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May 2018
Haunted, broken, & scared –
is how she felt because of you
& there was nothing you could do
to save her.

His words that he spoke –
cut her like a dagger,
& he didn’t know that
his words were like a knife –
when he tried to save a life.

Haunted, broken, & used –
is how she felt because of you
& she rose back from the dead for you
to come back & haunt you.

December is the coldest month of all –
much, much colder than his heart,
he didn’t know that she would fall –
fall into a million pieces –
losing herself, losing her heart.

Haunted, broken, & lost –
December reminds him
what he forgot.
He forgot how to love,
in the coldest month –
with his cold heart,
he. fell. a-part.

Looking at her grave,
that’s where he laid.
With a tear being shed,
and his dagger in his hand.
Rebecca Lynn
Written by
Rebecca Lynn  21/F/West Virginia
(21/F/West Virginia)   
     Surbhi Dadhich and Noone
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