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How odd of you?
To think of pastures...
a leisure of sort
So green and pristine
with the milk of laughter
T'was hard work
keeping you on the hill
in summer's sunshine
near the old barn
from spring to spring
Now memories are
limp and cold as winter
Rotting the heart of the tree
and even grass passes time
in faint contemplation of you
A Pastoral Poem
Jan 3 · 50
Milton's Melancholy
Sixteen, sixty
and seven
does not rhyme

in heaven. Hell
maybe. Keep that in mind

In purgatory
We pray for the saints

Sin first for those who wrote really bland stuff

Marlowe. Shakespeare.
You know, it is enough

Blank verse
Blank verse
A pandemonium
Anthony Pierre Dec 2022
How odd of you?
To think of pastures...
a leisure of sort
So green and pristine
with the milk of laughter
T'was hard work
keeping you on the hill
in summer's sunshine
near the old barn
by the flowing spring
Now memories are
limp and cold as winter
Rotting the heart of the tree
and even grass passes time
in faint contemplation of you
A Pastoral Poem
Dec 2022 · 73
Nine Lives Night
Anthony Pierre Dec 2022
Mannequin men; murals
stationed crazy
as a cat walks walls
There, mundane masks
Their bloodlust eyes
Such intensity
In the silence was night
Tiny drums crescendo
stubborn in teflon skin
Shooting stars stars.
Shoot like me, paparazzi
Free Speech Free Speech
Flee Speech,  a breach
It's Crazy!
Cats on a catwalk
Meow Meow Meow
Moving mannequin men
May 2022 · 73
X, Y or Z
Anthony Pierre May 2022
If this is innate,
why won't you wait?
Your mind won't keep
you asleep
Can you be who I am?
As I'd Conceived?
Carried in agonising pain?
Borne again and again,

We'd slaughter ourselves
for your twisted paradigm
of ourselves. Now,
we slaughter ourselves
like sheep. Skin deep
Till our blood seeps
and colours a cause
It is not our body!
But, our mind drips
a physiology of remorse
We've suffered. No loss
deciding: who are we?
Apr 2022 · 333
From the Other Side
Anthony Pierre Apr 2022
That grass
isn't that green?
Apr 2022 · 74
Netting? Yao? Who?
Anthony Pierre Apr 2022
Slash and burn!
And Myrrh
Like shorgum
Like maize
You, amaze me

Matzo's to eat
First night
Is law, Pat Yisrael

Netting up, nothing
Keep birds out
Bring birds in
Who? Yao? Nothing!

Nothing like bantu
Nothing like kin
He parts the Red Sea
Oct 2021 · 169
Anthony Pierre Oct 2021
You in your world
Stones and mountains
Dust and desire
The morning star
lingers. No holograms
one or two scores and
You urge to recite it:
"make bread!"
"make bread!"
but on these words,
how shall you feast?
one or two bytes and
Height and Temple
Cities and World
So great
and here he left
No angels
No holograms
Oct 2021 · 92
My God!
Anthony Pierre Oct 2021
How many things
Time forgets
what was hung up
what was laid down

Across many years
a sudden reflect
memories are tears
and with brevity
that child sings:
Jesus loves me
Yes, I know!
Aug 2021 · 244
Anthony Pierre Aug 2021
Where do you stand?

For me,
it has never been
black and white

and I won't live
like a new moon
over an old world

your colourful face
Jul 2021 · 666
Let Me Live
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
Let me live
for this is where I am
beneath my father's tree:
eternal and heavenly shade

Let me live
and I will gaze
across the vast ocean
of memories to you

You see
for you life plays
this sweet song

you must humble
you must listen
to the end
the silence

silence brings you
these tears for me
and sadness you feel
the death of my memory

Yet you know me
as I have lived

So let me live
in you
in your fondest memories

Let me live
as I have lived

Anthony J Pierre
July 16, 2021
Rest in peace eternally mother
Marjorie Alma Teresa Pierre
Jul 2021 · 72
Annals of Love
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
What comes of love
after we taste
its earthly abundance

and we feel
how it shines
how it blooms
how it rains

Jul 2021 · 62
Fiscal Prundence
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
when one looks  
to listen closely
it seems these books
of history
were never meant
to balance

Did you?

Consider the zulu sun
Remittances to Estcourt
Okun's Law
Offshore accounts
Karl Marx in KwaZulu-Natal
Systemic and Systematic Risks

and yet
the shrike bird sings
of monetary matters
Jul 2021 · 511
Broken Vase
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
I knew you
needed this
sincere apology
to pull yourself

but you
had to be broken

so I could
keep myself
in one piece
Jul 2021 · 40
Moise's Mountains
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
who told Moise to flee?
from these mountains
so free, so free: "Hayti"

to the plains his men go
egos of pharaoh's Egypt
egos thunder at night
this land of promise
so free, so free: "Hayti"

fill this basket, Moise
and sail on our tears
to the promise land
from these mountains
so free, so free: "Hayti"
Jun 2021 · 754
Incomplete Art
Anthony Pierre Jun 2021
Some may say:
It is missing something!

Indeed, some have said:
This is incomplete!


these stones lay
gray with lifelessness
gray as the clouds gathering
over his graphite city

such oddity of geometry
peculiar buildings with
perpendicular lines
raising parallel paradigms

and the unpainted sun
casts awkward shadows
across the gray stones -
empty sidewalks -
devoid of colours
devoid of life
devoid of people

Yes, where are the people?

but to critique my art
Anthony Pierre Jun 2021
La mort, après toi
ce soleil
ça brille et
ces ombres bougent

Pourtant, parmi tous
mes sombres circonstances
mon dieu, mon dieu

Death, after you
that sun
it shines and
these shadows move

Yet still among all
my dark circumstances
my god, my god
I live
May 2021 · 76
Now! Now! Now!
Anthony Pierre May 2021
Nothing's here
You're gone; bye now
At this instant,
I hold no ill thoughts
of you, but
I am between
yesterday's clouds
oh so full, so grey
that fell with me at last
Night's black tears
puddles beneath
tomorrow's moving feet
Anthony Pierre Apr 2021
You think
you had enough, Silly?
It's a love song

Let us go
You and I
Where the music
Makes you high
Like patients etherized

What's wrong with that?

They will come
They will go
Speaking of Macca de Angelo
Tribute to Paul McCartney
Apr 2021 · 213
Ovid's Cure
Anthony Pierre Apr 2021
Let scarlet feathers go
as love does exiled too
One hundred leagues
One hundred Roman feet
One hundred prosody

For Augustus' dreams
condemns me treacherously
and I cannot breathe
Each gasp for life is death
Each death a new stanza

Let scarlet feathers go
as love does in exile, too
across white cloudy fields
beneath the asphalt sea
Let scarlet feathers go free
Ovid's Cure is certainly poetry
Jan 2021 · 90
100 Kisses
Anthony Pierre Jan 2021
Don't lay debased
on the shore of nakedness
with discontentment

Battered by salty spindrift
and drunk moonlight kisses

to go to the summit...
You must ride each wave
to go to the depth...

You'll find an awesome pearl
Oct 2020 · 658
Remember Bill Bailey
Anthony Pierre Oct 2020
This isn't news
It's Newport News
It makes you dance

Bill Bailey

And the moon walks
from sweet Virginia
never from Neverland

Bill Bailey

The first flight
In Apollo
blew up the night

Bill Bailey

Call it what you want
You can't walk on the moon
without the backslide

Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey was the inventor of the world famous Moonwalk used by Michael Jackson
Oct 2020 · 187
First Confession
Sep 2020 · 378
Getting Round Flat Earth
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Getting nowhere!

One whole Earth
round and flat

Here's a balloon
Here's a plate

Reminds me
to celebrate with

An oblate pear
on steroids and
a flat Greek cake

A stupendous combination
The great Earth debate.
Is it round like a ball?
Is it flat like a plate?
Sep 2020 · 656
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Through contemplation,
the mind leaps to its haven
above reason's gaol
A daily dose of contemplation frees you from the shackles of reason and logic. Deep reflection is great for your wellbeing.
Sep 2020 · 218
The Villain Villanelle
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay
But sleepy sheep can't sleep on this wolf's bed
So please, just keep the flock out of my way

College left me poor for a rich BA
Where's the job for the books inside my head?
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay

I lived right, light, didn't think I could stray
the dough needed, I never raised for bread
So please, just keep the flock out of my way

I can't act smooth like Sidney Poitier
My rough street skills are what I use instead
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay

I feed the lost sheep and you know I prey
My soles clean, tweeds neat; I'm looking ahead
So please, just keep the flock out of my way

I've found my niche; today is my pay day
Short shifts but alms long like my daydream spread
You say I'm a villain then so I'll stay
So please, just keep the flock out of my way
My first attempt at villanelle. Really challenging. I'm satisfied. Are you satisfied? Are you a villain?
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
LXI abrogari passuros aiebant articulum (Repeal article 61)
                 John was here, 1215
Oh Magna Carta, oh Magna Carta, what hast thou taketh unto thyself, unjustly?
Sep 2020 · 71
Death Row Choir Dream
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
dream of birds in flight

dream of birds on trees

but rows on rows
of murderous crows singing

these dreams, have not please
The songs on death row are far from sweet
Sep 2020 · 1.2k
Love letters: Effable Fun
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
        I don't write love letters
like you do

My words get blacklisted

'cause with love,
       things can get twisted, quickly

You see:
the sweet hips      
            with kisses ...  can easily be
the creep's lips
             with hisses

Don't misconstrue, Boo
I see you
      like you see me
            and, I agree
our minds are connected
           can certainly be
                                the lepathy

to confuse you
        contuse you too

You don't see the pain I see
                I see the pane you don't see

It obscures my view
     I'm one of the pragmatic few
          I'm being true to you, Boo

These love letters must end
           In its place I'll just send

"Deeds" things we can both do
                          and claim ownership to

They can't be misunderstood at all
   The same ones used at a concert hall

If it's great ... then I'll just applaud
If it's bad ... then I'll just ...

                        Boo, I'm through
Lighten up my friends. It is all good with Poetry
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
... my world is made whole
with these tiny little things
I'm big with small love
A little bit of love goes a very long way
Sep 2020 · 235
A Fairytale Clock
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Fireflies dance pretty
well, byte-sized fairies' tale
long & twistle: a tongue's whistle
In the dark, dark arts made
bright lights sing like a clock:

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"

This chime, time circles
red like Asian kings: vultures
tightening the noose like Zeus
on Douyin's long neck. Hands dance, bytedance on a fairytale clock

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
A fairytale clock goes: "Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
Sep 2020 · 694
Do you know me, Dostoevsky?
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Am I a sick man?

as I lived on a hibiscus shrub
Many rooms, long and short
Many face vividly coloured
with a beauty of sadness
grafted on a nameless rootstock

Am I an unattractive man?

as I lived like a petal in the sun
perfect for bees and butterflies
and the visitors; oh day! oh night!
as for me, time danced on a maypole around my dreamy garland head

Am I a spiteful man?

as I've counted all 3863 days, 1 by 1
that I lived on that hibiscus shrub
without a flight to my fantasies
Since then, I'm thrown underground
here I live like a ridiculed mouse

Do you know me, Dostoevsky?
Fyodor Dostoevsky was indeed a master of Literary science. His works are beyond excellence and thoroughly evocative.
Sep 2020 · 1.9k
Art of Poetry
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
It's a treasure trove
Words tossed up like confetti
Falling in our hearts
Sep 2020 · 170
Afternoon Tea
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
On Cassatt's easel
afternoon stretches out
its pink pastel faces
cool as the palms breeze
warm as the oolong tea
Sep 2020 · 364
Existential Bouquet
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Life's a blooming rose
A special gift to possess
Death's a rose well pruned
The sweet bouquet of our existence
Sep 2020 · 250
... go go ego
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Where Emperors go
caterpillars can't contend
but by changing state
Have a progressive state of mind
Sep 2020 · 137
Sweet Suga
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Sweet Suga won't smile
Emotionless wild sedge stalk
Is Japan sweeter?
Yoshihide Suga will be Japan's next Prime Minister
Sep 2020 · 150
Hagoromo's Horror
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Blackboards love math dorks
not whiteboards, glassboards, or corks
Chalk's gathering dust
Hagoromo chalk has been very popular with mathematicians
Sep 2020 · 213
Dali's Heavenly Heights
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Is this heaven?
High above, above High
Bizarre, @ poppy sky height
leaping clouds on cloud 9
eyes, hypnogogic eyes
roams recalcitrant red
Idle! Martian! Deserts!
live streams can't pry
**** dried, silica tears
dam: # freedom cry
Free as a sand storm spins
Head: "I'm lost in the winds"
Headhunter's Hunger
Insatiable Appetite bites
Gnawing butterflies
crawling by poppy sky flowers
High above, above High
Heavenly Heights
Salvador Dali was a surrealist
Sep 2020 · 535
The Black Prince
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Slave of briers courts
regal, purple, velvet robe
Picture perfect rose
The Black Prince is a beautiful rose
Sep 2020 · 79
The Black Book
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Black is a book of secrets
The world's words written
without fanfare for the colour
just the hue of inhumanity
Like a plague... like a sin
if its black... it's hard bound

Bound, booked and stacked
high on history's shelves,  
real words living life: over again
chain, maim, pain, inhumane
Don't flinch figure! Lynch figure!
If you ain't a figure, go...

Figures, black as night as day
stray cats ain't panters, they can't pant
Counted cruelly as commodities
But who's been chequeing?
Says who black isn't beauty?
Says who diva Devi isn't a cutie?

Black is now back
with a Kodak claque
hot like Lewis Hamilton's wheels,
hot heels, a black dress stepping
on broadwalks, cats talking
"time to lift off the tarmac"
Sep 2020 · 102
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
My wondering child
never lost in the clutter
young encephalon
Sep 2020 · 474
Pound for Pound, Ezra
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Feather light words exhumed
heavy as Mussolini's clock
coo coo times, chimes
and a fascist bird sings;
sweet and succinct

Taken as is
might slight delight
The vitiation of words
in the phrases
Petals dead on a wet, rotted bough
Ezra Pound was a Poet and Fascist Collaborator
Sep 2020 · 151
Beyond these lines...
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Beyond these lines...
on worrisome papyrus
where names fall in anguish
like hailstones on Nebraska
cold and violent
none lost in turbulence
in the hall of two truths
weighed on death's feather

Beyond these lines...
words sharp as bayonets
on loaded guns, pointing
... pointed as lead, drawn far afield
beyond sight
beyond purpose
beyond comprehension, yet
accurate as a ******'s breath

beyond these lines...
these crude and relevant lines
that calls forth to death
with rhymes ... with syntax
imagery, impeccable imagery
refrain, can we refrain?
beyond these lines... of death
beyond these lines... of death
Aug 2020 · 119
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Oh Sophie, no Sophie
So sorry, you left
crystal blue persuasions
No warning, you left
my coral feet reefed, fleeting
for cold fired bricks streets,
in heels on the walls, well lit
Too bright for you to see:
these red lit walls

and Sophie, do recall
better moons saw, my heart
teeming with an ambient glow
in our seasons, when we lay
on the hills of Soufrière
So extravagant those eruptions
You trembled when lava poured
freely into the Port of Amsterdam
No walls, no *****.... Sophie?

How, my dutch, now?
These red lit walls,
so lewd and menstruating
stands as glass windows between us
and these strong, macho *****
forged with Finish arms,
like Heini Koivuniemi look-alikes
muscling my heavenly pleas
to the hellish red walls in De Wallen
Aug 2020 · 166
Origami World
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Sticky pad notes
unread, a hallmark
Almanac words ... Paper-stacked verbs
rolled off, cheaply
like used price tags
with flattening heart beats
on ECG sheets
I'm folded up, neatly
At least
my paper plane flies
Washi butterflies
my paper dolls, my paper dolls
with folded flower bouquets
ordinary obituary paper
Aug 2020 · 88
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
She spoke gibberish
words I did not understand
We shared great laughter
Aug 2020 · 516
Stella in Moonlight
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
When the sunlight fades
She creeps out in the darkness
Stellar in her ways
Aug 2020 · 77
Svetlana's Secrets
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Monkeys in Minsk monastery
On Great Alexander's lakes
Svetlana's Scepter ... Svetlana's Spectre
without August in Lithuania
on my assumption feast
What an entanglement!
Anthony Pierre Aug 2020
Viciously Vaulting
Gamaleya's Gladness
Intermittent Immunity
Twofold Technique
Biennial Boundary
Sputnik V
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