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3d · 24
100 Kisses
Don't lay debased
on the shore of nakedness
with discontentment

Battered by salty spindrift
and drunk moonlight kisses

to go to the summit...
You must ride each wave
to go to the depth...

You'll find an awesome pearl
Oct 2020 · 116
Remember Bill Bailey
Anthony Pierre Oct 2020
This isn't news
It's Newport News
It makes you dance

Bill Bailey

And the moon walks
from sweet Virginia
never from Neverland

Bill Bailey

The first flight
In Apollo
blew up the night

Bill Bailey

Call it what you want
You can't walk on the moon
without the backslide

Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey was the inventor of the world famous Moonwalk used by Michael Jackson
Oct 2020 · 104
First Confession
Sep 2020 · 123
Getting Round Flat Earth
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Getting nowhere!

One whole Earth
round and flat

Here's a balloon
Here's a plate

Reminds me
to celebrate with

An oblate pear
on steroids and
a flat Greek cake

A stupendous combination
The great Earth debate.
Is it round like a ball?
Is it flat like a plate?
Sep 2020 · 357
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Through contemplation,
the mind leaps to its haven
above reason's gaol
A daily dose of contemplation frees you from the shackles of reason and logic. Deep reflection is great for your wellbeing.
Sep 2020 · 88
The Villain Villanelle
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay
But sleepy sheep can't sleep on this wolf's bed
So please, just keep the flock out of my way

College left me poor for a rich BA
Where's the job for the books inside my head?
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay

I lived right, light, didn't think I could stray
the dough needed, I never raised for bread
So please, just keep the flock out of my way

I can't act smooth like Sidney Poitier
My rough street skills are what I use instead
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay

I feed the lost sheep and you know I prey
My soles clean, tweeds neat; I'm looking ahead
So please, just keep the flock out of my way

I've found my niche; today is my pay day
Short shifts but alms long like my daydream spread
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay
So please, just keep the flock out of my way
My first attempt at villanelle. Really challenging. I'm satisfied. Are you satisfied? Are you a villain?
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
LXI abrogari passuros aiebant articulum (Repeal article 61)
                 John was here, 1215
Oh Magna Carta, oh Magna Carta, what hast thou taketh unto thyself, unjustly?
Sep 2020 · 33
Death Row Choir Dream
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
dream of birds in flight

dream of birds on trees

but rows on rows
of murderous crows singing

these dreams, have not please
The songs on death row are far from sweet
Sep 2020 · 1.0k
Love letters: Effable Fun
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
        I don't write love letters
like you do

My words get blacklisted

'cause with love,
       things can get twisted, quickly

You see:
the sweet hips      
            with kisses ...  can easily be
the creep's lips
             with hisses

Don't misconstrue, Boo
I see you
      like you see me
            and, I agree
our minds are connected
           can certainly be
                                the lepathy

to confuse you
        contuse you too

You don't see the pain I see
                I see the pane you don't see

It obscures my view
     I'm one of the pragmatic few
          I'm being true to you, Boo

These love letters must end
           In its place I'll just send

"Deeds" things we can both do
                          and claim ownership to

They can't be misunderstood at all
   The same ones used at a concert hall

If it's great ... then I'll just applaud
If it's bad ... then I'll just ...

                        Boo, I'm through
Lighten up my friends. It is all good with Poetry
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
... my world is made whole
with these tiny little things
I'm big with small love
A little bit of love goes a very long way
Sep 2020 · 78
A Fairytale Clock
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Fireflies dance pretty
well, byte-sized fairies' tale
long & twistle: a tongue's whistle
In the dark, dark arts made
bright lights sing like a clock:

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"

This chime, time circles
red like Asian kings: vultures
tightening the noose like Zeus
on Douyin's long neck. Hands dance, bytedance on a fairytale clock

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
A fairytale clock goes: "Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Am I a sick man?

as I lived on a hibiscus shrub
Many rooms, long and short
Many face vividly coloured
with a beauty of sadness
grafted on a nameless rootstock

Am I an unattractive man?

as I lived like a petal in the sun
perfect for bees and butterflies
and the visitors; oh day! oh night!
as for me, time danced on a maypole around my dreamy garland head

Am I a spiteful man?

as I've counted all 3863 days, 1 by 1
that I lived on that hibiscus shrub
without a flight to my fantasies
Since then, I'm thrown underground
here I live like a ridiculed mouse

Do you know me, Dostoevsky?
Fyodor Dostoevsky was indeed a master of Literary science. His works are beyond excellence and thoroughly evocative.
Sep 2020 · 1.5k
Art of Poetry
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
It's a treasure trove
Words tossed up like confetti
Falling in our hearts
Sep 2020 · 93
Afternoon Tea
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
On Cassatt's easel
afternoon stretches out
its pink pastel faces
cool as the palms breeze
warm as the oolong tea
Sep 2020 · 176
Existential Bouquet
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Life's a blooming rose
A special gift to possess
Death's a rose well pruned
The sweet bouquet of our existence
Sep 2020 · 217
... go go ego
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Where Emperors go
caterpillars can't contend
but by changing state
Have a progressive state of mind
Sep 2020 · 99
Sweet Suga
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Sweet Suga won't smile
Emotionless wild sedge stalk
Is Japan sweeter?
Yoshihide Suga will be Japan's next Prime Minister
Sep 2020 · 66
Hagoromo's Horror
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Blackboards love math dorks
not whiteboards, glassboards, or corks
Chalk's gathering dust
Hagoromo chalk has been very popular with mathematicians
Sep 2020 · 120
Dali's Heavenly Heights
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Is this heaven?
High above, above High
Bizarre, @ poppy sky height
leaping clouds on cloud 9
eyes, hypnogogic eyes
roams recalcitrant red
Idle! Martian! Deserts!
live streams can't pry
**** dried, silica tears
dam: # freedom cry
Free as a sand storm spins
Head: "I'm lost in the winds"
Headhunter's Hunger
Insatiable Appetite bites
Gnawing butterflies
crawling by poppy sky flowers
High above, above High
Heavenly Heights
Salvador Dali was a surrealist
Sep 2020 · 257
The Black Prince
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Slave of briers courts
regal, purple, velvet robe
Picture perfect rose
The Black Prince is a beautiful rose
Sep 2020 · 55
The Black Book
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Black is a book of secrets
The world's words written
without fanfare for the colour
just the hue of inhumanity
Like a plague... like a sin
if its black... it's hard bound

Bound, booked and stacked
high on history's shelves,  
real words living life: over again
chain, maim, pain, inhumane
Don't flinch figure! Lynch figure!
If you ain't a figure, go...

Figures, black as night as day
stray cats ain't panters, they can't pant
Counted cruelly as commodities
But who's been chequeing?
Says who black isn't beauty?
Says who diva Devi isn't a cutie?

Black is now back
with a Kodak claque
hot like Lewis Hamilton's wheels,
hot heels, a black dress stepping
on broadwalks, cats talking
"time to lift off the tarmac"
Sep 2020 · 66
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
My wondering child
never lost in the clutter
young encephalon
Sep 2020 · 155
Pound for Pound, Ezra
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Feather light words exhumed
heavy as Mussolini's clock
coo coo times, chimes
and a fascist bird sings;
sweet and succinct

Taken as is
might slight delight
The vitiation of words
in the phrases
Petals dead on a wet, rotted bough
Ezra Pound was a Poet and Fascist Collaborator
Sep 2020 · 116
Beyond these lines...
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Beyond these lines...
on worrisome papyrus
where names fall in anguish
like hailstones on Nebraska
cold and violent
none lost in turbulence
in the hall of two truths
weighed on death's feather

Beyond these lines...
words sharp as bayonets
on loaded guns, pointing
... pointed as lead, drawn far afield
beyond sight
beyond purpose
beyond comprehension, yet
accurate as a ******'s breath

beyond these lines...
these crude and relevant lines
that calls forth to death
with rhymes ... with syntax
imagery, impeccable imagery
refrain, can we refrain?
beyond these lines... of death
beyond these lines... of death
Aug 2020 · 46
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Oh Sophie, no Sophie
So sorry, you left
crystal blue persuasions
No warning, you left
my coral feet reefed, fleeting
for cold fired bricks streets,
in heels on the walls, well lit
Too bright for you to see:
these red lit walls

and Sophie, do recall
better moons saw, my heart
teeming with an ambient glow
in our seasons, when we lay
on the hills of Soufrière
So extravagant those eruptions
You trembled when lava poured
freely into the Port of Amsterdam
No walls, no *****.... Sophie?

How, my dutch, now?
These red lit walls,
so lewd and menstruating
stands as glass windows between us
and these strong, macho *****
forged with Finish arms,
like Heini Koivuniemi look-alikes
muscling my heavenly pleas
to the hellish red walls in De Wallen
Aug 2020 · 123
Origami World
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Sticky pad notes
unread, a hallmark
Almanac words ... Paper-stacked verbs
rolled off, cheaply
like used price tags
with flattening heart beats
on ECG sheets
I'm folded up, neatly
At least
my paper plane flies
Washi butterflies
my paper dolls, my paper dolls
with folded flower bouquets
ordinary obituary paper
Aug 2020 · 59
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
She spoke gibberish
words I did not understand
We shared great laughter
Aug 2020 · 465
Stella in Moonlight
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
When the sunlight fades
She creeps out in the darkness
Stellar in her ways
Aug 2020 · 46
Svetlana's Secrets
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Monkeys in Minsk monastery
On Great Alexander's lakes
Svetlana's Scepter ... Svetlana's Spectre
without August in Lithuania
on my assumption feast
What an entanglement!
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Viciously Vaulting
Gamaleya's Gladness
Intermittent Immunity
Twofold Technique
Biennial Boundary
Sputnik V
Aug 2020 · 46
Ode in a Bottle
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Foamy seaside surf retreats
on broken waves, replete
with inebriated words
sober hearts
Aug 2020 · 102
Cornelius Nepos' Last Tweet
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
... and the concordance of history is best illustrated in the words of the 21st century emperor himself ... "# flagged for violent content".
Cornelius Nepos the historian and biographer
Aug 2020 · 40
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
No Optical Illusions
Nor Mentally delusional
Black chaise lounge condemnation
Build Billed
Is it filled?
Prozac & Back
with Freud Stages
No Latency
She's not delusional
She's not delusional
Cajole Her
She's not delusional
She's not delusional
Is it therapy?
THE ******
THE  ******
THE   ******
Aug 2020 · 111
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
To play the Cello
You may pull strings half the time
then push your way through
Learn to play the Cello like Yo Yo Ma
You can bellow
You can mellow
Aug 2020 · 149
Ode for a Runaway Child
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
From which old, cattle ****
my dearest child, you've found
the tongue that cried a silent entreat
on perilous miles, those perilous miles
peeled out from under your feet
your soul unmended and worn... gone
never coming home to reconcile

What indifference has time gifted?
that empty score you left...
...for the old hearted man
deafening him, with its silence.
He sobs for you, my child, he sobs
with battered old scars, so gray he dreams of you
the child from whom he ran away
Don't be too eager to become an adult... enjoy your childhood
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
"You know how I art ... intimately"
On broken city walls with crotches
these times I stencil is a parody
"its free, its me... with all my blotches"

Why **** my trapped rat in Hague?
You brought back, black this plague
from the West Sea sand to Bristol
made clearer with a ball of crystal

Provocative lives alive in deaf canned colour
yet reality's dead among sidewalk's clutter
if your heart really wants a Banksy's piece
My B +'s homogenized on a Petri dish for release

Who's guessing where my art's headed?
with blotches not a single piece shredded
the real art's kept displayed in the mind
that's why Banksy's blotches are one of a kind
Aug 2020 · 35
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Where else will you go
for love?

You have gone
to the edges of
your primordial self
within those consecrated caves
like a Neanderthal

For the love of love, you laboured
with a disposition of
an unwanted child
moving the moon,
the sun,

the expanse of time
permits not
to eternity

can the frailty of
the human existence
an infinite course
on celestial planes

in your twilight
limp and flaccid
you linger
where love's limit
you yearn
to go where
love's complete

an impossibility
shooting like an arrow
across the heart of heaven
and death
takes you
no closer
to this
Jul 2020 · 42
Kobe's Beef
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
Sizzling in the ***
butter and garlic tendered
Your dinner is served
Jul 2020 · 144
Avedon's Eyes
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
What colour are your eyes
Pale and blue as skies awake
in heaven
Gray as the clouds with their burden
of a thousand words
for every sight they've seen.
Each time your eyes were opened
a new splendour captured.
A treasure at the rainbow's end
Yours an aperture to another epoch
The maker of Princes ... a King
Saville and Vogue as the Gypsy's eyes?
Meek and Sombre as the Catacombs'?
In a perpetual motion
life flashed across your face
so unfamiliar... so familiar  
and ambitious secrets of the pupil
made an eternal portrait of you;
a Master of Photography
A Still so extraordinary, though,
transparent as the rain.
Neither a tint nor hue ... just you.
What colour are your eyes
Richard Avedon a Master of Photography
Jul 2020 · 142
Morne La Croix
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
Life's on a winding road
to Morne La Croix
such treachery and
it is a beauty
Venomous serpents slithering
tongue tangling tales
Slipping earth befalls me
it is a beauty
Life's on a winding road
to Morne La Croix
This is where I live!
Jul 2020 · 40
Shadows in the Sky
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
What's twisting is paradigm
On the mind's circumference
Spins like the great red spot

Then in it: an illumination
Like the three fallen candles
which the winds of heaven blew

Casting it beneath the feet of men
the candles of his illumination
Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
Smoke and fire in my mirrors
Jul 2020 · 274
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
A foolish dog understands nothing

A smart dog understands its master

A wise dog understands itself
Jul 2020 · 92
John Myatt's Masterpiece
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
Night from night remade
with the strangest contemplation
like Gogh's fantasy of sorts... unsorted
hapless, on an empty linen bed
laid, bound in Brixton's *******
Not like the whistler's queen
nor Mona... more unsettling
maybe a strumpet's retreat
Too brisk were strokes in anguish
and forceful a brush, one and another
with all manner of emulsion
Yes? Then too... a little k-y
Art is always made and paid for
The artist is prized
John Myatt's a Masterpiece
It fetched him a sterling glut
John Myatt talent should not be questioned. He was indeed a Masterpiece
Jun 2020 · 167
Nine Lives Night
Anthony Pierre Jun 2020
Mannequin men murals
Stationed on a crazy catwalk
with their mundane masks
and bloodlust eyes
Such was the intensity
In the silence of night
Tiny drums crescendo
with stubborn teflon skin
As stars tossed from hell
Crazy cats on a catwalk
Meow Meow Meow
Moving mannequin men
Jun 2020 · 51
Pink Floyd's Wall
Anthony Pierre Jun 2020
That sunset for George Floyd came so soon
was indeed another heartbreaking cheat
But what's worst for us: another blue moon
shone again so bright on Ebony Street

A brick was laid in the wall of pity
while the darkness of the nights are sombre
Isn't it for poor George's adversity
That the yellow-hat men had not ponder

Now cities aglow for George Floyd's fall
As knives clatter and windows shatter
Yet still this Curious wall stands tall
to show us all: black lives don't matter

In these perilous times I'm forced to think
Would it be the same if Floyd was pink?
Stop the hate!
End the slaughter!
Its not too late!
Black lives matter!
May 2020 · 142
Waters of Meribah
Anthony Pierre May 2020
I'd dreamt of Moshe's fall
In the arid land of Kadesh
And I wondered; how sweet
were those waters of Meribah?

Then, I woke up from sleeping
and was greeted by a nightmare

Rising under an Ethiopian cloud
The Grandiose Renaissance
To tame the mighty blue Nile
To free the wild hearts of men

How I pray tensions fall
In the fertile lands of Africa
as I ponder; how sweet
are these waters of Meribah?
May 2020 · 387
The Last Sonnet for Love
Anthony Pierre May 2020
Love borne in briers of a lonely heart
May bloom eternally on heaven's stage
So sweet the lustre that lovers impart
Like ink from a poet's pen on a page

When eternity comes bouquets decay
And letters of love fade into the night
Then mourning comes like a worn out cliche
Uncertainty grow to strangle you tight

Shudder not now my friend the end of love
When its curtains fall; take your final bow
free it of corpus chains to fly above
the empty trails of bards feet left on snow

When the last sonnet can't mend love's sorrow
Toss in Dante's burning heart your arrow
For lovers and haters alike
May 2020 · 108
Anthony Pierre May 2020
The daughter of time
as naked as truth can be
Reflecting our lives
May 2020 · 75
Scarlet Rain on the Rhine
Anthony Pierre May 2020
The dame on the Rhine
Through larch, spruce and pine
Called as she was without a name
"La dame", "De dame", "Die dame"
She came with Purple Heather
Tulips and Buttercups in September
From Graubünden to Hague
Ne'er deemed a plague
And it rained; a scarlet rain
For Constance and for Cologne
For Saga, Scenes and Scents
Hot baths under Weber's tents
Yes, it rained a scarlet rain
She steered her great course
To the enclave of the Norse
And it rained a scarlet rain
For Saga
May 2020 · 74
Fuel for Fire
Anthony Pierre May 2020
The world turns over and again
A wheel on the carriage of time
Like the days of creation:
with the manifestations of men

To what end the wheel turns?
How then will it all end?

Like the septenary of God and Sages:
A sabbatical for atheists
A sabbatical for believers
To rest... To the rest

Like hot feet and broken chains
on the chalky hills of Normandy
A prolonged accolade for failure
An insipid brevity for success

Like rope, flag and wind
Full mast; Half mast
Baptism, Bells and Choir
Black bands, Bells and Spire

Like marshmallows in heaven
burning in dew drenched bonfires
White sheets and tears
White sheets and tears

Over and again the world turns
Junipers and Gin
Sistine smoke and Pope
Fuel and Fire

To what end the wheel turns?
How then will it all end?
What is life and death all about?
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