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Yekaterina Ko Feb 2015
Grasping the wisps of dreams
Longing for the scent of hope
Chasing the ghost of whims

Gray clouds storm in as dreams shatter
the shards of glass cutting deep
with only pain as my friend.

No blood.

Just the numbing pain,
until I can no longer feel

The dull pain of what was
or what could have been.

Fighting that will to scream
or to agonize.

To fall on the ground for a demon
To imagine anything from then
Would that be weak?

To chase a ghost.
To chase the wisps of dreams.

To long for smoke.

Yekaterina Ko Jul 2014
I sleep in the morning haze.
Wake in the jubilant night.
Die in the shadows of dusk.
Yekaterina Ko Apr 2014
"Two roads diverge in a yellow wood"
And I
I took the path in darkness.
It can wait.
I can wait
He can wait.

These thoughts shroud my mind
Cloud it over with confusion.
I'm lost.
In my mind.
In this world.

"Two roads diverge in a yellow wood"
And I took the path.
This path.
A path with troubles.
credit to Robert Frost
Yekaterina Ko Feb 2014
We are nothing but chess pieces
On a chess board
Until we decide
That we are the player
And we set the stage
To the story that we have yet to write.

Yekaterina Ko Jan 2014
After the makeup—
The thick layers you insist on painting—
After the jewels
And the fashionable clothes
As well as your glossy hair,
After all that’s off
You know what’s left?

What’s left isn’t the pimples,
The dark circles
The limpness of your hair
The unkept, unruly appearance you hide.
What’s left is a perfect image
An image that means true beauty
I can see the clearness
The fragileness
The humaneness that is you
All I see is someone
That I don’t need to chase
And that I don’t need to glorify
Under false pretenses

Yekaterina Ko Jan 2014
Standing with claws in the deep
Running down
Cold and heartless.
I want out
But I want in.
Do I stay?
Do I stay
Knowing that I lost
Do I stay
Knowing that I have nothing.
Nothing left.
Nothing to see
Or expect.

Yekaterina Ko Jan 2014
Imagining you by my side
Your warmth
Your smile
Your beauty

You don’t need to be perfect
or muscular

You don’t need to be popular

You just need to hold me in your arms
Squeeze me tight
Prepare for an intense tickle fight.
You need to have a smile
A smile that will break me
And fix me

I don’t care how you look,
I just want you to be you
To be someone that I won’t be able to let go
Someone that I can call home

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