Feb 14

There is a spark
Deep inside
Hidden away
And if it's found
You will shine

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Jan 23

Night dreams conjure births
Such singing life waking us
Bird song in morning

#dream   #life   #sex   #spirit   #spark   #progeny  
Jan 12

Your touch felt like fire against my skin
Igniting me as if i was kerosene
But now the spark has dulled me
And i know that this isn't love

I can't make myself love you
#love   #fire   #skin   #touch   #dull   #spark  

Glad to see and to know that you are hail and hearty
Your health and beauty is of prime importance to me
Ignite the spark of love and you will flow with poetry
This is how I can celebrate your beauty like green sea

Love encounters very many hurdles to be more refined
Beauty has lot many charms and graces to come to bloom
My sweetheart love is on its path with light but so blind
It is miracle which makes a dead heart to tinkle I presume

My beloved be solace and satisfaction of my anxious heart
Come and embrace me being eternal friend to accelerate
Please take care and never ever think or try to leave ,depart
With your beauty so gorgeous and your graces so great

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#the   #spark   #ignite  

Darling, don't you try
To hide yourself.
You're a star,
And your brightness cannot be tamed
Let it shine shamelessly
And guide someone's way
Back home

You are worth. Don't you ever hide the true you, please.
#poem   #freedom   #happiness   #beauty   #star   #light   #shine   #bright   #spark  
Dec 9, 2016

I keep trying to find a spark
Something to reignite a flame
That hasn't been burning for years
I am reaching out to anyone these days
To see if they will say something
That will give me a sense of normality
Perhaps a strangers touch
Will change how I feel in my own skin
Pipe dreams of pipe bombs
Bursting in my soul and breaking down a wall
I built so long ago
That even I dont know what lies beyond it
I feel like a junkie again, scrounging for change
To spend on the fix that left me broke in the first place.
An endless loop of just trying to be ok.
Someone just give me a spark.

#stranger   #flame   #spark  

My sweetheart I am taken over by your spark
Your beauty blazons like a candle in the dark
Beauty and love are in strings to be on the mark
Let us just play love game in the real love park

Love is our estate ,love is to attract, to celebrate
Lover and beloved are chained to be soul mate
Love in entirety makes one fabulous and great
Lover is just anxious beloved remains moderate

My love, let me taste and sip all the bottle of wine
I am overjoyed that today you are but just mine
We are face to face ,eye to eye,and just line to line
Let us tell to the faithless weather not undermine

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#your   #spark  

When all hope has been given up
You sit down to cry
There is a spark left...
Some hope a tiny bit
But who would pay attention to that small bit
Because in the real world there is no second chances
You have to make them yourself
And with that,that small tiny spark got going and caught on fire
And before you know it, it became a huge bonfire
It only takes a spark
And when that spark catches on
It's like a wildfire
But if you keep it tamed then it can be used for good
If you let it run wild then that spark could bit by bit break
Down people's confidence and hope
Be the spark that grows
Don't become a careless wildfire

Kind of thought of this off the top of my head. :-)
Nov 14, 2016

Sparks on paper turns to ash
Crumbling on woods of floors
Your eyes burning like hot coals
Breath shown in the winters air
"Did you know you were scared?"
I asked in wonder
Looking to the sky so dark and cold
Your lips looked unnervingly blue
"I was not scared
Not until your love turned from passionate flames
Like a summers heat wave
To chillingly cold like this mistake of a night"
And like the holes in your sweater
A broken heart can not be stitched
Back to the same form like the one through the store window
Out on 44th
The tip of your cigarette reminds me I am no longer your vice
Just a quick memory
A picture like the smoke coming off the ash
And like the sparks we first started together  
They quickly burn out

#love   #random   #burnt   #spark  
Austin Woodruff
Austin Woodruff
Oct 23, 2016

Christians! Have purpose!

like flint with intent
to strike a spark
to set a flame
to kindle a fire.

A fire to prepare the food
to give heat through the cold
to light the way in a dark night.

Christians. Be intentional.

#love   #fire   #dark   #night   #cold   #compassion   #flame   #spark  
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