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Barry Andrew Pietrantonio
25/M/Salem, New Hampshire    I'm here.
Racheal Rodriguez
49/F    I am poetry writer and artist. I already have two books published. My first book called Poetically International. It’s available Second book called Sexy ...
Crystal Freda
18/F/Mars    im back from a much needed hiatus <3 will be posting more poetry soon :)) ~possibly tw~
F/A twisted and sweet dream    I'm just a student with a lot of things to deal with, and poetry is a good way for me to cope with it I ...
Egø P r O f E T a
@erik_trell_blazer    Tread carefully, Cause nothing you find here will meet the terms and conditions of what I would call watered down b.s. or be within the ...
Natasha Monica
24/F    A lead role in a cage.
Nala Alfira
Poetry Art
20/F/Philippines    fine on the outside
migayle ocuaman
19/Bigender/philippines    I am a soldier of my nation i have little time left in this world so i'll write whats little i have to share to ...
44/F/Mumbai    I'm a passionate seeker of knowledge. Any copyrights solely belongs to me.
40/F    I write to keep me from going insane....
Sehar Bajwa
18/F/bermuda triangle   
Rosalind Heather Alexander
64/F/Edinburgh Scotland    My journey began 2011. Writing photography. .hope to be a published author . I love Jesus
17/MTF/Los Angeles, California    I don't really have much to say. I've lived a pretty sheltered life. I have ADD&ASD, previously classified as Aspergers, but that's no longer an ...
23/Neutrois/Milwaukee, WI    One day at a time.
25/M/Ottawa    You know I breathe among other things. Nothing you haven't heard before I'm sure.
113/where am i?    i don't know what i am . other than . an old and broken soul
Pennsylvania    "Your poetry's bad and you blame the news" (Lana Del Rey ) I am not a poet; I'm a guy who writes poetry, and there ...
M/Manila, Philippines    A Wandering Madness
This is the only way I know how to voice how I feel.
Memento Mori.
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