Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose
2 days ago

You said you'd love me
No matter what I did--
I understand

You said it was alright
To have bad days--
I understand

You said that I could
Make my own decision--
I understand

You said it was okay
If we disagreed--
I understand

I understand that they were
Empty words
And that in actuality
You want me to be
A Sunshine Girl
All the time

I understand.
I'll go back to faking my smile.
I'll go back to crying in secret.
If you want me to be happy
I will be.
Don't worry about me--
If you ever have, I mean.
It's alright.
I understand.

If you don't want me to show you who I really, please don't say you do.
3 days ago

Every piece of poetry
brings out a shade of reality
which is there and hidden
and our eyes open
with a degree of emotion

#poetry   #eyes   #reality   #emotion   #piece   #hidden  

She was amazing
But she was hiding
Beneath all the smiles
Are tears that were left unshed

Her voice as fine as the sirens'
Her eyes as bright as the stars'
Her laugh as nice as the angels'
Her smile as untrue as her words.

#love   #pain   #hurt   #hidden   #untrue  

The moon whispered to me
"Where is your past"
"Where are you"
I answered
"Hidden beneath my foolishness"*

.................        (o///_///o) why did i make a blushy face

A human being is like a flower with a hidden nectar essence of love, peace, bliss and wisdom inside
but takes the bee of strong determination to draw out or manifest it in one’s life and naturally abide.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#love   #peace   #flower   #human   #being   #bliss   #hidden   #wisdom   #essence   #nectar  

People don't always want to know
Your Authentic Self
In these days
Of President Donald Trump.....
A Man who primarily seems to want to
Destroy those who are Vulnerable and Weak,
One keeps one's Authentic Self
And puts on an act
For Public Consumption.

Is is okay, to hide the pain;
The pain that is buried deep inside my heart,
The pain that screams,
And tries to rip its way out of my heart that is its cage?

I tell myself;
“It's going to be okay just hide the pain, it go away sooner or later”
I smile,
I laugh,
I dance,
I sing,
I’m Happy, not really.

But it is okay to lie about this pain deep inside my heart
Because if I you told you all my dark secrets,
My fears, my pain,
Then you would never be the same;
You wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye’s,
You wouldn’t be able to figure out if I’m happy or sad anymore,
You wouldn’t know if I was lying or telling you the truth.

So I’ll keep this pain locked away, buried deep down,
Stitched down to my heart so it doesn’t reach my voice.

So don’t worry, don’t think,
I don’t want to tell you my pain,
So don’t ask, because I’m doing this all for your own safety.

Pardon my wording and such, this is one of my older poems, so it may not be phrased right or the grammar may not be the best.
#lies   #pain   #secrets   #hidden   #unbearable  
Sarah H
Mar 8

‘It’s like you never feel anything’

I do

You just can’t see it
That’s a good thing
Me keeping it inside
That’s a good thing

If you could get inside my head
You'd see how I am a nervous wreck
You'd see how each decision sends me in a frenzy
You'd see how each morning I wake up terrified of what might come

But luckily you don't

I can't have you ruining my reputation after all

#feelings   #nervous   #scared   #i   #you   #inside   #masks   #hidden  

She finds consolation
In the shell of her being,
At the bottom of an ocean
Where neither man
Nor the tide that follows him
Can carry her away.

Her heart belongs in a shell,
Wrapped in layers upon layers
of nacre
Where she can abstain
From pain,
From torment
And from his touch.

(c) L.J. Chaplin
#poetry   #empowerment   #women   #hidden   #pearl   #motjer  

On my bookshelf sits a cup of cigarettes,
But I’m not a smoker.
Every now and then I pull out my lighter
Take a few drags
And curse at myself for letting go once again-
But I’m not a smoker.
And it’s not an addiction.
It’s simply lost willpower
Letting myself drop the promises I make to myself
To sit and smoke a few
Taste the burnt mint roll across my tongue-
But I’m not a smoker.
I always buy a new pack
When I notice the cup running low,
Never let it empty completely
That would mean I smoke-
But I'm not a smoker.

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