Can hold his wife's hand
And not think such an act
Is a show of weakness
Will dance with his daughter
And not think such an act
Is flat-out ridiculous.
Is not afraid to say 'I love you'
And won't think such an act
Is boyish- immature.
Thats what I achieve to be
And to accomplish such an act
Is definitely worth fighting for.

About a year ago I took my girlfriend (who is now a good friend) out to eat and when she left to use the bathroom the waiter (who was also my newest co-worker) came over and we had a conversation like this.
W: Sunny! Didn't expect to see you here... What's up?
Me: Not much, just taking (gf) out for dinner.
W: Dude, that sucks. I pity where she's got you man...
Me: How so?
W: (gf) got you whipped! I saw her grab your hands, making you look like a baby and to top it off she choose the seats for you guys! That's harsh, real harsh.
Me: I pity you, and no longer wonder why you're single.
W: What the hell dude...?
Me: You're immature, boyish ways are understandably what prevent women from wanting to stay with you. Please get us a different waiter.
#love   #man   #fight   #boy   #friendship   #girlfriend   #daughter   #women   #wife   #immature  
Dhaara T
Dhaara T
7 hours ago

Josephine, Josephine, Josephine, Josephine
I told you to leave my man alone

Josephine, Josephine, Josephine, Josephine
You did not listen, now you reap what you did sow

Your beauty was beyond compare
But now you're left with half your hair
And he seems to have lost interest in you, Josephine

I told you, "stay away from him!"
But your superficiality won him
Now, as it fades, the spell breaks, Josephine

I always knew my love was true
And without me, he would feel blue
He called several nights to say so, Josephine

Today he's back, regretting he left
But guess what happens, happens for the best
He wont leave love again for lust, Josephine

Josephine, Josephine, Josephine, Josephine
I thank you for trying to take my man

Josephine, Josephine, Josephine, Josephine
He's learnt his lesson - love him truly, only I can!

Inspired by what bex did with Dylan's Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, even though this is nothing in comparison. I wanted to try something nonetheless. So, when I was listening to Dolly Parton's Jolene, I thought "this is it. I'm going to poemify this song."
I'd love to see a better take though, and learn. :)

If you haven't already, the beautifully crafted Hey Mr. Tangerine Man, by bex, here-
#love   #ex   #man   #lust   #lover   #woman   #jealousy   #triangle   #dollyparton   #jolene  
2 days ago

The radiant blossoms of spring,
Bursting from the frozen stagnant soil.
The snow blocking the plant's freedom.
An icy barrier telling the sprout it should wait to grow,
Halting its inevitable growth.
What is the snow for man?
What is our barrier from springtime sunlight?
Is it the establishments we toil away at?
The haze of winter,
Seems to never end now,
In our modern world.

#man   #pain   #time   #why   #summer   #spring   #when   #seasons   #work   #where  

Splat, goes the teardrops down her freckled face
I hate to know that I'm the one who caused her all this pain
I might as well have held the gun and shot it in her chest
The pain might've been lessened if I'd cared much less

Recall the day
My smoke eyes laid
Onto her violet orbs
Recall the way
I begged her stay
Despite my side of war

Enemy camp is where she lived but I payed that no mind
Instead I snuck into her heart, promised that she'd be fine
I grasped onto her soul with a gentle loving hand
Soon we shared our bodies as a woman and a man

She disappeared without a trace not leaving me a clue
I found her again but to my shock, her stomach clearly grew

She found out my past and knew which side I took upon the war
My darling cried and with dark eyes said, I wasn't good for her

All because of the difference in sides, a daughter I would never see
I, a soldier of Lustful Broken: She, the Queen of Loved Purity

She's right, I'm just a soldier boy
Who's bought by women as a play toy
But her, despite my solider boy ways
Gave me a dream for a future someday

#love   #heartbreak   #war   #man   #lust   #soul   #imagery   #purity   #baby   #gentle  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
2 days ago

Old boy Charman
stopped me outside
the upstairs lounge
where the old folks
were having their
morning slumber.

Could you put
a bet on for me?
he said.

I said.

He gave me
a piece of paper
with horse names
and how much
each way.

I gazed at it
he gave me
some money.

I'll do it later
I said.

He nodded
he was a fragile
framed men of 96
who'd fought
in the Boer War.

His wife
who was asleep
in the lounge was 94
and had dementia.

He went back in
the lounge and I
went down the stairs
to carry on
with other tasks.

I recalled him
asking me once
do you gamble?

Only on life
I had replied.

Life's a gamble
with no real winners
he had said
and named
and number
old friends
who were dead.

#man   #old   #nurse   #gamble   #1969  
Riley June
Riley June
3 days ago

They say I am art because I have been touched by a man,
well that is how they treat me
I am a body to be photographed and analyzed
just like the picture hanging
a picture cannot cry and neither can I
so I just swing with red lips
take me off display so I can be restored
paint starts to fade and the art disappears
purple necklace and bracelets are gone
I am not art anymore,
                             no one ever looks again

#man   #art   #woman  
3 days ago

Games lovers play

French cut panties and a black lace top
Candy apple lips lick’n on a lollipop
With a little giggle she lures me in
For a night of passion and heavenly sin
She feels like a breeze on a hot summer day
She smells like flowers in the month of May
Her kisses taste like watermelon wine
Her touch sends vibes up and down my spine

Butter mocha skin and big green eyes
Have me sedated and hypnotized
I am in her power, I kneel to her will
She has me bound within her spell
Candles, roses and scented oils
Gets our bodies going, makes the blood boil

Seduction, attraction and perfect affection
Take our souls in the same direction
She may be a goddess or just a dame
I may be a rock star when we play our games
We have fun, we enjoy each other
Love is the key that keeps us together

#love   #man   #sex   #woman   #games   #adult   #flirt  
Shofi Ahmed
4 days ago

The man maybe the giant
Apt general Alexander the great
For a drink with the wobbly lady
Melting in love though he can
shun the sun-setting sweet ocean!

I wonder would one care to bend
Will she pour down her potion
If it weren’t first laid inborn?

#love   #poem   #man   #woman   #lady  
Vanessa Grace
Vanessa Grace
4 days ago

God blessed the world when He made Man,
and I feel I know both of them
when I hold onto this one's hand
He sleeps like a child upon my chest
soft breath sending shivers
up and down my neck,
and I marvel,
and marvel, and
at a creature such as this.

He fits me, he suites me, he truly does—
in an instant, with just a glance at him,
I come a bit more undone.
His skin a sheen beneath moonlight
where I can truly see veins,
a blue network beneath his forearm,
holding me gently to his frame;

I would have never even considered
how it could fit with mine
or how we could even begin to claim
such a space between us.

And yet, here we are— and yet, here I am
tiny and misshapen,
cuddling a man who has taken my heart to a place,
in this tiny little bed,
where I know love resides.

The futon creaks, the fan swivels on,
and the icon candle burns brightly
in the corner.

... and here I am with a Man
who holds me so delicately in his sleep
that he would actually have you believe
that I'm the precious one.


Okay, so wow.
It's been a long while since I've sat down to write anything, mainly because of graduation deadlines and wedding planning, but I did it anyway. Huzzah!
I see a lot of areas where I could potentially build and improve upon this poem, but as for now, I simply want to remember how it felt that night to hold my fiance  (or rather, how he held me,) before he had to return across the country for a few months to work [#navylife]. That week was probably the most blissful time of my life... but then again, so is every visit with him.
#love   #man   #life   #romance   #woman   #admiration   #military   #inspire  
Addy Rose
5 days ago

The Darkness is where he will lay.
With many stories of man and many tales of Women.
The darkness consuming the his mind and making sanity scarce.

Hope you all enjoy
#man   #pain   #sadness   #alone   #empty   #darkness   #stories   #old   #tales  
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