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renzordss Jul 2018
Noong unang kang nakita, kaba ang nadarama.
Simple't morena. Ngiti'y kakaiba.
Ngiting pangkaraniwan na katulad sa iba?
Sa'yo'y 'di nakita, marahil sayo'y espesyal,
Parang ensaymada, matamis at kaaya-aya.

Hindi nagtagal ako'y nahulog sa'yo,
Nararamdama'y hindi maipaliwanag, jusko!
Sarili'y hindi mapigil, nako po!
Isinantabi ang iba, na sa iyo lamang ang titig ko!
Nagkaroon ng lakas at lumakad na patungo sa'yo,
Nagdadalawang isip kung ito ba'y sasabihin ko.
Pawis ang siyang tumulo sa noo ko
At bigla na lamang bumuka ang mga labi ko
At i-winika sa'yo,
"Susungkitin ko sa langit ang pinakamagandang bitwin para lamang sa'yo.
Ngunit nagkamali ako sapagkat ang pinakamagandang bitwin na nakita ko ay ang mga mata mo.
Sinta, ikaw ang langit ko."

Ilang segundo ang tumagal,
Ika'y tumalikod nang mabagal,
At ang realidad nga'y sumampal,
Ako'y para bang binutata't sinupalpal,
Nang tumalikod ka, niyakap mo ang iyong mahal.
Born Aug 2018
Ring ring
Hello, Linda

Hello cate, you've hit my attention
I hope you got love and *****
Some pills for the oozing heart
Some illusion for the nostalgic memories

"Linda was diagnosed with broken heart syndrome
She rarely breathed
her heart was dragging her through most days
it was giving up
She  couldn't feel it at times"

Noo, today I've got cards
Maybe we can play tricks on your heart
Remind it how it feels to be alive  

What would you tell Linda

Write a poem

Negra Jan 2016
My lips felt warm around that word.
Like when my leg wrapped around you
Insulated by your thick body.
It's like we never had sleepless nights.
In white cold Michigan.
Cold like Christmas season
With a warm mood.

My tongue got twisted as I began to age
I couldn't grasp my leg around you
and I only got shorter, while they said you're getting stronger
This is what it's like to get older.
So I didn't sleep with her anymore.
I couldn't sleep as much anymore.
I stripped the yee
That bounded us together
No mommy no mommy noo
I called her mom
Because I'm an adult now.
I am cold.
They said venture off into this world alone.
But thankfully,
Every time I turn around she still has a hold.

My leg let go of her body
But her hands bleed with a tight grip
And cracks that let me back in.
She said Mommy will always be here
We were one when you were inside me
We are one now because I am always beside you, behind you, before you, because I love you.
I love you Mommy.
kingjay Dec 2018
Iligaw ang tukso ni Lusiper
sa diwa na siyang naghari
Magmuni-muni sa ibaba ng mundo
Sampung beses pagtimbangin ang mga gawi

Lampas sa katotohanan ang layon
Anyo ng mundo ay di magkatugma sa panaginip
Ikumpay sa apoy hanggang sa lumaki
Tiwala sa sarili, magtiwalag man sana'y di lumayo

Sa labas ng sanlibutan ay nagmasid
May mga dagim na nagtabon sa buwan
Nang nasilayan ang diklap sa alangaang
na sumambulat sa noo ay sumingaw ang depresyon

Mapagkunwaring uwak na dumausdos sa ere
Simpleng kilos niya'y nakakaaliw
Humapon sa troso para magpahinga
Sa kanyang aparisyon makikita ang
unos na dinadala ang dahilan ng pagdarapa

Naglaon na kuwento ay nagparinig ng alingawngaw
noong unang pag-usbong ay umani ng kahihiyan
Naging balat-sibuyas na tubo
humihikbi nang patago
Ken Pepiton Nov 2018
Master, this was said to me
should I be triggered or flogged?
Think Sisyphus happy.

What year is this?

Babble, babble, all around me, no
God, not this, again.

It's all in yer head, keep rollin' the rock.
keepin time, makin rime rimey rime
frees icicles on my beard
if you could see me now,

Hell, who imagined this?
I am Sisyphus happy and Sysifus sad,
now for as long as I care to recall

I roll the rock.

It was the hell I had envisioned, since
Camus at least, probably something triggered,
seventh grade, oh
cliché, except
the details, the evil, as seen in the thirteenth
year of an unwombed man's journey, womb to tomb.

I rolled the rock.
Alone as all hell, bored as hell.
food and drink, folly to think
so I stop thinking about them

as if someone thinks I can and I think I can.
Let's doit
daydream cliché, same seventh grader asks
Diane Wescott if he can kiss her
under the water
at the deep end of the public pool

Like Tarzan and Jane and she said yes,
again and again and again
like the expert's rats that are allowed
to suicide on big pharma grade *******

Wahoo, that got the rock rollin'
like I never thought she would now

yah, Jah, know what I mean,
Billie Jean, the kid coulda been mine

But I was rockin' and rollin' all night long,
notime, noo time ah tahlllll

Some minds may imagine Sisyphus happy,
but up to not too long
I fail, failed am failing to re
call member hotline
Matrix Wachowskie, bact to your box,

I am haunted by that movie, in 2018
keyphrase 2018 trigger Matrix movie 1
not the movie, the idea of endless bullets.

Who imagined that,
Hell, this is easy. Right, two persona one person sort of
story, no, too, Jekyl n Heckle

I can think any thing as long
as I roll the rock. This will go on forever,
as far as I can tell.

Rock and roll will live forever, let's take that
as a given, and just ignor the steady
up and down, resistance to punching down force goes up and release,
the rock rolls as far as Luck would have it, statically, probably

pause. breathe, read

The rhythm varies, I'm in forever, not in hell.
A page or two from a journey throu reality from a happy sisyphean POV
Yuli Rob Sep 2018
I'm so ashamed
For my mom not being wise
For always judging me,
and giving me bad advice,
rather lose a crazy lover,
than waste your time,
Cause girl u should ur feelings cover,
don't listen to him: ,, U're just mine".
He's not good for u cause he ain't czech, plus he's a soldier he'll break ur heart and then ur neck ..
I hated my mom and wanted him back.

For my cousin dating a racist,
Homophobe, who'd be a doctor.
How even he can be one?!?
A Doctor should take care for every one!!!
I can't even talk with my cuz, who was like my sister,
For dating this irritating mister.
I'd like to have my dear sis back,
Who I thought was openminded
With good heart, what a heck.
Now considers me as a stranger,
Who's in a danger, just for dating a black.. ranger,
But he's my major.

How easily u can see who's friend
And who ****.
Who goes with brand
And who doesn't mind not a bit.

I'm ashamed for all those people full of hate,
none of them can be my mate..
who are scared to step out of crowd and be brave,
They should stay in cave
Learn how to behave
go for truth and common good.
**** them all, I mean it.
God sees you, **** it!
Please change y'all, people.
Who really strong.. noo.. hate exists., we above it.
So y'all be kind,
better life without judging, make up ur mind,
u'll love it!
What goes on
Hello Daisies Mar 19
Haha i lied
I tried to hide
I am just so tired
Of crying

I kept the facade up
Really believed myself
When i said
I wasnt bothered

yet i stood there
My heart breaking
At each word she said
About laying in that bed

With you
Seeing you
Ignoring me
And wanting her

Talking to her
Like you did me
It wasmt just jealousy
But pure hurt

Now I cry
And i ask why
******* why
Everyone makes me die

A little more each time
My heart really hurts
How cruel to me
You didnt have to be

I was happy with what we had
You pushed me away like trash
And she took my feelings
And ripped them apart

Ruthelssly she came at me
Eyes wide open shamelessly
Telling me her exploits
As she stomped on my heart

In front of everyone
I smiled as she pounded
Twisted and churned
With a burning sledge

Maybe a bulldozer
It hurt more then anything
Yet i smiled becuase
What can i do
Jokingly tell you off

Is about all i can manage
Becuase it doesn't matter
To anyone but me
Lets face it
I'm nothing

Replaceable to all
Everyone waits for my fall
They see me crawl
And hit so many walls

They all laugh
Hurting me is ok
Beating my face in
In the middle of the day

It's cruel and unsual
But for me it's normal
Everyone watches
Noo ne cares

I'm in pain
I expected this
I did think of course

That when you moved on
You'd be a bit kinder
Then taking full force
And ripping me in half

Its okay
I'm sure you're a great guy
It's just me
My eyes

They speak to people
They tell everyone
To hurt me
In the sickest ways

I must have a price to pay
With god
I don't get normal
I get eternal damnation
And I'm still alive

When i see her face
Smiling with yours
My heart doesn't just break
It sinks
Into a dark hole

Taking my life and soul
The rest of my body
Falls angry and stabs
Until i can't breathe
But i didn't want to cry
Therefore i drank
Because the poison
Soothed the anger

Id rather poison myself
Then let it out
Yet a song played
I wrote the words out
In my diary

And each mark
I put down
Reminded me
And brought a smile
Into a frown

Each memory escaped me
And then returned
Darker and unsettled
Now they hurt
Theyre in pen

I can shred the paper
Theyre still written
Even blowing through
The wind

So each mark i made
With each memory i tear
broke free
Now here i am

1am and I'm crying alone
The worst part is
Im so used to this
Yet it always hurts more

I was so happy
I wore yellow
The day after
You touched my heart

Now i remember
Yellow was never
My color
I only know
Deep blue

The yellow is raining
The rain won't stop
It's cold and hailing
I keep failing

The storm is breaking
Im in it and shaking
The ground is quaking
Inside it's aching

Deep inside
That yellow dress
Is torn and bruised
My fingers bled too much
To fix it

I'm so sorry.
My pain never goes away
Im so sorry
The endless crying won't stop
Im so sorry
You hurt me
And I can't

Im sorry
I'm a fool
i just give up. Everyone hurts ne and then acts like its ok. And i never do anything but cry becayse when i tey i get laughed at and hurt. I got replaced. So fast. Right in my face like im a ******* joke.

— The End —