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sophia sacal Nov 2017
There is nothing quite like a heart heavy with regret;
It drags you down to the innermost layers of the Earth,
Making your head hang with shame
And filling your eyes with cold tears.

I'm sorry, love.
sophia sacal Oct 2017
Somewhere in the reign of sleep
Lie the remains of broken verses,
The skeletons of unfinished poems
And the ashes of incomplete sentences,
Destined to be forever forgotten,
Swallowed up by the unconscious mind
And left to rot without a second thought.

How strange, to think that our minds are nothing but thought graveyards...
sophia sacal Oct 2017
The first time you made me bleed,
I thought it was for love.
I thought the knife you were slowly
Thrusting into me was an act of affection,
That you really were doing it to save my life.
It wasn't until I realized that love is not synonymous with pain
That I understood it was I who was saving myself.
sophia sacal Oct 2017
Her light was extinguished by the dark
In a sudden implosion of madness,
And all of the stars that once dusted her sky
Now lie as the dying embers of what used to be
Her fiery soul.
sophia sacal Oct 2017
You and I were broken traffic lights,
Our love a collision of souls
Pre-destined from the start.

We were nothing more than the by-products
Of accidents and crashes,
Nothing more than splintered beings
Longing to crash with one another.
sophia sacal Oct 2017
You were the delicious taste of sin,
Resting softly upon my tongue,
My ***** lips savoring the profanity of you.

I swallowed you in one drink, finally
Erasing all that once pervaded my mind,
Blissfully clearing my conscience of all your evil.

I made myself be the proud sinner,
Conscious and rebellious
Against the god that made us.

Not you, honey.
sophia sacal Sep 2017
Your voice was the poetry
My ears were longing to hear,
The soft-spoken words my heart
Ached to read.

It was the lullaby
That sang me to sleep,
The sound that carried me
Into the idyllic grounds of dreams.
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