Margo May
Margo May
8 hours ago

steadily he leads her
through intimate waters
drawing her into stormy seas

he is composed
of the rarest gem
pure grace flowing
through every vein

with great ease
he navigates
the slight curves
of her body

marks of love
add to the beauty
of her tanned skin

his comforting warmth
sends pleasant chills
up her spine

her movements are met
with a strength which pulls
her ever closer
with a strength which holds
her ever firmer

he subsides to gaze
at his breathless forever

longing is evident
in their undeniable joy
knowing someday
will finally be theirs

#love   #grace   #joy   #forever   #intimacy  
Dark Jewel
Dark Jewel
1 day ago

Time goes by,
Fluttering in the breeze.
On the wings of a butterfly.

Gently caressing,
Smooth hair.
Red like fire.

She stares,
At her timeline.

Much to do,
More time to spare.
Less stress to be there.

Her hand in her mates hand,
They stare at the setting sun.
Looking into each others eyes,
They are home.

1 day ago

nonsense dreams
eternise the deaths…
and severest nightmares
keep the fears alive…

except that if you can not
it already turns gradually your daily life into
a hell of lot dreammares…
forever and ever…

#fear   #night   #nightmare   #forever  
3 days ago

willows wilt,
daisies die.

when they say forever,
it's all a lie.

#lies   #life   #death   #end   #flowers   #beauty   #forever   #over   #illusion   #inevitable  
Zoe M Cripe
4 days ago

I don't believe in love at first sight,
Because when I first saw you,
I never thought you'd be mine .
I just fell into your grasp,
Into your lips .
I always knew something this good wouldn't last .
If there's one thing i'm certain,
It's that my writing changed the day I met you .
And if I could go back,
I'd make sure my heart was out of tune .
I don't believe in 11:11 wishes,
But I know that since the day we met,
I've used every one on you .
I don't live by the rules,
I'm so used to being used,
But if there's one thing I know,
It's that I'm madly, unconditionally, dangerously,
In love with you .

#love   #lies   #her   #him   #you   #me   #together   #believe   #us   #forever  
Zoe M Cripe
4 days ago

You'll always be my entire world,
Even if you'll never be my girl.
You'll always make my heart whole,
Even if you never know.
You'll never be all I need,
Because you and I just cannot be.
You'll never make me cry at night,
Because I realized you're not worth the fight.
You'll always be the one for me,
Even if you're deadly.
You'll always make the end known,
Even if the beginning is shown.

#always   #her   #him   #you   #together   #never   #us   #forever   #deadly   #mine  

And she was all I had ever wanted.
Those green eyes turned to glisten,
Her button nose succumbed cold,
Breath left her body to melt.
She allowed tears walk along
Every pore on her forgiving face.
She let the sobs be heard by
Every soul in that forgiving place.
And she was all I had ever wanted.
Crying for the words I should,
Taking on the pain I could.
And she was all I had ever wanted,
To feel love, to surrender.

Nani Burn
7 days ago

her lips are touching mine and all the sparks and excitement that i felt are yours

she's laying close skin to skin beside me yet my mind is in wilderness imagining you

you make me feel in heaven and wanted to sin at the same time incoherently under your touch but all that i can reach to is hers

you drive me into insanity where i couldn't think of any other but that's so unfair when she's here and you're not

and all the stars that i gaze to make me feel like flying as the hope in her eyes are gonna crush while i still can't find you in any other women

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #forever   #yours  

I could imagine the taste of an Angel,
Resting on my lips .
How it feels to hold her,
Softly between my hips .
Boundaries don't exist,
When you touch me like this .
I could imagine the deep embrace,
That would go onto the new day .
Forever can equal the kiss we will share,
The future we'll build here .
Forever can equal the battles we've lost,
The monsters we've fought .
Forever will always equal us,
Built with love and trust .

#love   #lust   #us   #forever  

I'm lifeless without love
i'm hopeless without help
i'm lonely on my own
i'm scared i'm not myself

there's no one beside me
its been half past 10 years
my glow is now fading
without her i cant hear

i cant hear my heartbeat
i cant hear my life
i cant hear my family
the're all out of sight

and then the big bang
that sprung me back from hell
her skin is so beautiful
and elegant as well

she saved me from death
not physically, but of the mind
and now i'm a poet
and for her- i will rhyme.

i'm alive with my love
she helped me to see
now i understand family
and what it means to me

She is the one who saved me
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