2 days ago

Tears and tequila sloshing in her stomach
She’s a turbulent maelstrom, violently
Pulling and pushing people in and out
Of her suffocating grasp

The ocean calls out to her, whispering
“We are one of the same;"
Tugging and strumming the strings of her heart
As they wail to the violins

Shattered glass and swirling gales
Lure her to moon white sands
Her body moves unconsciously,
Gliding smoothly toward the tides

The waves crash at her feet and
She is salt water -- the teasing temptress,
Singing siren, luring men to certain death,
Spitting limp bodies back to shore like seaweed

Foggy eyes drip brine into the ocean
Essence fading with each step forward
Shallow waters embrace and murmur
“Welcome home,” her last moments
Preserved in the crashing sea foam

Insp. by Humoresque (1946)
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A baby's cheeks, creamy and soft,
      Would tempt the angel who seeks
To touch a heaven 'neath her loft—
         A baby's cheeks.

A plumpness puffs the chubby peaks
      Where roses bloom as oft
As streak their slopes with runny creeks.

Kissing the cheeks with peach-fuzz puffed
      That near speech with the weeks
Will send the spirit's soar aloft
         A baby's cheeks.

* * *

Étude Réaliste by Algernon Charles Swinburne 1837-1909

A baby's feet, like sea-shells pink,
      Might tempt, should heaven see meet,
An angel's lips to kiss, we think,
         A baby's feet.

Like rose-hued sea-flowers toward the heat
      They stretch and spread and wink
Their ten soft buds that part and meet.

No flower-bells that expand and shrink
      Gleam half so heavenly sweet
As shine on life's untrodden brink
         A Baby's feet.

A baby's hands, like rosebuds furled
      Whence yet no leaf expands,
Ope if you touch, though close upcurled,
         A baby's hands.

Then, fast as warriors grip their brands
      When battle's bolt is hurled,
They close, clenched hard like tightening bands.

No rosebuds yet by dawn impearled
      Match, even in loveliest lands,
The sweetest flowers in all the world—
         A baby's hands.

A baby's eyes, ere speech begin,
      Ere lips learn words or sighs,
Bless all things bright enough to win
         A baby's eyes.

Love, while the sweet thing laughs and lies,
      And sleep flows out and in,
Sees perfect in them Paradise.

Their glance might cast out pain and sin,
      Their speech make dumb the wise,
By mute glad godhead felt within
         A baby's eyes.

An important recent discovery.

Splat, goes the teardrops down her freckled face
I hate to know that I'm the one who caused her all this pain
I might as well have held the gun and shot it in her chest
The pain might've been lessened if I'd cared much less

Recall the day
My smoke eyes laid
Onto her violet orbs
Recall the way
I begged her stay
Despite my side of war

Enemy camp is where she lived but I payed that no mind
Instead I snuck into her heart, promised that she'd be fine
I grasped onto her soul with a gentle loving hand
Soon we shared our bodies as a woman and a man

She disappeared without a trace not leaving me a clue
I found her again but to my shock, her stomach clearly grew

She found out my past and knew which side I took upon the war
My darling cried and with dark eyes said, I wasn't good for her

All because of the difference in sides, a daughter I would never see
I, a soldier of Lustful Broken: She, the Queen of Loved Purity

She's right, I'm just a soldier boy
Who's bought by women as a play toy
But her, despite my solider boy ways
Gave me a dream for a future someday

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Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan
5 days ago

As we sat there on that worn white lifeguard’s tower,
chill breeze, I looked deep into your brown eyes.
The feeling it gave struck deep.
The surf worn beach which throbbed and eroded
with no rhythm, not like we had,
over millions of years. What a privilege it was to witness it then.
What a privilege it was to witness you there,
in that moonlight reflection.
The tide receded, we dressed.
Brass buckles, white cotton and denim.
We slept in the car
‘til the birds woke us.

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3 days ago

When you broke your nose, I remember the sound so vividly.

The bones cracking reminded me of my old walks through the forest on a late autumn evening, making sure to crush the freshly fallen twigs on the ground.

Your pain became my reminisce of a childhood dream I thought I lost. You knew me too well without even trying and that actually scared me
You were my human diary, you unknowingly held my secrets and brought them out of me. You made me happy when I didn't want to be.

I felt innocent but aged when with you.
Your idiocy made me mature with sensibility but reminded me of a younger self.

I can't forget who I was when you're near and I'm starting to think that's not all that bad.

#love   #fear   #scared   #imagery   #childhood   #freeverse  
6 days ago

Your golden hair is tinted purple because of the way you're standing in the hue of the blinding lights.

    I don't know if that's my heart or the drum beat thats shaking my rib cage, stealing the air from my cigarette stained lungs, making me tear up either from pride or fear because of your alluring looks.

I may know this song like the back of my hand because fuck,
I wrote it, but you're making me forget the words by just your one stare. My heart is bursting out of my chest, you're so fucking beautiful.

To make this flow into your ears like a melody or translated flawlessly like a song:
I can't fucking breathe because of you.

The barbed wire in my chest
Pokes and prods with each halting breath

Nothing is easy anymore
With it sitting there
Unwinding slowly

It rakes its claws against my insides
Around my bones
Into my lungs

Any sudden movement
Any risk
Any chance
Digs it only deeper

There is no room for error in this body of mine
I am a walking keep out fence

To me this is what anxiety feels like.
Not heavy like depression but cutting like wire.
#sad   #anxiety   #imagery   #fences  
Nathan A
Nathan A
Mar 14

Origami cranes
Fly towards the crescent moon
Amongst paper clouds

#short   #haiku   #moon   #imagery   #origami  

The night will corrode
Our smiles will erode.
It's been a long time coming down the track I s'pose.
The weather's finally warming
but I'm cold, ya know.
          And I know--
     the season's gonna change.

So peel back
          the streetlit sky of a Sunday night.
Reveals black.
          One empty gut, one clouded mind.
Got a fistful of pocket lining says I'm right.
Wrong way. Left turn. I'll be alright
          without you.
     I know my way home.

One talk at a time,
I finally know.
Out of words. Out of time. A frown growing slow.
The temperatures are turning,
turn my back and go
          'cuz I know
     that you already have.

I've always known
I would walk out alone.
Had to come out swinging for the quick K.O.
I hate the fucking heat;
you're sick of the snow.
          And you know--
     My reasons. Your excuse.

So peel back
          the bullshit smiles of a Winter night.
Reveals black.
          Your toothless mouth, this empty fight.
Got a fistful of pocket lining, walk all night.
Wrong way. Left turn. I guess I was right
          about you.
     I know my way home.

          Without you
     I know my way home.
          Without you.

This one was kinda spat and shoved out there. I dunno, I'm not super stoked on it.

Watery sunset
As the sunlight touched the Sea,
Waves painted the sand,

JB x

#peace   #imagery   #sunset  
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