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Emily Larrabee Feb 2015
Since I was six I suffered with depression
From the age of seven
they told me "You are not worth it"
since I was eleven
I've believed every word the bullies tell me
Never believing that I was in fact special
Since I was twelve
My life has nearly ended
over twenty times
I've been hospitilized over and over
for things i did to myself
because selfish people in my grade
treat me like im nothing
hate me for no reason
and bully me to the point i want it all to end
I tell them i don't care what they think of me
but in my mind all i see
is my life finally ending
I'm not smart
and im not that pretty
Well at least thats what I've believed
after 10 years of being bullied
But you know
I'll be better
Emily Larrabee Sep 2014
No I'm not perfect
not even close
when I made breakfast this morning
I burnt my toast
But no matter what
I will try my best
to at least be somewhat
Emily Larrabee Jun 2014
If you need something
or maybe you're down
were they being mean?
please turn around
don't try and flee
put away that frown
come just come to me
There is no need to fear
don't shed a tear
baby your makeup will smear
anything you need my dear
I'll be here
Emily Larrabee Jun 2014
Hello... I just want to let you know
that they shouldn't matter
whatever they say.
I don't know where you are
or what you're doing
if your married
or if you have any kids
if you're even out of school yet
but I wanted to let you know
you do matter
to so many great wonderful people
the people that matter will stay in your life
if they want to leave they don't matter
follow your heart
and everything else will follow quickly behind
keep doing what you love even if you ****
be smart
stay beautiful
love people who love you
it does get better remember that
it may be a little bad now
but it will get better
I love you
-Emily 6-18-14
Emily Larrabee May 2014
I missed you
and everything that comes
with you
like ur a happy meal
i've missed you fries
ive missed my best friend
for coming back
and excepting me for me
Emily Larrabee May 2014
I want to be that person that
changes you
for the better
the person you can rely on for
If you fall down I will be here
to pick you right back up
if you cry
trust me ill be right here
If theres anything you need
ill give it to you
I'm not looking
to change you
just to change myself
Emily Larrabee May 2014
They say
I have
that's quite
you think
making someone
else feel
the color
of their
I try to let it
slip my mind
forget it ever happened
but whenever I see them
in my head
I hear them
criticizing my hair
and my freckles
I can not change
I was born this
No one can make me different
I gave a homeless man half
of my sandwich
and five dollars
I'm soulless
I gave a soldier I didn't even know
a hug and a thank you
yet I have no heart
Well you know what
I am a proud ***
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