Beloved of the sultry ness,
Half wight, fully light;
dayspring of the morn.

Heaven's spark at night;
Mine rainbow in
Fiersome storms.

Bedight me with thy
Comfort, quench me
In the dusk, lancinate
This anxious soul,
Kiss me with a

Quiet i'll stay,
I'll sit quite still;
To put mine soul
Inside thee, struck
By love so real.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poets poetry
©earl jane nagley dedication.

Beloved: dearly loved.
Sultry: hot and humid.
Ness; a strip of land projecting into a body of water.
wight : archaic word for (human being)'.
Bedight; decorate.
Thy: your
Mine means my.
Thee means you

Cherishing Heaven, where our Souls first embraced.
That moment I touched you,
I knew love guided me to you.

My adorable Angel,
Dreaming of us dancing in the moonlight,

I vow to hold on to you forever,
My adorable princess,
My sweet pleasure,

You are my hope,
The sweet love in my heart,

When I look at you,
I see only you and me,
Living in a world of forever love.

You're so special.
With your great kindness and patience.

When we cuddle close, when our hearts beat together as one,
And our lips taste of sweet love and bliss,
I make a wish.

My sweet desire,
Please, be my lover forever and ever!

Copyright © 2017  Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Wang So x Hae Soo || Forever and always yours

I wish we could go back years ago, to those days when you were a puppy a young healthy energetic non-diabetic puppy
When we play with your mom
She passed away years ago, but every time y think of her it hurts all over again
It take me back to that exact moment i run to my bedroom crying and start to drown myself in tears, nothing could ever replace her maternal feeling and the protection she will have died to give me
People might be thinking this is so stupid you are talking about a dog
But they will say that cause they just don't understand, they can't understand how it feels, how i felt
And now watching you so proudly, you learn everything we thought you
You learn to recognize my smell, my voice, my crying sounds and you sit beside my window just in case i needed you, just in case i need to look at those shiny full of hope beautiful eyes that you have
I used to think that fatness was a sing of healthiness, at least in you, you always looked so happy fat and adorable, now im watching you get skinnier and weaker every day and its just hurt so much when i look at you and your getting older but at the same time always seeing that young and wild puppy that i saw the firt time.
We grow up together, your mom was like our mom and i see you like a sister but at the same time like my baby that i have to protect.
I really wish I'm doing it well, I'm new at this, it is really making me stronger, your knew I always wanted to be a doctor and now I'm practicing because i have to inject the insulin every 12 hour and then give you your special food, and put that cream on your left leg, and after I finished all that i sit and look at your eyes and see then turning blue, and start to realize that you will be dying soon and there's nothing I could do about it
You are going to die and the only thing i can do is think about how much I'm going to miss you when your gone but at least you will be resting in peace and i will be getting stronger
Today was a normal day, we cleaned the house and make lunch, then we took you to get clean and I went to the hairdresser.
I was coming back home and hearing the radio with mom, suddenly she received a call, her face changed completely, she looks at me as i ask what happened and tells me that you are gone, that your little heart couldn't handle it anymore and that you are no longer alive
I stay quiet for a minute or two, and I started asking questions with what i had of voice between my sobbing
When I got home I could barely got out of the car, and when I did the house already felt extremely empty without you saying welcome back! And smelling us while moving your tale with some much happiness
You waited for me for four months and i will never be more thankful for that cause i got to say goodbye
I now you got through so much, every single problem you riced above, you were blind and somehow managed to live incredibly
I love you so much and i have no idea how will I managed to live without you, What do you do with all the love in the world you were willing to give, how do you keep going when the thing that kept you going is gone?  
This day didn't went as I imagine and life will never be the same, this house will always be a little bit emptier, my smile will always be a little bit fake and my heart will always have a little hole were you will always live with me

My dog died and my soul too
#sad   #death   #depressed   #alone   #dead   #cant   #crying   #suicidal   #forever   #dog  
2 days ago

Embrasse-moi lentement

The lavender sweet perfume;
A little too old for you
Though you were always more
Of a summer child
I seized you in a Winters night
Migrating birds,
Together we took flight

You crumble I know
Under a gentle kiss,
Not nips and grips
At such tenderness,
I value you sweet Delilah
With more than primitiveness

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

That dusky lavender scent
Still draws me in,
The cuddliness of the years
Still comforts inward tears
And I never let go of you, my girl
That young sweet 16,
Who never knew love

Though all those many years ago
You played me for a security- false
It was true, sincere
I needed you here;
Now that you’re gone,
I feel myself disappear.

Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
2 days ago

I lost my sanity back when he lost me,
knowing that he was the words
and I was the paper.

I could never be as good as I used to be,
knowing that I was his girl
and we were forever.

He lost the best of him,
and she found herself.

#words   #lost   #writing   #paper   #wrote   #forever   #sanity   #written   #herself   #helost  
Poetic T
Poetic T
2 days ago

I had a relationship with death, she had a grip
on my heart. Saying I was her only one,
but I knew there were others.

That I wasn't her only one, she had an embrace
of love on others hearts. She was by my bedside
whispering what was and could have been.

Her breath is cold on my soul, does she realize the
pain in my heart. I had an affair with death,
she was by myside saying we would be together forever.

She kissed me and I vacated this place, never to see
her again. I loved her till the end, but now she has
another's heart playing his strings till death does part.

#love   #kiss   #death   #end   #forever  

Put your arms around me
Pull me in close
Surround my soul with your love
Drive me into an overdose
Your skin is my drug
And I can't get enough
Your lips, your tongue
The epitome of my dreams
Your mouth, your hands
Simply touching me
Is all that need
To feel the depths of ecstasy

I'm lost in your world
In your eyes
You've taken control of me
A destiny I cannot deny
I'm yours
Your dreams
Your future
Your happy place
And in your heart
I've found my home
A resting zone for my soul
More exciting than anything I've known
Yet, my most peaceful place to go

Your touch, your eyes,
Your soul and your heart
All of yours entangled with mine
And we shall never part

Dedicated to the love of my life, DaSH.
#love   #life   #heart   #soul   #his   #me   #together   #forever   #yours   #hellopoetry107  
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
4 days ago

O' agrestrial daisy, don't lose hope; for mine love is not fading. Ague hast hit me, thirsting to touch just one finger from thy hand.

Im a child within a man;

Im weak, hurting, eyes worn,
Drowned in no time,
One pocket and a dime,
As I seek out thy soul,
Mine soul wails and mourns.

Seeking a vessel, to sail the sea's,
I'd do anything, to get to mine queen;
Anything tis, tis I'd do, even if still far, I love thee mine muse.

Dost thou not seest, mine heart beating quick; it quiver's, it aches,
From the fears that I get.

The fears tis I get, to be thine own best, even in mine sorrows,
Darkness, distress.

I smile to impress, to show thee warmth, because O' how I love thee; even in mine own hurt.

Even in mine own pain, with crooked teeth, and an ancient way; im a soul of the past, not one of today.

When thou art cold, mine hair wilt be thy quilt, when the world try's to hurt thee, I'll take all it's filth.

When the cloud's overcome thee, I shalt be thy sunlight; when thou only knowest wrong, I'll make it all right.

When the bird's no longer chirp, i'll be that baby bird; that whisper's it loves thee, even in all of it's hurt.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poets poetry
©earl jane nagley dedication

agrestrial: pertaining to something that grows wild.
Ague: a mild fever. Chills shakes with cold.
Hast : has.
Wails: crying out in pain.
Tis: it is.
Vessel: large boat.
Muse: person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
Wilt: will.
Thee: you.
Knowest: know.

I believe we all have someone destined to be with us...
I believe in destiny...
Showing love, affection and giving attention to my soulmate will be effortless, I believe...
Not just for few months or a year like other relationships we've had, but, forever...
Pure happiness...
Pure love...
Look at someone and all my body and soul scream "I love you" "I love everything about you, the flaws too"
Not just for a year or two... But, forever...
I believe that the person destined to be with me will love me for who I am...
And the things the others told me to change? Will make my soulmate love me more...
Love and be loved for long long years and still feel like we're dating for a week.
Yes, I believe in that and I hope I'm not being naive.

6 days ago

To the woman whom I love
To the woman who doesn't sleep
all night when you're sick
because she's worried

The woman I needed the most
The woman I can always count on
The woman who's too overprotective
The woman who we find annoying for being strict

You may be annoying sometimes
still i love you
You sacrifice so much for us to achieve what we want
and look at us, contented, happy and proud

The woman who will spoil us when it comes to food
When she laughs it feels so good
To the woman who will cry with us when we're in so much pain
To the woman whom i wish forever will stay

I am forever thankful to have you
God knows how much I love you
I'm proud to have you as my Mother
thank you for everything

I may not the kind of daughter you wished I would be
but just wait a little longer
I will make you proud, just wait and see

happy birthday mom! i love you
#mom   #forever   #thankful   #loveyou  
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