rolling nimbus sky
heavy black rainbow clouds swell
burdening winds load

words in the wind

Montana Svoboda
Montana Svoboda
15 hours ago

Wrote to you casually we haven’t
Talked in a few years but you still
Read my poetry and it's sad but
You get it more
Than ever now

A faulty connection
Static radiating from radio signals
Held and let go of in water droplets
Falls from the sky born in pewter clouds
Ink swells spilling from vials
Passionately onto paper
Cascades from cheek bones-
Bottles of vodka these days-soaks into the new
Carpet bought before spontaneously collects and
Flows as if gaining sentience a great
Lake with strong currents, life
Riddled with electricity and interruptions
"Never enough time to devote to breathing
Constantly swimming to catch a clear path
Always and only being a fatalistic rendering
At what point is this classified as drowning?"
Wondering if not the affair could it have been
The ability to never complete a sentence
That caused the divorce

So I read your reply and it
Rained in the middle of January

it happened the day after her son's, got the letter a few days before mine
Tessa Calogaras
Tessa Calogaras
16 hours ago

In your body I can breathe,
your fragrance,
my exhale,
your voice,
my internal sigh.
The bed is our familiar,
so hard for us to go.
To leave this oasis,
where we fit so mosaic
like cherry blossoms in spring
or rooftops filled with rain.
I hate how vapid I become
as I stargaze at the sun.
Leave me dozy,
laughable at best,
dumbstruck devotion.
You are my only.
Tu es mon amour.

Tessa Calogaras
Copyright 2017
#love   #sun   #sleep   #bed   #rain   #romance   #sex   #spring   #french   #dumbstruck  
23 hours ago

Be lost in thought
As reading the novel…
Then take a sip his coffee…
Stumble again and again the words…
Then close the book and watch out free…

Suffering memories…
Come into view on
Vapour of the brown mug…
Regrets, unvoiced words
And farewells…

A couple of minutes
Can remind lots of things
What you labor to forget…

Rain cats and and dogs
Out of the window…
Though you just listen
The silent
Except sounds of fireplace…

There is huge of space
On the door
Except the thoughts…
And some vapour
Of the brown mug…

#home   #coffee   #rain   #window   #darkness   #night   #loneliness   #door   #minutes   #mug  
1 day ago

The rain it is a-falling hard
It’s coming down in torrents
I’ve never seen such heavy rain
It fills me with abhorrence

If out you step you will get wet
The land is one great puddle
All the roads have disappeared
The cars are all a-muddle

Mums and dads are driven mad
The kids aren’t out a-playin’
It’s a miserable flippin’ summer
When there’s nowt to do but stay in

I ain’t worn shorts but for an hour
I’m in slippers more than sandals
By the time it gets to half past eight
We’re lighting flippin’ candles!

We haven’t seen the sun in weeks
Just dark, foreboding skies
Whoever said the globe is warming
Was telling flippin’ lies!

This light-hearted ditty was written during a particularly dreary and dank  British summer.
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
2 days ago

Raindrops keep falling in my life
pitter, patter, pitter patter, trouble and strife
unfamiliar experiences and reactions rife
a body like butter with pain the knife

Life went on 'til illness pressed pause
a reticent role of rebel with a cause
each day now a battle in wellness wars
poetic metaphors dig like devil's claws

An existential journey throwing curve balls
the game of life gives iffy line calls
barriers and hurdles provide plentiful falls
bad days find you climbing the walls

Hearing Carpenters songs wearing a frown
rainy days and Mondays always got me down

#life   #illness   #rain   #wellness  
SJ Ordonez
SJ Ordonez
3 days ago

The rains stopped
I gazed at the world outside
It's a mess
I dropped my pen
I crumpled my paper
And crumpled another one
For there are no poems to write now
There are no words to feed on
- a poet's dilemma

The rain stopped
And the cynical people swiftly scattered
Out from their temporary shelters they cam
Longing for home
Longing for sleep

#life   #sadness   #rain  
Marissa Straw
Marissa Straw
Jul 4, 2016

She falls
Starbursts of rain
Upon her umbrella fort
Nothing left but one unblemished dry spot

She walks
The sky moving forward
And back, she goes
Her shoes squish, squash in muddled thoughts

She stops
On warm cement
Steam rolls along
As she turns
Toward the fort again
Behind the door
Looking back at the once dry spot

#alone   #loss   #rain   #story   #childhood   #loneliness   #small   #freeverse   #umbrella   #fort  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
4 days ago

Whatever the weather
we ignore it, never
for many an obsession
a form of digression

When meeting a stranger
we fear no danger
providing we tether
ourselves to the weather

Wonder whether the weather
should be called "whether"?
whether rain or shine
the weather's in decline

Whether it's climate change
which Trump seems strange
or whether it's mankind's folly
never visit Manchester without a brolly!

Yet another pun on Mr President's name.
*brolly - umbrella
Vhey Casison
Vhey Casison
4 days ago

Unwanted, it came out of the sky. Each drop falling straight for the earth. Feels heavy upon my shoulders, as if a giant presence filled the air: everywhere I go, leaning, clinging—hanging on my back, with its grips of quicksand. Time and again, it blinds, disarming me with its painful Flash, before its booming Roar, that the beating of my heart seems to shake my vision, and my bones to creak—all out of a stupid fear; creating an earthquake insensible to others, with its epicenter at the very core of my being; while my stomach growls in resonance, giving a severe indigestion, and a vertigo so persistent as to make someone vomit his own life. And though it came down with a chilling breath, sweat unceasingly springs from my body. For the truth is—I am truly nervous, that this rain is but one of the many storms to come.
And so, as the discordant melody of the city continues to lull the world
I, like an infant mewling at night, remain awake, cursed to ponder
never to be reconciled with peaceful Slumber.

#depression   #rain   #storm  
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