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Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Because I could see it,
it’s not as good as it used to be,
like it was before;
but you came around,
and made it all better.

All my grey skies fades away,
all my happiness came with you today.
All my perfectness that I flawed, was all within you.
Because I could see it,
and it was better than it ever was before.
I wrote this on my phone using the predictive text button.
late in the afternoon
a storm hawk
sounded his prophetic tune
within his blood
an inkling of the weather
which would prevail
his clarion call
went o'er the landscape
from a vantage point
high in a gumtree
it reverberated
so liberally
inside the hour
on the hills
and in the steep ravines
gullies rushed
in fast moving streams
he knew the weather drill
he knew it well
when skies would
spill a raining
his predictive powers
sensed moisture
being about
hence his calling
in an innate vein

— The End —