12 hours ago

You are forever gone, but the memories you left with me
will live forever.
Forever engraved behind my heart, and hidden between the depths of my soul and mind
You will never fade away like eternity's existence


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2 days ago

I know you've been yelling at him all night, oh girl, you're here because I've been doing it right.
But I'll pretend like I've no clue so just wrap your legs around my waist and we can keep going till his memories hit you.


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2 days ago

My headphones play the song of your voice
And the words you spoke as I whispered my fears to you.
I find myself tapping my feet
To the rhythm of all love:
Chasing, cherishing, regretting, forgetting
One, two, three, four
It’s a beat my heart has been conditioned to hear
Since my mother taught me the song as an unborn.
Just like her,
I know you’ve kept my secrets secure,
And unlike you,
I have not forgotten our midnight promises.

I can’t help but close my eyes every time I long
To feel the warmth of your smile that night in August.
And there, behind my eyelids
Your image is burnt like a childhood memory
Unwilling to be forgotten.

I stare at what I remember of you as the beat pounds in my skull.
“Forever,” you had said.
“You and me- just the two of us- forever.”
It’s a shame our forever was only as temporary
As your breaths in this world were
And now that I know we were never meant to be
I’ll hold this song inside my head
And your image in my mind’s eye
Until I am forced to forget you

Love does not break because of death. It breaks by the human notion that moving on is essential, and by the weakness of the memory.

Inspired by H.A.
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2 days ago

She's fire set to a fracking plant
She's angelic and demonic
The perfect short temper with the perfect sort of patience

She's way too cautious
When times are cautious enough
She could take you down with words
but you're not worth the time or the effort.

She's way too worried about life
Even though no one is ever worried for her
She'll make her parents proud
and make millions before she kicks the bucket

Her love for animals is something never ending
Her heart will grow for nearly anything

There's more I could say but really what's the use.
All the poetry and metaphors could never explain the plain truth.

The best part of me is finding someone like you.
(c) 2017

My best friend Becca is one of the most amazing women I have ever met.  I did a tribute for one of my best friends so why wouldn't I do another.
Organized Chaos
Organized Chaos
2 days ago

I could never imagine a beauty like you
to have ever been with me.
Reality slowly sinks within
that this could blossom like a tree.
Pinching myself from head to toe
I feel all the pain there should be.
Praying and hoping to always feel it
not to feel lost out at sea.

The way you smile and make me laugh
brings blissful emotions to my heart.
I yearn and strive to be a better man
so I don't give you a reason to depart.
Your love and beauty seem to be from a book
that only can happen in fiction.
Yet here you are in the flesh,
and we're able to cause sweet friction.

If I were to see you with anyone else
I would chuckle and laugh it off.
Quickly, I'd turn and walk away
hiding my tears, pretending to cough.
At least I could say, "Dreams come true"
as I remember the great times we had.
Then I would come back, in a flash
to know that I would be forever sad.

But here you are, as I am too
in this moment of sweet affection.
I'll always hold onto these memories
even if I'm dwindling from infection.
As I lay in bed and gaze up at you
a tear of joy slips from my eye.
Reminiscing of all the love you gave
unfortunately, this will be our final goodbye.

ZA love you.
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2 days ago

We are human
We all make mistakes
We love
And even stay
For those people that make
Our life really special
But then you realize that one day
It can be all gone
In just one second
Life is not forever
It will never be
So make the best of it

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3 days ago

Who will love you my lady?
When your breasts are on your stomach
When your arms are flabby and your hips are saggy
Who will love you?
You're aiming for the cutest guy in the room with no thought to heart or character
But there's nothing to be said about a boyish grin nor handsome eyes that are as guilty as sin
He is sculptured to perfection with no hint of imperfection
A man worthy and suitable for a magazine cover
But nobody can cheat time and only character will survive the ticks and outlive the tocks
Shall he love your soul as much as your body and appreaciate the fine lines and the elegance of the wife of his youth?
Look carefully through the room
who will love you?
Who will love you when you're grey and old?
Who will appreciate the dips when there's no longer curves?
Who will stick around when beauty flees and declare without missing a beat
"She is mine"

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Just Melz
Just Melz
5 days ago

I wanna hold your hand all night

I wanna kiss you until I melt into your very soul

I wanna undress you with my eyes until the image of your perfection is embedded in my memory

I wanna be in your arms until I can feel nothing but you and the darkness that surrounds us becomes all we know

I wanna make love to you until the sun rises on us and we're blinded by sweat and high off the fire that sparks every time we touch

I wanna fall asleep in your embrace, secure in the knowledge that I am loved.

I wanna wake up next to you until...


I wanna be with you until...


5 days ago

A circle is never-ending.
And I want to think
That is what we are.

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5 days ago

Two prisoners,
Trapped in a cage designed by them,
Built and established by them.
They made the locks.
Yet forever they remain,
Trapped inside a gilded cage.

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