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kerri Mar 2016
the beginning
You dropped a seed.
I picked it up and gave it a home in myself.

the middle
It grew in my heart.
I cared so much for it,
Watered it,
As hard as it was, I even changed the soil surrounding it.
Blossomed into such a beautiful floret.

the end**
You left.
The sacred efflorescence shed its petals.
My soil wasn't enough for you.
From Potent Treasures despite Five Months past
The Sixth Great Angel suddenly appeared
Reminding my Lost Voice which Virtues last
And preached the Sermon of True Self revealed
How Wonderful must your Header advise
Being the Younger of your Sister's sprite
From there Unknotted Loyalty devise
Though snubbed by Pink Dandelions in spite
Now I can see why he chose over you
His Charming Sense knew your Heart was that Pure
And please keep on; Keep that Silver Disc blue
Coat them with your Wings from being demure.
Yes I Agree. Of your True Coating's stand
Thank you so much for reminding me at hand.
#daleysangels #katierobsonx
laura Jun 2018
i’m a kitty cat, a minx,
a playful mistress
your enigma, the sphinx
and my fur’s wet

****** into water,
trying to escape the rain
or the plunge,
happiness is a stain

the more ya pet me
the more i bite
the more you pick me up
the more my tail twitches in spite

if today you drop me
i’ll love you
but if today you love me
i’ll hate you
She Writes Jul 2018
Consumed my thoughts
Swallowed my soul
Ate away at my sanity
Unable to stop this cycle
Of negativity

I should have passed
Less judgement
I should have been
More understanding
I should have cherished
Every moment we shared

Worried that I have lost my chance
Will I ever make you laugh again?
Will we ever make new memories?
I should have told you I love you
When I had the chance
To hear it back
A man and a woman stand in a yard
their fingertips touching slightly.
She sits between them
hands in her lap
voice off
like she was taught in school.
Mom and dad have a secret.
She thinks there is a surprise waiting for her in the house.
Katherine Anne
Katherine Anne Seymour
There is something abnormal about you
cell deep
malignant and capable of killing.
If we could take it out of you
and put it somewhere else
like a star or the highest branch
of the tallest tree
somewhere so
unreachable that we could ignore its pain
we would.
But Katie
Katherine Anne
Kitty Cat
we can't.
Forced poetry for a creative writing class.
Bloop poems Jul 22
The name you gave still hurts
Only been a day and yet I have more tears to last two years.
You asked what we were and then left when I didnt know left because it's not the answer you wanted...
I can't feel anything, the pain runs through my blood and crushes my heart in to little pieces.
The run of tears from last night still stained to my cheeks..
In the month we talked you brought more light to my life then ever and now you leave me with


Kat Feb 12
Time travel to Dallas days. We were sitting in your Acura Legend. Your face veiled, my eyes watery from the smoke, I know I hate tobacco now.
"Tom, teach me how to write poems, like yours."
"Okay but tell me first, Katie.
What are you running away from?"

We were close to home,
just sound without meaning,
a kid’s drawing on the refrigerator.
So the answer never differs:
I’m not running away, I’m running towards.

I don't remember, do you,
when poetry turned into dictionaries of devotion.
It was the language of tenderness you taught me,
my extinct mother tongue.
To love the ordinary was suddenly easy.

Those memories
                  the warmth of you
make it hard to imagine
that you are buried
somewhere in Iowa.

Here, read my dictionaries now:
page after page,
in hundred variations:
„Please come back to me“
„I will always long to bargain your soul for mine.“

That little toy airplane, the one you gave me
when we were kids,
still stands on my nightstand.
This time it is my turn to teach,
teach you about the cruelty of freedom.
My favorite Lostie.
BJ Donovan Nov 2018
The Puberty Years

  Oh, Christ! A catholic boy traversing
  travels through puberty. My voice cracks
  and I have body hair and I smell off and
  I can't stop thinking about ***. Just me.

  There's not always an end in sight. I'm
  in endless time with my awkward trials.
  I see 007 and fancy me secret agent Bill.
  I want to see a ****** up close. I fail.

  I'm left hungry and determined and I
  meet Kathy. West Side Story Maria.
  She and I have Katie, then Sean. I
  fall over the edge of this flat earth.
Amanda Sep 3
i tried
let the record show that i tried

i was the queen of spontaneity
i was always secretly proud
of the number of times that i peed a little
from laughing too hard

i loved with my whole soul
a depth of love that few have ever felt

i climbed so many mountains
and figurative

i treaded so many oceans
and figurative

i never learned how to whisper
and i never stopped biting my nails

i couldn’t lose those ten pounds
but i genuinely learned to love them
there at the end

i was a really good writer
my sister thought it was odd
that i wrote poetry incessantly
but i reveled in her judgment

i made so many friends
because i was the kindest person
most of you had ever met

i wasn’t bad at many things
but oh good lord i was a terrible driver

i had a few too many lovers
but i don’t regret a single one night stand

and i’m sorry momma
but i had a lot of one night stands
at the end

i fought with god
and i gave up on him

i was amazing
i had so much potential
i was the best **** sixth grade teacher
i changed so many lives
i was the best aunt
to little london and maverick
i was a good big sister
i was a good little sister

i was a daddy’s girl
his perfect, brilliant, darling
manda panda

i was a 3.97 student in college
and i thought those missing .03 points
made me more relatable

i was so close to happy

i fell in love three times
and considered myself lucky
with every fall

i was never capable of maintaining a tan
and i looked amazing
in a high waisted bikini

i was more confident than most girls
will ever be

i was always an all or nothing
type of girl

and one day
all turned to nothing

and it didn’t go back
please go back
i begged and begged

but it didn’t go back

so now i’m sorry
now i’m the girl who ruined my mom
i ruined daddy
and B, B, and A—
the best siblings there ever were
i ruined katie
i ruined ryan

i’m so sorry
you don’t deserve to feel this hurt

but i didn’t deserve to feel mine

and i don’t anymore
please don’t let anyone
wear black to my party.
say goodbye in pastels.
Katie Miller Mar 8
“I freaking love you”
My heart skips a beat
As it belongs to him
“I freaking love that”
My heart jumps to my throat
As it tries to escape
“I freaking love us”
My heart has jumped out
And it spreads across the page in letters and words
“You just inspired me”
With poems of my words he writes
And claims I am the inspiration
“I really want to hug you right now”
My heart soars across the sky
It melts with the sunset colors
“Don't cry”
I cry because I'm relieved
Doesn't he see how happy he makes me
“You make me happy too”
Also, together, we
I can't contain the bliss
“You just wrote another piece”
My words to him are poetry
He claims I'm better than I am
“Your (you're) perfect, Katie Miller”
He says but I don't quite believe
Because I've been broken many times before
“You write every time you speak”
I use words because they're true and real
It's as if they understand me better than myself
“You inspire me alot”
You inspire my words
You inspire my poems
You inspire me
poemsforthedead Sep 2018
all i want is to be heard;
not by you.
you do not care.
but instead i want the trees
to hear.
my quiet breathing
my song so dear.
i want my best friend to please
shut her mouth.
about sam's wretched life
that is going south.
i dont care about
stupid katie.
and the fact that she and tom
are dating.
i want the trees to listen please.
to the heartfelt story i tell with ease.
i want the river to tell me how,
the past, present, and future are now.
but if no one cares,
i guess i wont.
oh well.
i know that you dont.
I'm still alone, one year has passed, your lips not there, your heart beats fast, my heart beats slow, my soul was dead the moment i let you go, those ******* words hurt me so much, yet all I dreamed of was your touch, your heartbeat knocking on my chest, I love you still, yet we failed this test, I thought of you like no one else, and so did you with all your heart, crying on that bathroom floor was hard, it hurt so much to hear your tears, blood dripping fast my soul in fear, what have I done!, to you I cried, but all I heard was your faint reply, a teardrop rolled right down my eye, then down my cheek, my knees felt soft my feet were weak, so on my knees I cried again, my love my heart please let me in, the door then faintly lent towards her head, her eyes were wet her hands too bled, I tried to stand but fell back down, i slowly moved towards my clown, this cheerful girl whose heart I broke, now cuddled me with force to choke, I still felt weak as now I do, my phone is soaked not from the rain, but none of this removes your pain, so there we sat, in our own tears, our grip was strong but still in vain, so love of mine our time has passed, and all of this was just too fast, you wanted me for who I was, yet when it came to make a choice, I chose to run, from your hearts voice.
I postponed releasing this for quite a while, but its probably best to stop feeling that guilt and pain which has hurt me for so long and move on. This poem is dedicated to my sweetheart, the girl who made me feel so much and was always there for me, now I can only wish I did for as much for her as she did for me.

— The End —