Nov 24, 2016

Pull me,
play this tug of war
until I can no longer
bend back for you,
as much as I love you,
I cannot split myself in half for you.
I hope you understand,
I hope you see
I cannot feed this
masochistic thrill you seek;
I want to feel, feel, feel so badly
but not bad enough to taste blood,
but badly enough to give
all the right pieces of me
to the right person.

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annie l hayes
annie l hayes
Sep 14, 2016

Standing on the lip of a ledge,
Quivering, like a blade of grass in the first autumn breeze.
With raw adrenaline pumping from the top of my head
To the tip of my fingers,
I take deep breath in,
And jump.
The sense of rash, unrefined surf engulfs my body
As I plunge beneath the ill-tempered waves.
My feet taste the thick sand and I shoot up, breaking the surface.

Aug 3, 2016

Today I wanted to step out
Today I wanted my feet
to feel the heat
of the blazing sun
I wanted them to burn
with goodness, I wanted
them to burn, creating thrill
and a new me


#sun   #feet   #feel   #shortpoem   #thrill  
Tony Luna
Tony Luna
Jul 5, 2016

The thrill is not far away
I don't want us to be astray
This one thing i will speak of
Is not pressured like a dove

I've been preparing for this say
Knowing now is the day
To ask for the nights adventure
The moods will change like temperature

#adventure   #rhyme   #moods   #thrill  
Jun 24, 2016

i've been looking for
a thrill lately.
not the roller coaster riding, sneaking out
at two in the morning type of thrill, but
the type of thrill that evokes enough
curiosity to make rebellion
look like nothing.  
i'm talking about
the thrill that makes you want
so much more than what you are given,
so you avidly seek out
the unknown in hopes of
having the taste of adrenaline on your lips.

Kim Elaydo
Kim Elaydo
May 22, 2016

Oh, the thrill,
The pleasure, the pain —
Static —
Electric shock.
My body tenses
With every touch
Of his gentle hands
My body jolts,
My skin crawls —
Of satisfaction
And hunger —
Wanting more.

"I think I love you," I say as he puts on his clothes.
"No you don't," he replies with a grin
"You're right." I smile back.

He walks out the door.
#love   #pain   #lust   #sex   #pleasure   #thrill  
Snehith Kumbla
Snehith Kumbla
May 17, 2016

there was a young leopard
that morning in the sun

on hearing our joyous footfalls
it hailed out, "Having fun?!"

alas, not knowing, poor thing,
we didn't follow jungle tongue

and off we ran in such haste
as a question kept hovering:

"Having fun?!"

This poem is inspired by events that occurred during a trek with a friend on 10th November 2012. Though the creature

was not seen, circumstantial evidence suggests that we had a narrow escape.
#life   #adventure   #friend   #escape   #wildlife   #danger   #wild   #thrill   #hike   #leopard  
Apr 19, 2016

They gazed into each other eyes
He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers tenderly.
She shutted her eyes tight,
As his warmth mouth leave her body tingled in unspoken bliss.

#love   #kiss   #bliss   #moments   #couples   #thrill  
Mar 15, 2016

I thought of how much time it's been since i first realized you were special.
I don't remember the moment i first loved you;There were so many times.
I don't remember the moment i first felt a crack;There were so many times as well.
I remember the feelings;the agony,the pain,the joy,the passion;All of them.
Love is prideless,love is mirthless.
My heart was a masochist for cherishing what was bad for her,and i was a saddist for letting her do as she pleased.
Each time was different and each time was the same;
You talked and talked,thinking i would never mind
And i closed my mouth and gulped my feelings,because i would never try.
Such is the fate i chose.

#love   #poetry   #sad   #depression   #fate   #agony   #thrill  
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