat, pat,
but time passes by and still no trace.
There's nothing there it is strictly hollow.
Where has my heart gone?
Do I dare to follow?

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I will be heartless
Sophia Adelle
Sophia Adelle
Jun 19, 2014      Jun 19, 2014

I’m trying to convince my friends that I don’t like you anymore and that I only think of you as a brother.
But am I trying to convince them or myself?
I close my eyes and see your ridiculous smile
I see you in the faces of my school mates
I see you everywhere
My heart aches every time I think of you
Is this love?
Probably not
Love don’t exist
I see the proof is my friends heartbreak and my parents fights
But how do you manage to make me feel like this
Get out of my head you’re driving me crazy
Stop it
You’re torturing my brain
This is an endless torture
You’re a personal devil sent straight from the fires of hell to torture me
To make my heart crumble as I listen to you talking about another girl
Feel my heart break into a million pieces and crumble into ashes as I see you with another girl
This is against everything that I stand for
I refuse to let this get to me
I will be immune to you
I will be immune to everyone else
I will be heartless

idk this isn't really a poem
#love   #hate   #heartless  
And now i don't know if i should be heartless..
Cathy N
Cathy N
Jun 24, 2014      Jun 25, 2014

Your eyes are killer to me.
'Sharp as the blade that cuts
Emotions out of me
&Your; stare is cold as can be
But it was never really like this
Could've sworn your arms
Used to be more inviting

But oh, i built a fence around my heart to keep you out
But you've found a way in, to my head somehow..
(And that's a dangerous entrance)

So how, how can i move on
When you're everywhere i go?
Oh but if theres one more thing you need to know, before you exit..

It's this;

I'm in a maze but please don't find me..
I'm in a dream but don't you wake me..
I'm in a world where there is no one else quite like me..
And i'm in love, but please don't save me.

Cause i'm afraid you can't save me,
You made me love love and now it hates me,
And now i don't know if i should be heartless..
'Cause maybe things would hurt less
If i used my heart less..

And if all is fair in love and war..
Won't you tell me how this self loathing war ends?

Wanted to write something different, some really deep references in here actually. Inspired by conversations i had with my friends x
#fear   #life   #pain   #depressed   #angry   #heartless   #wonders  
Amanda Cathleen Peterson
Amanda Cathleen Peterson
Jul 15, 2014      Jul 16, 2014

Not knowing how to feel about something is the worst,
I could drive myself insane, wracking my brain,
wondering if you ever felt the same,
but I know deep down you never felt the same,
or anything at all.

#love   #broken   #hurt   #feeling   #heartless  
I am now heartless
Oct 8, 2014

I knew the day would come.
My heart swelled and shattered
Like glass off of my ribcage,
It was nothing but dust now.
In an instant my heart became soluble.
Without warning,
my heart was inevitably yours once more.
I wanted you to never come back
I hoped you would make your home in Boston.
My delicate heart was not ready for you so soon
And I was not ready to give my heart away.
Especially to you.
But she ran from me,
Slipped through the cracks in my rib cage
and ran straight for you.

So here I am still sitting in silence
Still replaying impracticable situations
That will never become reality.
My heart is long gone now,
She always ran faster than my head.
With a mind of her own,
I am now heartless

#heart   #yours   #keep   #heartless  
I never chose to be heartless
vista rashnasto
Jul 27, 2014

I never chose to be heartless
My heart broke, I just couldn't keep the peaces
I Never thought anyone could ever mend it
To myself I thought "what's the use of keeping something broken?"
I lost hope..... My mind was filled with hatred, I turned into a lier, a busted ,a jerk ,a hypocrite, a traitor you name it... Just to get my revenge ,everyone was a victim I just didn't care, I knew I wasn't fair But it eased the pain When you and I met ,no lie I got your name. On the list too But you were different,you got me patient,got rid of the fatuous me.... Then you gave me your heart ,gave me Hope, taught me how to love Without knowing I was deeply falling for you My heart grew fonder,started caring ,feeling,loving..... couldn't believe it Thought my mind was playing tricks on me It wasn't I was in love once again.........

Does that make me **heartless**...
Jan 20

They say "home is where the heart is"
Does that make me heartless...

Sometimes we find home in the most unexpected places, and not until we've moved on do we realize it...
#lonely   #heart   #home   #pain   #tears   #family   #forever   #missing   #heartache   #heartless  
I think of them to be so *heartless.*
Amy R
Amy R
Feb 10

How does it feel?
Does anyone know?
No, they do not know.

They claim to know,
but yet they don’t.
You do not know either.

Do you know how it feels?
To have your heart ripped off by someone;
you love and trust very deeply.
Do you?

No you do not know.
But it is so painful.
I think of them to be so heartless.

That is what you are....
You are a brutal, ruthless idiot who
only cares about no one but yourself.
You know nothing but to hurt people deeply.

You make them believe that you care
and you are trustworthy;
but yet you are nothing but a two faced person.
You are not; you are just a heartless idiot.

You wait for them to trust and love you;
and then sometime after you will crush them-
till they give up deeply.

I want to do that to you,
I want to hurt you,break you
and abandon your careless mind.
I want to do all that you did to me.

Yes, that is what I want to do;
I want to make your so called precious
life a living hell.
So you will feel what you did to me....

You are nothing but heartless.
Thanks to you, now so am I.

© Amy Ramoutar
#love   #broken   #sad   #pain   #tears   #lost   #thoughts   #revenge   #heartless  
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