A plastic bag is snagged in the branches where I can't reach to stop its crackled song. The bag is an organ—its kidney? Stomach? Heart?—of the thing that's dying. The thing's given pills and powders, and graveyards are robbed to replace its parts. When it dies, it'll be brought to the taxidermist to be stuffed, and its stiffened corpse will be strung in lights—a beacon for people to arrive, two-by-two, and scoop out the void from behind its glass eyes. And when the void has been doled around, the dead will shuck, jive, and shuffle step to plastic song.

March 25th, 2017

The 10 minute time-span of these exercises includes any punctuation and other cohesion that I add after the words have streamed out.

When the plastic bag rustles in the wind,
I hear its crackled song as an omen heralding in another phase. No matter what happens, only the moment is ever assured for us.
Jules D
Jules D
Mar 8

so maybe we are not all we’re cracked up to be.

maybe we’ve less to be proud of than expected.

maybe they’ll think we’re less fire and all ashes.

so what. I care nothing for it.
the odds are inconsequential; 

the fight will continue without regard.
remember this: I refuse to be the ashes.
we are burned but in no way broken.
and if we are not fire—
then we are flint.

we work our way to becoming bonfire.

tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

(the past few days have not been very kind to me, so this is another old poem. please burn for me, but in a good way.)
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Stay up late just for conversation
A brand new face and a fascination
Passing compliments and smiles as if they're going out of style
Something seems familiar and it's something so peculiar
Hours on the phone usually don't pass the time but for some reason time moved faster than my favorite season
There's no doubt in my mind I'll be tired when I rise
But honestly, that's alright, I feel hypnotized
The newest of new - I just met him today
But he fits me just right like he's custom made
Mutual excitement, we may be thinking reckless
But I want him to hang around like my favorite necklace

#love   #boy   #new   #spark  
Feb 14

There is a spark
Deep inside
Hidden away
And if it's found
You will shine

#short   #secret   #deep   #confidence   #inside   #motivation   #talent   #shine   #spark  
Jan 23

Night dreams conjure births
Such singing life waking us
Bird song in morning

#dream   #life   #sex   #spirit   #spark   #progeny  
Jan 12

Your touch felt like fire against my skin
Igniting me as if i was kerosene
But now the spark has dulled me
And i know that this isn't love

I can't make myself love you
#love   #fire   #skin   #touch   #dull   #spark  

Glad to see and to know that you are hail and hearty
Your health and beauty is of prime importance to me
Ignite the spark of love and you will flow with poetry
This is how I can celebrate your beauty like green sea

Love encounters very many hurdles to be more refined
Beauty has lot many charms and graces to come to bloom
My sweetheart love is on its path with light but so blind
It is miracle which makes a dead heart to tinkle I presume

My beloved be solace and satisfaction of my anxious heart
Come and embrace me being eternal friend to accelerate
Please take care and never ever think or try to leave ,depart
With your beauty so gorgeous and your graces so great

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#the   #spark   #ignite  

Darling, don't you try
To hide yourself.
You're a star,
And your brightness cannot be tamed
Let it shine shamelessly
And guide someone's way
Back home

You are worth. Don't you ever hide the true you, please.
#poem   #freedom   #happiness   #beauty   #star   #light   #shine   #bright   #spark  
Dec 9, 2016

I keep trying to find a spark
Something to reignite a flame
That hasn't been burning for years
I am reaching out to anyone these days
To see if they will say something
That will give me a sense of normality
Perhaps a strangers touch
Will change how I feel in my own skin
Pipe dreams of pipe bombs
Bursting in my soul and breaking down a wall
I built so long ago
That even I dont know what lies beyond it
I feel like a junkie again, scrounging for change
To spend on the fix that left me broke in the first place.
An endless loop of just trying to be ok.
Someone just give me a spark.

#stranger   #flame   #spark  

My sweetheart I am taken over by your spark
Your beauty blazons like a candle in the dark
Beauty and love are in strings to be on the mark
Let us just play love game in the real love park

Love is our estate ,love is to attract, to celebrate
Lover and beloved are chained to be soul mate
Love in entirety makes one fabulous and great
Lover is just anxious beloved remains moderate

My love, let me taste and sip all the bottle of wine
I am overjoyed that today you are but just mine
We are face to face ,eye to eye,and just line to line
Let us tell to the faithless weather not undermine

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#your   #spark  
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