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Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Because I could see it,
it’s not as good as it used to be,
like it was before;
but you came around,
and made it all better.

All my grey skies fades away,
all my happiness came with you today.
All my perfectness that I flawed, was all within you.
Because I could see it,
and it was better than it ever was before.
I wrote this on my phone using the predictive text button.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
I wake up every day for 365 days a year thinking about you,
wondering about you and wondering how you are –
but we’ve been together for two years –
That’s a total of 730 days that I constantly think about you,
and some of those days were happy tears.
Some were not,
but we’re still together fighting for what we’ve got.
We’ve got each other and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Every day contains a total number of 24 hours in a given day,
and every hour is 60 minutes that I spend thinking about you.
From when the sun comes up to when the sun goes down,
that’s a total of 3,600 seconds in an hour –
that I will always be there for you when you come back around.

What I want to know is how many seconds in 730 days,
that I spend thinking about you –
and wondering how you are?
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Haunted, broken, & scared –
is how she felt because of you
& there was nothing you could do
to save her.

His words that he spoke –
cut her like a dagger,
& he didn’t know that
his words were like a knife –
when he tried to save a life.

Haunted, broken, & used –
is how she felt because of you
& she rose back from the dead for you
to come back & haunt you.

December is the coldest month of all –
much, much colder than his heart,
he didn’t know that she would fall –
fall into a million pieces –
losing herself, losing her heart.

Haunted, broken, & lost –
December reminds him
what he forgot.
He forgot how to love,
in the coldest month –
with his cold heart,
he. fell. a-part.

Looking at her grave,
that’s where he laid.
With a tear being shed,
and his dagger in his hand.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
That time he stopped believing that our love was real instead of some fairytale.
That was also the first time he had ever gotten into a fight, and it was in a dark room of all places.
I believed and I had faith;
but it all came burning down in the flames of envy,
jealous of the woman that I was becoming, scared of the change that has happened.

Of all places the dark room is where I kept all of our memories,
pictures of who we were and who we were becoming;
but he had to set that room in flames.
I could never go back in there ever again, my feelings they won’t ever be the same –
before that fight
that night.

Before the slamming screen doors,
broken glass on the floor,
tears streaming down my face,
and standing in the wrong place.

Our memories were ruined by one serious fight,
I grabbed the keys and got out of sight.

When he stopped believing,
I stopped breathing…
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2018
I started having dreams about you -
but apparently you dream about me too.

Starting to feel a little crush
about my past love.

But there is just something about you
that makes me feel the way that I do.
I'm having weird dreams lately about the things that I shouldn't be dreaming about.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2018
Remember me for when the evening sun goes down,
and I'll remember you,
and all the good times that we had
in this old town.
I'll remember you-
whether it was the good love we had-
or the love that just gone bad.

Remember me for when the evening sun goes down,
and I'll remember you,
and all the places
that we've been around,
I'll remember you-
when I go to our old favorite spot-
I'll remember your beautiful face,
in my old town.

but promise me this,
for when our friendship sinks-
that you'll remember me,
wearing my favorite floral dress,
my curly hair in a mess-
sitting on a blanket in the grass,
with your arms wrapped around my chest.
Just you and I watching the sun set.

Remember me for when the evening sun goes down.
I wrote this  when I was at a writer's workshop over the summer.

— The End —