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 Mar 2018 Cee Valenso
 Mar 2018 Cee Valenso
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
 Nov 2016 Cee Valenso
The crow will crow
and all will know
the good will go
praise status quo.

The blow will blow
destruct the foe
went toe to toe
with status quo.

Mountains bow in the twilight
seas will shriek in that hell
beasts will bray at the bite
broken dreams' bruises swell.

Might was right
give up the fight
in fading light
under status quo.

There is no more
after settled score
when at the core
the ***** is adored
beware the door
of status quo.
This election has been weird, tough, funny, sad, frustrating, enraging, outrageous, and a host of other feelings, but no matter what the outcome, all that can be said is: welcome to America.

It is on our shoulders if we perpetuate stupidity, foolishness, insensitivity, and bigotry: not some faceless figurehead.

I aim not to offend, but to share myself as wholly as the world itself.


Amongst the sapphire roses
The stems dance along the dust
That spreads on winds of you

Morning came like the past
Beating down a mountain valley
Conjuring up a lovers rally
Could we dally upon subtle dreams?
A kiss planted inside the skin
No makeup could change its view
A façade I bid adue

A world where you are you

And I
Loving the plum blossoms
That formed upon your skin
Nature causing beauty to be natural
Not transformed into potions
Built by peoples emotions
For we learned to love the river
A purest source of freedom
That drifts along your rivers roots
That I bloomed to love

You became nature
And I learned how to photograph with my eyes
 Feb 2016 Cee Valenso
Gary L
I am not one to treat a beast decent
but I've fed that demon as of recent
this creature eats my peaceful pieces
with hate increased, my whole decreases
no more free meals
Drip, drip, drops the wax on the candlestick
As it sits upon the moss covered bridge
There to show the way to the other side
We seek its comfort, its warm embrace
The orange light shines in the dark of night
We stand there listening for the problems in the wind
But we stand back to back, always together
Never knowing the other is there
We just feel the comfort of the burning candle
As it pushes us through our lives
 Feb 2016 Cee Valenso
Macy Opsima
I am a poet because of you.
It's the way your being
delivered a tidal wave of
poetic awakening to my
once dull veins.

Your lips watered
the flowers in my tongue
that were once called prose
but now they developed into poems.

Your fingers latched
perfectly into mine and
your nerves reacted to my nerves so right
and in that moment I knew our hands  were designed for each other.

And although
your tongue left my tongue
and your hand left my hand,
the diabolical mixture of your blissful and painful memories
kept the flowers in my tongue alive.

Soon enough, the flowers
crawled through my arms and hands,
begging me to write
the poetry that they bring.

You will never read this
but I forever thank you,
for I will always be a poet
because of you.
She was one in a million;
the moon filling up the night sky.
She'd lit up the whole world for his passing by.
He'll look up on those cold winter nights,
and her glow is amongst the most beautiful sights.
His moonlight maiden has a hold over his heart,
and with it, he feels they will never be apart.

He was one in a million;
just another star.
He lights up the night, but he's so very far.
Some evenings she finds her way without him,
because the light he offers her is so dim.
There are many more men among the skyline,
and if they’re hidden behind clouds, that's just fine;
because stars have no sway over the shine of the sun,
which will forever be her only one.
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